Is Warner Bros. Planning a JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie for 2013? [UPDATED: Yes.]

     March 28, 2011


Warner Bros. president Alan Horn is retiring this week after 12 years as the man with final say on every studio project.  Jeff Robinov will succeed Horn, and the LA Times profile of the apparently awkward studio executive confirms what we knew about WB’s tentpole strategy in a post-Harry Potter world: fill the void with DC Comics superheroes.  The specifics of that superhero slate might surprise you.  The LA Times writes: “[Robinov is] aiming to release new Batman and Superman films in 2012 and Justice League, a teaming of DC’s top heroes, in 2013.”

We’re well aware of The Dark Knight Rises (July 20, 2012) and the Superman reboot (December 2012), but it’s news to us if there are even tentative plans to release Justice League in two years.  A discussion of whether or not it’s even feasible after the jump.  [Update: Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has confirmed to Hero Complex that the studio plans to release a Justice League movie in 2013.]

justice-league-of-america-comic-book-coverIn addition to the aforementioned Batman and Superman movies, Warner Bros. has Green Lantern coming on June 17.  Plus, the studio is actively developing individual projects around The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, which accounts for most of the key players.  There was a rumor last year that Christopher Nolan was in line to direct Justice League.  Although almost certainly untrue, one imagines that if the studio wanted to get the project going again, they’d turn to Mr. Nolan.

More recently, though, The Dark Knight Rises producer Charles Roven publicly denounced the idea that Superman and Batman don’t share the same universe: “That may be in somebody’s mind but right now the Batman lives in his world and the Superman lives in his world.”

The George Miller-directed Justice League: Mortal had a troubled development period before Warner Bros. pulled the plug in early 2008.  It would be  very optimistic to suppose they could resuscitate the project with a two-year turnaround.  But surely a Justice League movie is a goal over at WB headquarters — likely to strike while the superhero iron is still hot, too.  2013 just sounds like a bit of a reach.

Yet I doubt the LA Times reporter pulled the notion out of thin air.  If Robinov did mention something about a Justice League move in 2013 — well, now you know.  Expect casting announcements soon?

  • GV

    If Nolan is in it, it can likely be done for a late 2013 release. I would love if this were true but Nolan is also not the type to rush into any of his movies.

  • Romsy

    I would recommend a Worlds Finest movie before jumping right into a Justice League. With Nolan being in charge of both the Batman and Superman franchises it seems like an easy meld. You could also use a Worlds Finest movie to bridge into a Justice League film, like marvel is using Captain America to bridge into The Avengers.

  • Thomas

    where is that image from?

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      I got it here:

      I can’t read the signature in the bottom left, but it looks like it’s from ’09. Looks cool, huh?

  • Agent_Black

    Looks to me like we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of the superhero movie after all the great work done in the last 10 years or so by Team Nolan

    Here’s where the studio’s come in and cock it all up for the sake of gold digging all the cold hard cash and squeezing the thing dry.
    shoe-horning Batman into a Justice League world like they are doing with The Avengers would just totally suck balls and destroy everything that was great about The Dark Knight franchise. Shame on Warner.

    • elikias

      Superhero movies have never been about anything other than making huge stacks of cash. Nolan’s Batman was only incidentally a great film franchise.

      I agree with you that its internal logic would be compromised by a Justice League movie with Bale as Batman though.

      • sonny

        dont think bale will do batman dark knight rises is the last of the dark knight franchise and i think that will have justice league with it

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  • VALENTINEproductions

    fuk justice league. Do kingdom come. So much more interesting. They can show the justice league in flash backs.

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  • Gary bell

    How bout this batman vs. Superman movie and in 2013 when justice league starts tom welling from smallville should get the role for superman, plus the story should be good vs evil by throwing in the legion of doom or darkseid threating and destroying earth

  • Eric

    Tom Welling has already turned down the role of Superman, back when “Returns” was released, because, and I’m paraphrasing (possibly misquoting, sorry), “I don’t want to be seen only as Superman.” Hence the Brandon Routh. Justice League would be great, but by 2013… And as far as the article states, with Bats and Supes not sharing the same universe: 1 – its a comic book, 2 – they’ve been tied together for years with Batman/Superman cartoons, 3 – they’re all tied together by the Justice League idea. I don’t really follow DC universe that closely anymore, and would love to see a Flash movie, (current special effects would make a superspeed movie freakin sweet). Lastly, to Gary bell’s comment about Bat versus Super, we all know Bats would win. He’s got the Kryptonite gauntlets there, chief.

  • Iyosiyas

    there should be a martian man hunter movie and it should be rated r. plus dc needs to make superhero movies that is not in earth to rival marvel. Green lantern is a good start but they need to do more villains from space also or different dimensions (where dc shines best)

    • sonny

      i agree with that take on green lantern they should’ve had black white and red lanterns all of the corps’s but they have a chance to redeem themselves green lantern 2 but justice league wont be 2013 it would be on imdb it will be around 2015 because the flash movie man of steel -if they even make a justice league film

  • Danny

    a justice league movie would be great. its not gold digging at all, its giving the fans what they want to see, but not page by page, adaptions if you will. Besides DC has some of the best writers behind their comics, let them pen the screenplay. it should start with the justice league defeating the alien threat from the first episodes, allowing them to become the JLA and creating the space station. it cuts out the fillers about their individual histories. I for one will watch it because ive seen the series and read comics, sure it wont be directed toward the mainstream audience but it will attract them into wanting to learn about it. Either way i would want this project to come to fruition

  • Rolando

    I just can’t understand why they need to reboot Batman, it’s the best movie concept ever and the CAN make it work in JL

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  • samuel

    if this is true dc is just doing it to compete with the avengers movie im sure. even justice league itself is dcs version of the avengers pretty much

    • sonny

      oh so by making superhero films and crossing them over into a team is copying avenger? no

    • Thorvaughn

      wrong! avengers is the marvel version of justice league. they are both earth’s mightiest heroes in different world but JL started in 1960 and Avengers only started in 1963.

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  • Jonn Jones

    A justice league movie would be awesome,The Dark Knight Rises movie and The Man Of Steel movie should be a crossover to the JLA movie

  • sonny

    most dc comics over most marvel comics

    most marvel films over most dc films (not completely)

  • Ashfaq

    Hey guys!! its clean and clear… What WB is gonna do.. They are gonna do a Justice League movie soon after Man of Steel with Nolan directing or scripting it. Its damn sure… hope fully a flash movie will be before that…………… Wait for it… Its gonna happen.

  • tim

    I think everbody is getting ahead of themselves. If Man of Steel flops you will never see a JLA movie. Its sink or swim. Can’t have a successful JLA movie w/o its leader having a strong run by himself.

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  • dom

    i think i need the justice league imidietly i hav been waiting for years i think there are many stories to be used pls we aer waiting

  • Josh and Kings

    Dear Dc,
    a trinity movie would be a very good way to go about pitching for a JLA movie. Superman, Wonder woman and Batman are very well developed, well loved and immensely popular. Having them all in one movie? Priceless.
    Solving the conundrum of how to go about including batman in superman’s ‘universe’ is relatively simple if done in a plausible manner. Nothing gung-ho or no one will buy it for a second. What you want to happen is Batman (in the dark knight trilogy or a very good stand alone batman movie) at the very end, get to a situation where he can’t return from. Think ‘life or death situation and the whole world in the balance’. Batman signals for some help (probably by pressing his utility belt (or something) and the ‘baddies in question are beaten up ‘off camera’ with Batman (on camera) getting to his feet. The camera then pans down from his cowl to his boots, moves across the ground to rest upon a new set of very familiar red boots and another set of red boots with a white stripe running down them and a glistening golden rope just in view. We all know who these two people are (superman and wonder woman). This sets the stage for a Trinity movie (batman, superman, and wonder woman) with baddies including Darkseid, doomsday, and definitely lex luthor. Anything less is an injustice. Superman could probably die in this film at one point and come back (as he always does) and have a vicious love triangle between the three characters to spark off the age old battle between batman and superman, just to keep things interesting. by the end of the movie you could easily bring the iconic justice league characters into the mix and you’ll be ready to go. people might even want another trinity movie (it might be that good)

    When you make some money from this dont forget to give us a job :D

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  • liz

    Will there be a martian manhunter movie he is more popular than some of the other league members and he should have a movie. it should be top priority

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