Rumor: Christopher Nolan to Produce JUSTICE LEAGUE with Zack Snyder Possibly Directing; Hoping for Bale to Reprise Role as Batman

     March 3, 2013


The guys over at Latino-Review have decided to spend this fine evening dropping an atomic-bomb-level rumor that will send fanboys into a tizzy.  The site is reporting three major developments when it comes to Justice League and Warner Bros. trying to figure out how they’re going to combat Disney’s one-two franchise punch of Marvel and Star Wars.  So far, Warners has been struggling with their superheroes.  They’re all out of Batman, and while there’s some very early positive buzz on Man of Steel, their highly-anticipated Justice League movie reportedly had to go back to square one early last month when Will Beale‘s script was tossed out.

But Warner Bros. isn’t giving up, and according to Latino-Review, Christopher Nolan is coming to the rescue.  And so is Zack Snyder.  And they want Christian Bale to put the cape and cowl back on.  Hit the jump for more.

christopher-nolan-the-dark-knight-risesIn a video report, Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe says,

“Christopher Nolan has completely taken over the DCU at Warner Bros.  Anything having to do with these super heroes, goes through him now.”

Rule #1: No smiling.

Rule #2: When in doubt, use gritty realism because comic books are for children.

I kid…slightly.  Look at screenwriter David Goyer‘s recent comments on Man of Steel, which was produced by Nolan, and it seems like they’re taking two super heroes at opposite ends of the personality spectrum, and going with the exact same approach.

Speaking of Man of Steel, Snyder could be making himself an integral part of the process as well:

“So like with Man of Steel, [Nolan's] going to be involved with godfathering/producing while Zack Snyder will be co-producing and will possibly be the director.”

Assuming this is true, then Warner Bros. must have a tremendous amount of faith in Man of Steel or Nolan has simply said, “Snyder is my guy.  Deal with it.”

Then here’s the “kicker”, according to LR:

“They’re shaping this as a vehicle for Christian Bale to reprise his role as Batman and join Henry Cavill‘s Superman in the Justice League movie.”

worlds-finest-comic-bookAfter the video, Latino-Review goes on to say that this may not necessarily be for Justice League, but for World’s Finest (for non-comic book readers, it means a Batman/Superman-only movie).  This seems like kind of a boneheaded idea for a few reasons.  First off, Nolan would have to be willing to undermine the emotional underpinning of his last Batman movie:

“Sorry, Catwoman!  I know you’re really hot and we’re having a great time gallivanting around Europe especially since everyone thinks I’m dead and in no way recognizes one of the world’s wealthiest men dining in a café, but a flying gentleman just came over and asked if I would help him fight crime, so I’m going to kick Robin out of the Batcave, take back all my stuff, hope that none of the orphans sitting on top of the Batcave notice, and all will be well.  Ta-ta!”

Assuming a writer can successfully find a way out of that corner (and Nolan is willing to obliterate the character arc he established), Warner Bros. probably wouldn’t want Bale for only one movie, so would he would have to be willing to sign on for a multi-picture deal.  El Mayimbe points to an interview where Bale said he would consider a fourth film.  Faced with the opportunity to establish a new Batman, Warner Bros. would be clingingly madly to the hope that they could get the old Batman for as long as possible, not just one more movie.  To put it another way: Do you think Warner Bros. would be fine getting Bale and Cavill together for World’s Finest and then ditching Bale for Justice League?

Appraising this rumor, I think the most credible aspect is Nolan attaching himself as an overseer of DCU movies.  However, it’s clearly not going to be at the level of someone like Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige whose sole job is to manage the details of the Marvel Movie Universe.  Nolan’s a filmmaker.  He’s already moving towards his next movie, Interstellar.  When it came to Man of Steel, he helped oversee the script and the director, and then went away.  Warner Bros. needs their own Kevin Feige, and while Nolan may have the name recognition, he’s not available to do all the work that’s required to make DC movies rival Marvel movies.

As for the other rumors, we’ll see.  I’m hearing positive stuff on Man of Steel, and if it’s a hit, Warner Bros. will definitely want to keep Zack Snyder around for at least Man of Steel 2.  And as for getting Bale back, it seems like a pipe dream, and a misguided one at that.


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  • Kevin

    This article has more opinions than a bus full of 19 year-old Political Science majors. I’ll be here all day folks.

    I don’t know why this never occured to me, but I’d be way more interested in starting with a “World’s Finest” movie than jumping straight to Justice League. I don’t know if these rumors are true (Latino Review is very hot-and-cold), but if it is I think it speaks to just how badly WB needs to take a breath and start from square one with this project, even if that means pushing back their intended release by one or two years.

    • Rahuldravid

      ^^^Yup you are r8..even if they did made a movie with Nolan,the chances of ruining it is huge as I have losted my faith on nolan after TDKR..and DC have to admit that there is no way they can compete with Marvel..marvel already established themselves whereas DC have no idea what to do with their comics!!

      • Travis

        I don’t see it as DC having no idea what to do with their comics as much as DC not wanting to put forth the effort Marvel did with theirs.

        Personally, I enjoyed the entire Nolan/Batman series because of the serious nature it presented. However, it would likely take 5+ years to create a JL movie with a similar tone because it would mean numerous other movies would have to be created and this appears to be something DC will not do. They seem intent on either not doing this movie, or pushing the square peg through the round hole to make as much money as possible because of the popularity the name alone will bring.

        If this movie gets made I feel like it will be essentially be 15+ hours of film crammed into a 2.5 hour space. Have fun with that. I hope I am wrong.

      • Convoy

        No, DC/WB has no idea what to do with their characters. Marvel came totally out of left field with their movies, while DC was just focused on Batman and Superman. They didn’t and don’t have a Kevin Feige masterminding everything. Green Lantern should be a clue that they have no idea what to do. If they had a clue, they would include the TV Green Arrow in this universe.

      • J. Nolan (my brother got famous off of my ideas)

        If this is true then Nolan has his own agenda …maybe he get’s to do a movie of his own choice again with all the freedom. Regardless Nolan will half ass this movie like he did with TDKR.

      • Nolan’s a hack

        Nolan’s a hack fraud bastard sellout liar douchebag.

    • Saloom

      This is bullshit. I HEARD Nolan and Bale say that they were finished with everything and anything related to Batman, they told their story and they had said goodbye to that universe, I saw them say it…I heard the actual words come out of their mouths. Why the hell would they backtrack in such an “inartistic” way? Why would they create a trilogy that stands as a testament to their collaboration and they suddenly say, you know what, maybe we’ll just tack this potentially career damaging wild shot onto our masterpiece.

      The Avengers worked because it took Marvel four years to lay the tracks and the tone had been set as something that takes place in a universe that’s outrageous and colorful and humorous (and awesome) but The Dark Knight’s tone and Man of Steel’s tone won’t work with a film which for all intents and purposes will have to have a very similar story to Avengers to work (just look at the two part opener to the Justice League cartoon.

      • Nolan’s punishment must be more severe

        The reason Nolan would do it is because he proved himself a total and utter whore with his fetid abortion “the dark knight rises”. He doesn’t care about story and he doesn’t care about the fans who invested in the story only providing a Bayformers level film.

      • Nolan\’s punishment must be more severe

        Nolan only cares about money. That’s why. He’s a whore who needs his face punched in.


        That was before Warners told Nolan he could make any films he wanted if he made their superhero franchise work. It’s a deal, Hollywood is full of them.

    • Nolan’s fool

      I just wished to thank all the intelligent people who’ve come out in solidarity against Nolan’s hackery and the legion of his man-child fanbase. Hopefully the world will take note and good filmmaking will return to the cinemas and Nolan will be pilloried and flayed to death for his crimes.

  • Mr Wayne

    As much as I would love to see this. Batman ended in Dark Knight Rises. And yes I loved it.

  • derpderp

    Am I taking crazy pills here, can no one see an obvious “bonehead” decision here? Bale’s character is a realistic Batman that has no place with Superman.

    • bk

      Realism was thrown out the door with TDKR.

    • hg

      yes because TDKR’s “THE BAT” vehicle and batman’s plasma force gun was very grounded

      • derpderp

        There is a difference, dick wads, between “Advanced gadgets” that don’t exist but are still grounded in reality and a guy flying around and shooting lasers from his eyes.

      • Griz

        @hg: Plasma force gun? Did we see the same movie? Or are you talking about the hand held EMP transmitter, a newly introduced tech that would go on to serve an integral role in the plan to take down Talia’s bomb?

        And here’s a kicker: It took me less than 5 sec into reading the author’s own invented dialogue starting with “Sorry catwoman . . .” to realize i was reading an article written by Collider’s resident troll, Goldberg.

  • scottishpunk

    Collider just can’t stop giving the snarky and snide Goldberg the stories he shouldn’t be writing about. We like to hear positive, constructive opinions about matters like these…not cynical and elitist diatribes. When will this site ever learn?


      When will you ever learn? You all hate Matt so much, yet feel the need to comment and bitch about him and his writing style so much. If you don’t like him, then don’t read whatever he writes.

    • Jcallejas30

      I don’t see anything wrong with this article so please elaborate.

    • Griz

      ” . . . especially since everyone thinks I’m dead and in no way recognizes one of the world’s wealthiest men dining in a café . . .”

      Satisfied? He’s beating the dead horse by bringing up things he felt were shortfalls in the last movie that he hammered again and again in several different forums on this website, and is NOW bringing them up yet again as if people want to read his thoughts on TDKR as much as they want to read about the status of a beloved comic book franchise. Did the fact that all the avengers seemed to be communicating with each other in the final fight without any earpieces bother him? No! Not at all, because that movie was sufficiently comic-booky, and therefore, goldberg believes it is completely above nitpicky details like “how the hell are they talking to one another?”

      And for all those who keep saying “Don’t read his articles!” We’re not reading HIS articles, we’re reading articles on a movie website about movies we love . . . . Goldberg’s own personal thoughts are just the example of the crap we have to sift through. This would be no different if a news website announced a bill passage as “The worse, most incompetent, monumental failure of a president in the history of the united states signed a bill today allowing for . . . . “

      • Travis

        +1…couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Jose

        Thank you^^

      • Truth

        Newsflash: Collider isn’t the only site on the web with breaking stories on films. AICN, CHUD, Latino review, Badass digest, Hitfix, and many many others… If you guys hate Goldberg so much, skip his articles and go read the damn story on a different site. You guys remind me of my mother…bitching and moaning about the same thing over and over again.

      • dot com


  • Ray

    World Finest is the best way to go

  • SciFan

    These are movies made to entertain. They are NOT documentaries or historical pieces. They ARE bubble gum for the mind. A way to pass away two hours or so far from reality. Canon and continuity shouldn’t shackle the creative types out there scheming to put on a kick ass show for the masses.
    Kirk Prime dies on his last big screen appearance so Shatner can NEVER reprise his role again.
    Unless it’s for the Oscars of course! BS. Nolan retires Bale to Paris so the Batman character can NEVER be reprised by Bale. BS.
    Leave canon for the soaps and let the stories flow out to the mob, let them decide with their wallets whether the move was warranted or not.

    • Kevin

      I agree. Titanic 2, here we come!

      • Geeweez


  • Straymo

    april fools.

  • dogg

    Seems the obvious answer is to have Bale as Batman in a Justice League universe that doesn’t have Nolan’s Dark Knight universe mashed into it. There’d be a lot of moaning by fanboys, but it would be worth it to have Bale in the role. God know there are enough continuity breaks in comic books to point to for precedent.

  • Goop

    I’m not the biggest TDKR fan (great villain/soft story), and I’m definitely not a fan of Zach Snyder, but, oddly enough, I find myself getting behind this idea. As far as coherent storytelling goes, and movie spectacles go, and as a good way to not COMPLETELY jack the formula of the Marvel-verse. I mean, this would switch it up a little, instead of making character movie after character movie until the big team-up. Marvel does it damn well, but if DC can find a way to break it up a little differently I think that’s a good call. If this is true, than I’m all for it. If it’s not, then I think that’s fine too.

  • shella

    Just make a proper sequel to ‘Batman’ (1989) and ‘Batman Returns’, instead of another turd(s) from zack and nolan!

    • Bv

      Please don’t. Batman returns was horrible.

      • shelia

        Please do, Batman Returns was and is awesome!

  • Dave

    Couldn’t resist taking a shot at Nolan/TDKR. I don’t need to read this shit.

    • scottishpunk


    • no

      Stop sucking nolans balls and realize his work is sshit!

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  • ophrahnoodlemantra

    They should get Kevin Smith to oversee the DC universe just like they got Joss Whedon for Marvel.

    • Peter

      You mean the guy who made Batman wet himself in one of his most defining character moments?

    • Bb

      You should get a therapist to oversee your thought process… Kevin smith hasn’t made a good film since chasing Amy… He’s a putz, one who bitches and moans if people(critics) don’t like his movies so he cries like a baby. Besides, he’d need to film @ multiple locations, meaning lots of air travel and we know how he he likes to blame airlines for his obiesety… Joss is a beast who deserves better than to be compared to that turd and Nolan.. I don’t need to even say why Nolan’s a better fit..

      • xCORBINx

        Are you serious? Kevin Smith doesn’t care what critics think of his movies. He does it for his fans, he has fun making his movies with his friends and family. Listen to his podcasts and watch his Q&A’s, learn yourself something. And Southwest is the only airline that kicked him off the plane, fuck Southwest and fuck off you Cock Smoker. SNOOCH TO THE MUTHA FUCKING NOOCH!

      • nintendo zapper

        Actually Mr. Smith cares deeply about critics and their thoughts. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have made such a stink when RED STATE preformed poorly with them. To truly not care means he would have ignored them and moved on. Instead he made a big deal about how critics destroy the hard work of filmmakers yadda yadda yadda. He hasn’t made a great movie in a while and the ending to …make a porno was the lamest cop out ever. And Cop Out sucked too. He was cares a little too much about what critics say if you ask me. We never hear Adam Sandler complaining and he makes the worst films out there, that’s how to not care all the way to the bank. Take your Kevin Smith boner back to Jersey Girl, I mean Jersey.

      • Jack

        Kevin Smith is a much more talented writer and podcast/Q&A guy than he is as a film maker IMO, I listen to his podcasts constantly and he is one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth. However, I don’t think he should (or would be interested in) Joss Whedon-ing the DC universer. However I would to see him maybe be a producer or do a draft of one of the scripts

    • sense 11

      OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Zack

    If they were to have jgl be batman and have bale come back for one film to train the new batman the way he was trained, id be down for that

  • Chris138

    Sounds like an awful idea. And I have a hard time believing that Nolan would actually do any of this, especially after he said he wouldn’t. They might get him on for overlooking some of these movies, but they really need to get someone else to do that like Kevin Feige. I was really hoping that Nolan was done with superhero movies after TDKR and Man of Steel. As much as I love his Batman films, I’d rather see him go on and do something else.

    • Nolan’s a liar

      Nolan lied when he said he’d make a good third batman movie and lied when he said he’d never have robin in it. Why would we believe his limey lies?

      • Joe

        haha true

  • jack

    or maybe Justice League or World’s Finest will take place in the 8 years between TDK and TDKR….there are so many ways around the ending of TDKR….your lack of imagination is astounding Goldberg

    • KRob

      Not a bad idea at all. That would be awesome

  • Bob

    This is easily by far the most positive news for Justice League thus far. And it’s easy to explain why Bale would come back, heck bring Levit back as Nightwing as well. Bale would come back because the threat is to huge to ignore.

    Green Lantern
    Wonder Woman

    • Bob

      Oh as for casting….

      Superman(Henry Cavil)
      Batman(Christian Bale)
      Nightwing(Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
      Green Lantern(Ryan Reynolds)
      Flash(Chris Pine)
      Wonder Woman(Gina Carano)

      My second choice for Flash is Dave Franco. Also, do a complete redo on the suit for Green Lantern. Make it less skin-like and more just, well I know some people hate this word, but, well, realistic.

    • Richard boomshaka

      How about the eight year gap in between dark knight and rises?

      • Bob

        Nothing to explain, eight years went by….what are you trying to say?

  • Tom

    This is a no brainer to me. I’ve been saying all along that they should just do a Superman/Batman movie instead of JL. And don’t get me wrong, I love the Nolanverse, but I just can’t totally get behind this idea

    • Tom

      And the idea I can’t get behind is Nolan/Snyder/Bale. Start fresh. I’d like to see a series of movies with just Supes and B Man. Weave them into each other’s worlds and bring them together to face a huge threat. Then maybe have them face off against each other

  • Nate H

    This is a bad idea. I’m all for having Henry Cavill’s Superman in the JL movie and having Zach Snyder direct it, but leave Bale out. I personally liked the Dark Knight trilogy, but Nolan wrapped it up pretty handily in the last film. Everyone thinks Bats is dead, he gave away his fortune, someone else has the batcave, orphans live in his house, and (the part they didn’t mention) Batman was last scene as old, over-the-hill, and not physically able to maintain his Batman persona. So Bale’s Batman is supposed to go from being almost decrepit to suddenly being able to hang in JL level fights against people like Darkseid? Makes no sense. Use a new Batman.


      At least, someone gets it. I completely agree with this.


    When will you ever learn? You all hate Matt so much, yet feel the need to comment and bitch about him and his writing style so much. If you don\’t like him, then don\’t read whatever he writes.

    • Sean

      I like Collider because they report on things I’m interested in. Unfortunately they also editorialize all of their news. For some reason they have Matt Goldberg as one of their main writers. Matt is perfectly free to hate on whatever he wants. The problem is that he doesn’t like the types of movies Collider reports on. So inevitably he trashes things which the core audience of this blog have come to read about.

  • Sean

    Obviously this is a rumor with virtually no chance of being real.

    Yet still Goldberg can’t resist the urge to include forced snark. If you read David Goyer’s comments on Man of Steel, they are approaching both franchises the same way…which is to say taking it seriously and not like a big joke. They aren’t taking it serious in the sense that they’re forcing Superman to be brooding and dark. There’s a big difference between SERIES and grounded, gritty and, realistic.

  • chrisnolanisnottheonlydirector

    THIS BETTER BE FAKE!!! I like Nolan he does not need to make every movie now involving super heroes until the end of time JUST becuz batman 2008 made a trillion dollars (becuz of the joker) …let someone else have a turn……oh and yea, Bale’s batman in a fantasy movie is not going to work.

    I also am NOT excited to see a JL movie as superman and batman were depicted so seriously in their films….putting them all together in a silly avengers like movie will not work… except for little kids. This is all derivative of avengers box office numbers as opposed to creativity and genuine inspiration.

  • Sander

    I just died with a conglomerate of glee, anticipation, and the tingle of what I can only label as a perpetual boner.

  • dodoriz

    That “Sorry, Catwoman! …” bit was the best part of this article.

    • Griz

      You mean the part where this went from being a news story about Justice League to being about Matt Goldberg wanting more people to read what he thought about a movie that everyone made their minds up about a long time ago? Yeah, i’m sure he’ll feel thrilled to know you liked it. If you want to read more, look up goldberg’s review of TDKR, where he takes a crap so big that even Tony Stark (wearing a suit not meant for intergalactic travel) could see it from space.

      Afterwards, upon realizing the heat it got him, goldberg (like most trolls) realized this was a surefire way to get people posting, and has gone back to taking mini dumps every chance he gets. I wouldn’t be surprised if he begs for the chance to write these stories because “gosh, i get to air my grievances about this shitty movie yet AGAIN!”

      And until he stops, i don’t feel the need to stop making it abundantly clear that a) Goldberg sucks and b) Avengers, a movie he clearly wanted TDKR to be more like, sucked worse than his reporting.

      • Truth

        you must be a masochist

  • ap30

    Welp, I guess this means Man of Steel is going to be badass.

  • ap30

    TDKR made more money than TDK did…was that because of Joker too?

    • no

      Crap movies make a lot of money all the time

      star trek remake is a crap movie and it made dough

      tdkr made more than tdk worldwide, only because of massive inflation and rising imax tickets prices.

  • Jimmydev

    They need to give up. They can’t possibly top the Avengers because they set their shit up perfectly. You can’t just introduce Superman and all these other heroes into the same world as Nolan’s Gotham! Batman is nothing more than a man in that world, which is one of the things that makes it so great. There are also no other heroes in that world. And I wouldn’t even call Batman a super hero in Nolan’s Gotham. He’s more like a vigilante than anything, which makes Nolan’s world even more realistic. This rumor is such bullshit.

  • DMcHugh

    Rule #1: No smiling.

    Rule #2: When in doubt, use gritty realism because comic books are for children.

    I kid…slightly. Look at screenwriter David Goyer‘s recent comments on Man of Steel, which was produced by Nolan, and it seems like they’re taking two super heroes at opposite ends of the personality spectrum, and going with the exact same approach.

    SOOOO TRUE and SO funny!

  • Just a Poor Boy

    “Rule #1: No smiling.”

    Posts picture from TDKR of Bruce Wayne smiling.

    Matt Goldberg, ladies and gentleman: The self-detonating troll.

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  • Billy Jack

    Matt Goldberg needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP already. That there is a pipe dream. We ain’t ever getting rid of that fat fuck geek motherfucker. Ever. Fuck. Can’t wait to hear that cocksucker shit all over MAN OF STEEL & suck cock with ‘Thor: The Who Gives a Shit sequel’ & ‘Captain America: The What’s The Fucking Point of Making This Movie’.

  • Ted

    About people recognizing Bruce Wayne, if you saw someone who looked like Steve Jobs would you assume that Jobs had faked his death or that you were looking at someone who happened to look like him?

    • mattedscreen

      Dude, there are people that believe that Elvis, Biggie and 2Pac are all alive partying it up some place.

  • mattedscreen

    I was luke warm with Rises over all, but I thought the ending was the perfect little capper to Nolan’s trilogy. It was never meant to go beyond three, and that incarnation of Batman shouldn’t. New Batman, new series. They clearly didn’t design this Batman run like they did Iron Man where they can change out Robert Downey Jr when he gets too tired of it all. Square one, page one rewrite start over

  • o8o

    Here’s an easy writing fix to connect Batman, Superman, and JL:
    It bombards Earth, changing the population, creating super powered heroes and villains.
    Batman’s realistic world explodes with super powers.
    The villains organize, threaten world domination.
    The heroes form the JL to deal with them.
    So you keep the Nolan realism, but just add superpowers to it and play it straight.
    As in: what really would happen if a small percentage of the population developed superpowers? Just my 2¢.

  • 1369ic

    I don’t think they have to destroy Batman’s/Wayne’s story to do this, just knock him back down to nothing in time-honored storytelling style. Two simple possibilities: Cat woman’s past catches up with her and she’s taken out, leaving Bruce a sad, bitter wreck who comes to the realization that he’s destined to be alone and that crime fighting is at least something positive he can do. Or, she realizes the straight life isn’t really for her and ditches him and he comes to the same conclusion. She was hardly portrayed as a paragon of reliability.

    He’s got to have a bunch of money put away, and it wouldn’t be hard for them to set up him getting another batmobile, etc., and doing his thing. This would be especially easy if he’s got a flying buddy to help him get his old stuff and relocate.

    I think Superman showing up is a bigger problem. Superman showing up in the Tim Burton movies? No problem. In the last three? Jumping the shark.

  • maroon

    this is fake

  • Snacks

    A Superman/Batman movie, introducing a third dharacter, such as Wonder Woman or The Flash would be a safer approach as they move along.

  • tamas

    No…..just no, no justice league film. Also NO! Just no, no more christopher nolan sshit! Bring back Keaton for a Batman film, directed by Burton and Danny Elfman for music and the awesome Burton Batmobile (sick of the stupid dumbasss looking dumbasss named tumbler, sooo stuuuuupid), and awesome Gotham City (either from Batman or Batman Returns, both were awesome, at least they both look like Gotham City, not CHICAGO)!!!!!

  • Diego

    Back in the day, Andrew Kevin Walker wrote this little script called “Asylum – Superman vs. Batman” for Wolfgang Petersen to direct. There, Batman is retired and getting married and Superman getting divorced from Lois…then they get pitched against each other by the Joker and someone in the shadows financing him. IMHO, a very well written script wich showed the darkest side of both characters (my description does not make it justice) and a clever retelling of the Batman/Superman fight in The Dark Knight Returns. They could use that script as a basis for “World’s Finest” in the way to bring back Bale as Wayne/Batman, hurting a little less, I think, the ending of TDKR, but hurting it nonetheless. I think the best thing WB could do is bringing back Gordon-Levitt with a kickass emotional arc to establish him as Batman once and for all. Again, just my two cents.

  • Superman Fan

    Remember guys MONEY talks and regardless of what was said in the past MONEY changes minds. Every studio is in the business to make MONEY and with Disney having both Marvel and Star Wars and Fox has Mark Millar to build their universe then WB had no other choice if it is true to bring back their big guns.

  • Dave

    I love the dark knight trilogy and have seen the original batmans and love them just as much, i think that a justice league movie could work even if it was set in nolan’s realistic universe. We live in a world very much like the dark knight trilogys realism but there could still be aliens out there in the universe, so why cant heroes like superman, martian manhunter and so on in nolan’s world? i for one think it would work relly well. a gritty realistic gotham and metropolis learning there is extra terrestrial life out in space, the tollit would take on the government, the people and batman himself realising theyre is beings out there far superior to humans.if It could happen in our reality, why can it also not happen in nolan’s?

  • James

    A promo trailer is out here:

  • Strong Enough

    too bad Chris doesn’t want to direct it. Zack is great when handling other scripts tho. can’t wait for man of steel

  • Ignacio

    I laugh reading all the comments hating on Nolan and DC.

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  • sense 11


    Great Idea, they just need too get Joseph Gordon Levitt on board to turn himself into Nightwing or Robin after Bale comes back.

    I dont know what all the fuss is about, its like people this is not the comics, this is a movie, Comic Story lines be dammed if they dont work

  • chad vaughn

    This is obviously great news, despite all the fools complaining and nit-picking.

  • terry

    Nolan has become a fu**** hack! Who’d he cast as Wonder Woman? Adele. And with all her fat.And he’d try to make that credible by punctuating her scenes with chaos! LOL!
    Ann Hathaway as cat woman was last year’s joke.She couldn’t even fight but she knew how to use the bat mobile and showed up right at the nick of time to shoot Bane in the face.
    Tell me, where was Michelle Williams when Heath was injecting that syringe full of speed ball into his urethra? Had she been with her man we would have had a decent 3rd batman movie. Bit**!

  • terry

    Nolan has become a fu**** hack! Who\’d he cast as Wonder Woman? Adele. And with all her fat.And he\’d try to make that credible by punctuating her scenes with chaos! LOL!
    Ann Hathaway as cat woman was last year\’s joke.She couldn\’t even fight but she knew how to use the bat mobile and showed up right at the nick of time to shoot Bane in the face.
    Tell me, where was Michelle Williams when Heath was injecting that syringe full of speed ball into his urethra? Had she been with her man we would have had a decent 3rd batman movie. Bit**!

  • Nolan\’s fool

    I just wished to thank all the intelligent people who\’ve come out in solidarity against Nolan\’s hackery and the legion of his man-child fanbase. Hopefully the world will take note and good filmmaking will return to the cinemas and Nolan will be pilloried and flayed to death for his crimes.

  • Tobias

    I would just like to say that the Goldberg hate is completely unjustified. Sure, I don’t agree with Goldberg some of the time, but he is offering his opinion, and he gives good reasons to back it up. He gives intelligent reviews. Any movie critic is going to have a different opinion than yours at some point. Why does everyone hate someone just for having a different opinion? It’s very childish. You’re probably the same people that make death threats on rotten Tomatoes because the critics don’t share your opinion. It’s quite embarrassing.

  • WAM

    don’t believe a word of it.

  • johnny white

    To Matt and everyone else who isn’t a fan of Nolan…There are plenty of other CBM’s to enjoy.

    I’m sure we all want a good Justice League movie, but all the dickey fanboys will want this movie to fail even if James Cameron, Brad Bird, Josh Whedon ,Sam Mendes, or JJ Abrams got the job to direct.

    Good luck to Warner Brothers!

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  • Tim

    I totally disagree. A JLA movie would work in the current Nolan universe. All they would have to do is make JGL Nightwing and give Christian Bale a reason to come out of retirement and join others to fight the threat. Catwoman could come alone as well.

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