Guillermo del Toro Says JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Will Have to Fit in Warner Bros.’ Expanded DC Universe Plans

     November 12, 2013


As one of the current masters of genre filmmaking, one might surmise that Guillermo del Toro is due to tap into the current superhero movie craze on a larger scale.  Of course del Toro helmed Blade II and both Hellboy films, but fans are surely eager to see him tackle a more well-known comics property in this current climate dominated by Marvel and DC.  Indeed, plans are in the works for del Toro to potentially join the DC Universe at Warner Bros. with an adaptation of Justice League Dark, but movement on the project has been rather slow-going.

While del Toro recently revealed that he was in the process of writing JLD and was waiting for a certain writer to become available so he/she could take a pass on the screenplay, the filmmaker has now added a curious bit of info to the development of Justice League Dark, saying that the film will have to fit into Warner Bros.’ plans for a cohesive DC Universe.  Read on after the jump.

Man-of-Steel-Henry-Cavill-imageSpeaking with (via LCMG), del Toro said there were no new updates regarding the status of Justice League Dark, but he did confirm that Warner Bros. is working on bringing together one cohesive cinematic universe for its DC properties:

“We’re still on [Justice League Dark] and writing and hopefully it will happen, but there’s no developments that are new.  It’s still at Warners.  They are making plans for the entire DC Universe, all the superheroes, all the mythologies, and part of that is Justice League Dark.  They’re planning on TV, movies, all the media, so we have to fit within that plan.”

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. is keen on kicking off an expanded universe of superhero movies much like Marvel, but their plan has been rather fluid over the last few years, signifying a lack of direction.  With the success of Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman on the horizon, the studio may have finally found its footing with regards to its DC properties, and it sounds like a greenlight for JLD is dependent on whether the film fits into WB’s overall plans.

It will likely be a while before we know the endgame for JLD for sure, as the studio understandably wants to bring more recognizable characters like The Flash and Wonder Woman into the fold first.  Nevertheless, the prospect of del Toro bringing his sensibilities to an expanded DC Universe is certainly exciting.  Watch the video interview below.


  • tonymatthews

    I hope this movie doesn’t lie in dev hell. I so want to see Guillermo’s take on Constantine. And also hope it’s R rated.

    • Nomis1700

      I want Charlie Hunnam as John Constantine.

  • Blitz

    I tend to see DC movies (so far anyway) as graphic novel adaptations – serious stuff and Marvel movies are like your typical comic books – fun. I enjoy both of them tremendously. God this truly is the golden age man.

  • The Flobbit

    This does not have to happen. Del Toro needs to helm a dark, violent, and Gaiman-esque take on Sandman, Constantine, and Swamp Thing. It should not fit into the expanded DC universe (if the Nolanverse doesn’t, why should IT?) – this will only hamper the film.

    He needs to have full creative rein. He should cast who he wants and make the film how he wants it. DC has the better comics by half (Sandman is just so darn dark and beautiful, and Constantine – talk about compelling!), but Marvel is headed by a genius who clearly has major organization skills.

    DC. Get your act together fast.

  • Kevin

    Hope it happens. Tying it into the rest of the DCU is completely unnecessary.

  • The Flobbit

    Can I throw in a good word for Joseph Fiennes and especially Rupert Penry-Jones as Constantine? If anyone was the spitting image of comic-book Constantine, it’s Penry Jones.

    For Morpheus (Sandman), Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Whishaw, and possibly Ben Barnes (if he can up his acting) might do the trick. I stress that Del Toro should be making the decisions here. Last thing we need is some studio exec lobbying Ryan Gosling as Constantine.

    • Mohit Kumar

      Thumbs up for suggesting Ben Whishaw….That would be so awesome….

  • Gracie

    Please make GDT’s vision for Justice League Dark happen. I am more excited about this than a JL movie.

  • Nomis1700

    Having this exist in the same world as MOS has set up could be interesting. Although, I’d prefer this to be separate, it lends itself to more darkness and I hope GDT will fully expose that.

  • Esteban Martinez

    Meh. By the time this one is made Del Toro will be retired.

  • poppincherry

    I’m not even interested in that dark shit. Look, what we really need is a script from god to tackle Wonder Woman.Period!!!!

  • Strong Enough

    wow. he lost weight

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  • thisdude

    If Keanue Reeves came back as Constantine it would completely ruin the movie because he would outshine every other character. Im sorry but that Constantine movie was and is one of my all time favorites.