Read Leaked Script for George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE; WB Reiterates Intention to Create WONDER WOMAN Movie or TV Series

     October 8, 2013


This past summer’s Man of Steel marked a big step forward for Warner Bros. with regards to its DC Comics properties.  Following Marvel’s massive success with interconnected superhero movies, WB has been trying to find a way to take a similar approach to its DC characters.  Green Lantern was a swing and a miss, and Christopher Nolan made it very clear that his Dark Knight Trilogy was a standalone set of films not set within a larger universe.  But with Man of Steel, WB finally has a hit with a rebooted DC character, and the studio is moving forward with a follow-up that brings Batman into the fold.

Obviously the endgame is a Justice League movie, but WB has been toying with that idea for years.  Director George Miller came extremely close to getting his iteration of Justice League in front of cameras in 2007, but the plug was prematurely pulled.  However, a leaked version of the script for Miller’s film has now landed online.  Hit the jump for much more.

armie-hammer-justice-leagueBack in 2007, George Miller was preparing to begin production on a Justice League film in Australia with a young cast that included Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger) as Batman, D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as Superman, Common as Green Lantern, and Adam Brody (The O.C.) as The Flash (watch Hammer excitedly talk about the project here).  Sets were built, costumes had been created, but just as filming was gearing up to begin, Warner Bros. put the project on hold.  Obviously the film never did come to fruition, but Miller’s Justice League is one of the great “What If?’s” in movie history.

Now Superhero Movie News (via The Playlist) claims to have gotten a hold of the script, which can now be read in its entirety.  I haven’t had time to read the script, but here’s The Playlist’s rundown:

The script focuses on the seven superheroes’ relationship to an all-powerful satellite system that Batman rigged to spy on them, and jumps off from that into some social commentary mixed with your usual high-stakes action setpieces. It also poses an curious bizarro universe of the present superhero flick landscape—one in which Miller attempted the gargantuan task of a much-rushed, ensemble superhero experiment, and very likely could have temporarily killed adaptations in the same way that Batman and Robin did in 1997.

justice-league-movieNot a great comparison, but I’m still interested to see what Miller had planned nonetheless—assuming this is indeed the version of the script that Miller intended to shoot.  Warner Bros. still plans on making a Justice League movie at some point, but right now the studio’s focus is on Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, which could very well lead to another Batman reboot sooner rather than later and very likely lays the foundation for a Justice League movie.

Speaking in a keynote address at USC recently (via THR), Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara reiterated the studio’s intent to get the Wonder Woman property off the ground, saying “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”  With female-led films doing big business at the box office, studios are finally started to come around to the idea that women can lead blockbuster franchises too.  Chronicle scribe Max Landis has stated his intent to pitch a Wonder Woman movie to WB, but there are no doubt countless others who “intend” to pitch a comic book take to the studio—don’t go thinking Landis will be the one to bring Wonder Woman to the screen just yet.

For now, we wait.  Since Batman vs. Superman is melding DC’s two most popular characters, that film will likely be a bellwether of what’s to come with regards to WB’s future superhero movie slate.  As such, I expect we’ll have a much better idea of what the next few DC movies look like after we start to learn more about Snyder’s film.


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  • DNAsplitter

    Read the screenplay and thought it had some interesting ideas. I especially liked the take on the Flash, Barry Allen, as he kinda feels like the Captain America of the group with his personality and the transition to Wally West. I don’t know what tone George Miller would have used but if he took a serious tone I think the movie would have been successful. In the end I am glad that they took the route they are going and taking some time to set up the JL with the two Superman films and the Flash film due in 2016 (possibly including the 2011 GL film but who knows if that will be included at this point). I’m probably in the minority here but I am actually looking forward to the Superman/Batman film as I think it will improve greatly upon the errors MOS made (which is another film I greatly enjoyed especially over Iron Man 3).

    • Faptain America

      Apart from on the script, which I haven’t read yet, I agree with you totally.
      MOS was pretty great, and the sequel sounds exciting too. WB’s big mistake was to cast Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. I think he was born to play the Flash, heck he’s even playing a snail version of Flash in Turbo.
      Now with the future Justice League movie, WB ought to go with a brand new GL, which I would prefer be John Stewart.

      • asdfghj

        If they’re rebooting Batman, then obviously will reboot GL as well. In that case they should be picking Hal Jordan again (the obvious choice). They cannot start with Jon.

      • DNAsplitter

        Could always do a sort of sequal/reboot by having Hal Jordan getting killed in the beginning of the film, sort of the catalyst to the forming of the JL, and from there selecting John Stewart as his replacement.

      • Faptain America

        Not a bad idea. Darkseid goes on galaxywide hero-hunting rampage, kills Hal Jordan, so Stewart is chosen. Stewart educates Superman/Batman on Darkseid. Darkseid’s already killed Martians, Manhunter falls to earth somehow. Get Wonder Woman and Flash invested in it somehow and you may have a movie. I dunno, it’s a hard nut to crack, but Whedon did it, and Singer before him, so let’s see.

      • Faptain America

        They’re only rebooting Batman because Nolan/Bale didn’t want to return. Reynolds would happily come back as GL, and I could stomach that, but John Stewart would give a different energy to the film, maybe make it richer. Definitely better than a flying Flash character with a power ring a la RR.

    • Strong Enough

      Marvel can suck it!
      Nolan is God!

      • Strong Enough

        Also, does anybody know if there is a Trayvon Martin impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like CORN. ;-) Lulz!

  • Duane

    The script would actually work great for DCAU

    • Person

      Probably, but it sounds like the script borrows the central premise of Tower of Babel, which they already adapted as JL Doom.

  • gritty mcgritterson

    That’s interesting, especially since said satellite makes an appearance in Man of Steel

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  • Tom

    I’ve got mixed feelings. It’s rather not a great script, but who knows how would it come ont the big screen.

  • cb

    I still can’t believe they were going to make a 6’5″ Batman work with a 5’7″ Superman. Brilliant casting, you guys!

    • el duderino

      Cavill’s 6’1 and Affleck is 6’2. Google… it’s a beautiful thing… moron.

      • cb

        Ummmm . . . are you mentally handicapped? THIS article talks about how they cast Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger) as Batman while DJ Cotrona (GI Joe 2) was going to play Superman.
        Hence my phrasing “were going to” as opposed to Affleck & Cavill, which would require the present perfect “are going with”.
        English Lit . . . its available for everybody, you know.

  • nintendo zapper

    Something tells me Max Landis’ pitch is just going to be a rip off of other’s work, much like his Death of Superman pitch where he stole part of the lot from FLYBY and then even had Superman training Rocky 4 style in a farmhouse for 3 months while the earth is being destroyed. Wow. And he even has Superman being surprised Batman is Bruce Wayne, Um, what about his x-ray vision? Landis is hack who got lucky on a poorly written script (i read it, not too good as far as scripts go, it was messy and full of swears that didn’t even make it into the film, proving the kid can’t write dialogue, tries to emulate tarantino/coen style of swear, cant’ pull it off) ANYWAY, Landis is coasting on his dad’s name and proven by his Chronicle 2 script getting a pass. Probably no better than Chroicle’s script. The movie was okay, but man, Landis sucks

  • CatheyBarrett

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  • Howie

    What anime is Landis gonna rip-off this time, Akira’s not gonna work, let me guess -Princess WonderWoman Mononoke?

    It’d be really incredibly slick if the Casting call for the 25-35 year old strong female character in BvS is Priscilla Rich or her neice. Which would fit nicely in a script I’d be interested in writing.
    More and more these fanboys are convincing me this Elizabeth Debecki is the best bet for a shot at the bracelets & tiara. Personally either Liz or Doutzen Kroes should get the chance to use those big red boots in stomping some major monster mud-holes. Hopefully frosty can flex his will getting some snowballs rolling (he did awesome w/ Saoirse!)

    • wtf

      what the fuck are you talking about?

      • Howie

        Which part? This is all supposition.

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