Rumor: Possible Source Material for JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie

     December 13, 2012


While other DC movies have loosely based their arcs on comic books, the inspiration is still there.  Batman Begins draws on Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight pulls from The Long Halloween, and The Dark Knight Rises was influenced by No Man’s Land.  Earlier this month, we reported the rumor that the villain of the Justice League movie would be Darkseid, a foe certainly worthy of a superhero team-up.  Today, we may have learned where screenwriter Will Beale (Gangster Squad) is looking for his screenplay.

Hit the jump for more.  Justice League is due out in 2015.

According to Latino Review, Justice League will be based on some part on issues #183 – 185 of Justice League America.  Per Latino Review:

In a nutshell, plotwise, the three issue arc involves Darkseid planning the destruction of Earth by blasting it with a ray that’ll move Apokolips (Darkseid’s planet) into the Earth’s place.

So it’s the intergalactic supervillain’s equivalent of “Get out of my seat.”  Again, if this is the plot, it’s certainly worthy of gathering Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash to work together (assuming these are the superheroes that will feature in the movie; I’m curious to see if Justice League will also include Aquaman and Martian Manhunter).

Just like the other DC movies, this could be a very loose adaptation.  And keep in mind that this is just a rumor.  Back when The Dark Knight Rises was in early production, it was rumored that the source material would be the graphic novel “Prey”.  Nevertheless, Latino Review has a fairly solid track record (they called Thanos appearing in The Avengers), so we shouldn’t write this rumor off.


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  • Nolan is God!!!!!!!!!!

    This sounds so……..stupid.

    • Hey Zeus Kreesto

      Couldn’t agree more. I don’t think they should use Darkseid as their opening villain. Someone like Amazo or Brainiac could definitely pose a big enough threat to bring all the heroes together. Would also help differentiate this movie from Avengers 2 and Thanos. And slightly off topic, but if Doomsday ever comes up as a possible villain, he should be saved for a Man of Steel sequel.

  • Harry

    don’t care for justice league movie, would rather they put their effort in man of steel 2 and 3

    • Chad

      Since you haven’t even seen the reboot, you can’t even make statements like this. What if it sucks? And, to wit, since it’s not the same team working on the films, there will still be work done on your precious Man of Steel 2.

      • JW.

        I got a strange feeling you’re not going to like Man of Steel no matter what. Look, I get your point, haven’t seen it yet, could suck. But some people are optimistic. Some are hoping they do it right. I personally feel if DC is going to attempt what Marvel’s doing they should hold off on Justice League. They should take a page from their own playbook. Justice League & Justice League Unlimited were my favorite shows as a kid and DC didn’t do it until they tested 3 shows before. Batman, Superman & Static Shock. 4 if you count Batman Beyond. I feel like they should make sure they can make arguably their most important character before they try out a team movie. But hey that’s just my thoughts on the matter.

  • Doug

    They should just use Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s first arc of New 52 Justice League – it’s tailor-made to act as the first film of a franchise and does a good job of introducing all the characters without dwelling on their origins, which could be fleshed out later.

  • Jamesy

    Too much like The Avengers!! Do something different or JL will just be known as “The Avengers rip off” even using Darkseid will just seem like a cheap Thanos (even though it’s the other way about!) but seriously don’t rush this, wish they would take their time with this and flesh out every character.

  • Will

    I don’t understand how they think they’re going to have time to introduce all of these different protagonist along with a major villain and complicated plot. If they want to introduce Darkseid, why not start out with a modification on the Doomsday storyline? It brings the heroes together against a simple enemy, and you can even knock out Superman for a while in the middle (or even the beginning) to highlight the other characters and the need to work together. AMIRITE?

  • nicolas


    • Adrian

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • Eric Nixon

      There was a plot to Transformers 3?

      • Johnson

        he meant, the “plot” of tr3, with huge inverted commas :D

  • Hey Zeus Kreesto

    I don’t understand why they’re using Darkseid at all for the first villain. Even though he came first, people are just going to compare him to Thanos since Avengers 2 will be out first. They should use someone like Amazo or Brainiac. Either of those options would pose a big enough threat to unite all the heroes. Just my opinion though.

    • Phil

      Thanos won’ t be in The Avengers 2.

      • Nick

        Then who will?

      • Bob

        Yes he obviously will. He will be in Guardians leading up to Avengers 2 where Guardians and Avengers will prob team up.

  • Mike R.

    I don’t understand everyone’s objection over Darkseid. For a group of superheroes to assemble and fight together the threat needs to be big enough so that one of them couldn’t defeat it alone. Darkseid is too powerful for any one of them. And if you’re making comparisons to Marvel’s use of Thanos in Avengers 2, well obviously the two largest competing comic book companies have similar heroes and villains. I just want to see superman and batman kicking a$$ on screen together. I am worried since WB doesn’t have the best track record but I still will see and want to see a Justice League movie.

  • Hey Zeus Kreesto

    Sorry for the multiple posts, my first one didn’t show up originally and I don’t see a delete button anywhere

  • ap30

    Sooo basically the plot for Transformers 3? Eeeeek.

  • sense 11

    I think the after credits scene in The Man of Steel will involve members of the Justice league contacting Superman

    • Bob

      Prob will be Batman. He’ll discover Supes identity and get in contact with him. Or if they wanna be risky they can do Martian Manhunter to warn him Darkseid is coming or something idk lol.

      • sense 11

        that would be nice

  • Mike R. 2

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s interesting to see someone with the same initials I have, and generally the same sentiment as well. But I’m giving WB a pass, because every major studio has their successes and failures, as does every filmmaker. It’s just the nature of moviemaking and I applaud the risk. Some great movies have been made there, without question. I hope and am encouraged that Superman is a big success and that it cements a Justice League movie, we’ll see.

  • Mike R. 2

    I shouldn\’t be surprised, but it\’s interesting to see someone with the same initials I have, and generally the same sentiment as well. But I\’m giving WB a pass, because every major studio has their successes and failures, as does every filmmaker. It\’s just the nature of moviemaking and I applaud the risk. Some great movies have been made there, without question. I hope and am encouraged that Superman is a big success and that it cements a Justice League movie, we\’ll see.

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  • TragicCracker

    TDK Rises is based more on TDK Returns, than it is No Man’s Land. There is elements of Knightfall and No Man’s Land, but it’s mainly TDK Returns.

    The only thing that is No Man’s Land esque is Gotham being cut off from the rest of America due to becoming a terrorist state.

    You got the rest correct, though. BEGINS is mainly YEAR ONE, and TDK is mainly Long Halloween. With elements of Killing Joke, and Batman #1

  • nom79

    I’m jumping into a discussion where I have very little knowledge of many of the DC properties(I was a Marvel reader/collector), but I can say that the Justice League will be the John Carter of the WB. They are taking a huge risk on a huge property and if they don’t have the right approach, it will be an epic bomb. This isn’t just Batman and Superman. This would be a good portion of the actual DC Universe and they are making an attempt to create a big budget movie without a proper introduction to this world.

    You can say Marvel currently has a comic book store in theatres at this point and what does DC have? They had an epic Dark Knight trilogy come to an end in which Bale won’t be returning. Green Lantern was poorly done and I’m not even sure if Ryan Reynolds was a good fit for the role or if it was the movie itself that failed. Superman Returns was its own villian and now they are trying to revive it with Man of Steel.

    The only way JL will work is if they work around Man of Steel and get some serious actors to fill the shoes of the major roster which I think is the toughest challenge. I am a fan of movies in a whole so I would definitely like to see what they can come up with but I think they(WB) are making certain decisions based off of the success Avengers had and they just want to follow. Bad move WB……Bad move!

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