JUSTICE LEAGUE Greenlight Depending on MAN OF STEEL’s Box Office Success

     January 29, 2013


Last week, we reported that Justice League‘s team would be comprised of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash.  But before those five superheroes can team up, Warner Bros. needs the granddaddy of all superheroes to step up.  Buried in an article about Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov, Variety makes the somewhat unsurprising report that a greenlight on Justice League is dependent on how well Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel does at the box office.

Hit the jump for more.  Man of Steel opens June 14th.

Per Variety:

Stakes are high for “Man of Steel.” Other than Nolan’s Batpics, Warners has not been able to effectively exploit the DC library. Its 2011 “Green Lantern” underperformed, and a “Justice League” film wouldn’t likely be in theaters before 2015, as Warner’s top brass has indicated that they are awaiting the results of “Man of Steel,” which opens June 14, before moving further ahead.

It’s difficult to say how far along Warner Bros. is willing to go before officially pulling the trigger on Justice League.  Will Beale (Gangster Squad) is already writing the script, and it will be interesting to see if Warner Bros. attaches a director before Man of Steel opens so they can hit the ground running if Snyder’s film connects with audiences.  Screenwriter David Goyer recently commented on how they were trying to make Superman’s new adventure “as if it were real”, and I assume the hope is that if audiences liked that approach for the Caped Crusader, they’ll like it for the Man of Tomorrow.


  • Matt

    It has Nolan’s name on it so it will make money.

  • Your mum’s Danny Devito

    So, there is gonna be no JL movie then? I see a big opening weekend for MoS… Then it will tank. It’s Zack Synder FFS!!! All flash, no substance!!!

    • Danny Devito

      Not sure what you mean by this comment., only Sucker Punch failed to deliver any significant gains in the box office, and that still made 7 or so million over budget. I am not saying Snyder is a slam dunk director, but he has yet to make a movie that has lost money.

      • Decado

        His last two movies haven’t made a dime. While it depends on budgets, marketing and distributional deals, there is no way a film is profitable unless it grosses *at least* double its budget in theatres. Sucker Punch was a huge flop and Legend of the Guardians was a minor one. Watchmen *may* have made money because it was huge on home video and had a bunch of side-products.

        The man connects best with R-rated material…which this is not. Wouldn’t be surprised if it disappoints (it won’t bomb ’cause it’s a huge property).

      • REALLY?

        couple of counterpoints for ya.

        1) Sucker Punch and Guardians did not have Nolan’s name attached to them.

        2) Sucker Punch and Guardians are not household names like say….. SUPERMAN?

        This movie will be a monster at the box office, no doubt in my mind at all.

  • jOKeR

    I dont think this movie can hit big unless the main actor dies before it’s release…but who knows i could be wrong.


    I don’t know if you guys are joking or not? It’s a Superman movie with Nolan’s name attached to it….. of course it will be big.

    • Marv

      Do you think it will be a really big hit? Kick Ass 2 and world war z, not to mention the lone ranger all come out in the following weeks after MoS. Could the flick compete with those titles even if it as a great film

      • stay_puffed

        You seriously believe that such a huge property like Superman will have to compete against a new franchise, another superhero film and a zombie film? He’s one of the most well known characters in popular culture. It will blow those films out of the water! It can’t fail.

  • ScottX

    Those that mean if JL movie happens it’s gonna be in Man of Steel Style? Then it won’t be a “Comic-Book” movie either?

  • zswickey

    I thought Aquaman would be ridulous but still thought he was expected to be in it?

  • Person

    How good Justice League ends up being will depend on how well they cast it. The plot is basically irrelevant, they’ll spend the first half introducing/re-introducing characters and the second half having them join forces against whatever force threatens Earth. I just hope they put a solid cast together. Cavill looks solid as Superman, hopefully he delivers. I’d love to see Ryan Reynolds get another shot at being Green Lantern (even though I always thought he’d make a better Flash). I feel so sorry for whoever plays Batman, cuz no one will like him after what Bale did with the part. Dunno who’d be good for Flash and Wonder Woman.

    • Chris

      Just go get Michael Keaton and never let him take off the cowl. Then the sequel to JL can be inspired by The Dark Knight Returns arc (aging Batman vs. Superman).


  • Michael

    If Man Of Steel becomes successful and Warner Bros. decide to move forward with a Justice League movie, why don’t they just get Bale to play batman again? He’s still alive in The Dark Knight Rises. They just need to find a way to bring him back in to the game. It would look weird seeing another actor taking Bale’s take of the Caped Crusader.

  • Pragmator

    What a load of cowardly nonsense from Warner Bros. Are you telling me that the combined financial AVALANCHE of money from the Batman films isn’t reason enough to make a Justice League movie? So they’re gonna put the onus on the Superman movie?


    • Underground Anthem TX

      Agree with Pragmator– didn’t WB issue that same declaration before Green Lantern? They either need to commit or move on. While Marvel laughs…


      I agree with two things you said WB is cowardly(LOL) and the Batman films made a ton of loot at the box- office. But Name One After That………………………..that’s where the buck stops homie,plus there greedy asses don’t want spend all the Bat money so MOS has to out due Batman Begins box office and make people want to see a JL film. So a lot is riding on this, I don’t want nothing but Batman films from WB’s (maybe the dummies who think Nolan will comeback)I have confidence that this film will do well for those who want to see it, but the rest might look at the track record or just not like a comic movie like us.

      BTW you are one of few the comments I’ve seen on these JL news updates that are looking forward to this film! A JL movie back in the works and these so called DC fans say “Copying Avengers” And “Make 2hr Movies For Each Member”LMAO these must be the same people that could have the sexiest chick walk up to them for a invite and Think 2hrs of 4 play will keep her interested…………that’s when she will say with disappointing look “That was fun….NOT”! Trust me I know I didn’t learn the rules till I was 16 LOL but now that I’m a grown ass man 4 play is cool but I got 2 get down 2 biz! You fools afraid to slide in to home base!

  • Alan B

    “Screenwriter David Goyer recently commented on how they were trying to make Superman’s new adventure “as if it were real”, and I assume the hope is that if audiences liked that approach for the Caped Crusader, they’ll like it for the Man of Tomorrow.”

    Here’s the problem with what Goldberg is saying: most cinematic superhero origin stories over the past ten years has taken that approach, from ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Batman Begins’. The filmmakers have attempted to bridge the fantastical aspects of the comicbook films with relatable characters and an authentic sense of place. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t fantastical elements within them, it’s just that the filmmakers incorporate naturalism to engage audiences on a more emotional level. ‘Thor’ is obviously very fantastical, but when it gets to Earth the character becomes far more engaging and relatable because his hubris is finally countered and he must deal with some of the same issues that we all do. ‘Man of Steel’ will feature extensive CGI and battles between Superman and Zod, so it isn’t social realist drama in the same mold as a Ken Loach or Mike Leigh film. It’s just a more naturalistic version of that story: I am sorry if that makes Goldberg angry enough to punch a wall or something, but he has to grow up and realize that there are more than one way to depict a comicbook character, and not just his way …

  • Alan B

    Can this be the final word on Matt Goldberg’s realism bitching? Henry Cavill said, “It’s not a dark movie by any means. Past representations of the character have been quite light… This is a more realistic view of the character, while still maintaining the very unrealistic, or potentially unrealistic features of an alien with superpowers.”

  • Nolan Super Fraud

    Gawd, not looking forward to explaining to my kids what the hell this “naturalistic, being-pofaced = super serious” art superhero fad was all about. “Well son, back in my day there was alot of man children who suffered from a severe Peter Pan syndrome. Ya see they spent all their time reading batman and superman comics. Because of this better-adjusted, more popular kids beat them up and the manchildren never got laid. This made the manchildren very angry. Rather than admitting these stories were silly and trying to get laid, the manchildren insisted that everyone take these stories about muscular men in tights beating other sweaty men super seriously and respect them as “art”. Thus was a limey hack bastard named Nolan able to make millions of dollars presenting silly tales of costumed heroics without panache, wit or invention. Worst, humanity was made to suffer through a “realistic” and “naturalistic” version of a story about a flying super strong invincible alien man as presented by a guy who made a movie about schoolgirls stripping in an madhouse.”

    • Alan B

      You have kids? God help them …

      • Randy Tuttle

        “Better-adjusted, more popular kids beat up manchildren”? I’m sure you like to think of yourself as one of the aforementioned better-adjusted, more popular kids, right? One who wants to see silly men in silly tights bounce around/through silly brightly colored silly worlds like a looney-toons cartoon, amiright? The actual(real(reality)) better-adjusted, more popular kids would be the shit out of you for that, and you should change your name to “No-one, the Super Retard”

  • Dominik Klein

    i dont really care if there is justice leauge or not. green lantern sucked donkey ass, so they must revoot lantern. also must reboot dat batman and rebooting batman in justice leauge sucks so they must have new solo bat film first . also how r they guna explain history of wonder woman and flash and new batman ans shit all in 1 film? is audience to accept that this heroes are all there in this world? also nolan batman still fresh in audience so with new superman after singer, new batman new lantern and flash and wonder woamn who has not have films audience will be confused like fook and this guna bomb this is fail like john carter suck it DC marvel did it right with patience u only wana copy for dem money grab lol dis not guna work frick off DC nolan dick rider lol

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  • LEM

    Why is DC so good at making animated movies but suck so bad at live action? Batman being the obvious exception.

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  • Supermarket Soundtrack

    Well duh. DC/WB are a day late and a dollar short, half glass full, etc. They’re dumb suits care about profit margins and even this new guy who worked in the comics division before becoming an executive probably won’t save them as he’s part of the same team that screwed it up with Green Lantern and the Flashpoint foolishness in the comics in 2011.

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  • gracie

    Dear Hollywood producers, please don’t make a JL movie just to compete with The Avengers. They’ve done it first, they’ve won. Get over it! If you want to produce a comic book collective movie, produce the one Guillermo del Toro is making called Jutice League Dark, the one with The Swamp Thing and John Constantine. Please do that one instead. Please.
    With love, a fan.

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