Rumor: JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Villain Revealed?

     December 3, 2012


What can we confirm about Warner Bros.’ Justice League so far? We know Zack Snyder (director of Man of Steel) has a lot to say about how his film fits into the Justice League universe, and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises) is reportedly not set to play Batman in the picture. Other than that, we know Will Beall (Gangster Squad) is writing the screenplay which will feature Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and other heroes. But who will these heroes unite against, exactly? Will it be an army of faceless evildoers, much like the Chitauri in The Avengers? Not likely, since the Marvel sequel will be opening the same year as the DC picture and The Avengers 2 already has a Mad Titan in Thanos. So who in the DC universe could possibly be more powerful? Hit the jump to find out.

Though this is just a rumor at present, possible spoilers clearly follow ahead, so proceed at your own risk. In a recent report from Latino-Review, the guys are pretty confident that they’ve nailed the big baddie for the Justice League team-up. It makes sense, as DC’s got some heavy hitters on the heroic side who are going to need a substantial boss to go up against instead of a bunch of punching bags. So just who is it going to be?

darkseid-justice-leagueNone other than…Darkseid! Originally introduced in 1970, Darkseid has been a primary antagonist of Superman and the Justice League for over 40 years. Outside of the comics, he’s also appeared in television shows like 1984′s Super Friends, the 90s’ Superman: The Animated Series and the 2000s animated versions of Justice League. He also played the major antagonist for the final season of the live-action series, Smallville. Superman aside, for those of you who think the under-powered Batman is toast when it comes to going up against Darkseid, check out the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, “Darkseid Descending” to see how that battle plays out.

One of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, the god Darkseid has incredible strength, invulnerability, endurance, immortality, a genius intellect and telekinetic powers. However, his greatest strength and his deadliest weapon is the Omega force, a manipulation of cosmic energy that he directs into Omega Beams (beams that shoot from his eyes and can bend around objects, eliminating whatever they hit from existence) and the Omega Sanction, a banishment to hellish alternative realities. Though Darkseid possesses even more powers than those listed here, he most often likes to work as a manipulator, using his superior brain-power to lure and trick the heroes into doing his bidding. No word yet on if Granny Goodness and the Female Furies will be joining the fun, but Darkseid alone should be a proper villain for Supes and the gang! Let us know what you think about Darkseid in Justice League. 



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  • dad

    Gary, they did the same sort of thing with Galactus in FF4 2. It would seem that they don’t mind butchering great characters.

  • OHyeah

    Oh no. Setting up the team and introducing Darkseid is a tall order.

    Hopefully Snyder doesn’t mess up MAN OF STEEL and leaves origin as a flashback and Supes takes off his gloves. Too bad Zod is redone. It should have been dark Darkseid or Braniac in MAN OF STEEL rather than the same villian from Superman 2. WHy not call it MAN OF STEAL. Hey Zach. Why not get Marlon Wayans to play a Richard Pryor type character to create a genius scheme that a subsequent Mike Judge comedy would be based on? What do you think? Oh does Shaquille O’Neal show up?

    • dad

      Yes those would have been awesome villain choices but yet again they decided another origin story was needed (maybe easiest way to set up a film??) to a character everyone knows so well already. I wish it has Brainiac but it won’t happen.

    • Gordy

      What about Lex?

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  • flaarn

    Help me out here, anyone, since I’m not a comics reader. How do you beat a guy who is immortal and invulnerable? By definition, sounds like this villain would always, eventually, win. Even if the JL had a 100,000 members. What is Darkseid’s weakness? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Darkseid comes from an alien race known as the New Gods. Half of the New Gods live on the Hellish planet Apokolips (yes that’s spelled correctly), ruled by Darkseid. The other half live on the utopia planet New Genesis. Oftentimes, the Justice League will get some of New Genesis’ most powerful warriors to help defeat Darkseid.
      Since it’s unlikely a JL movie will have enough time introduce the entire League and both races of New Gods, it’s likely that Darkseid’s power could be reduced so Superman could defeat him one-on-one, or the League could obtain a weapon to defeat him. Perhaps this means the Atom will be included?
      Also, there is something called the Source Wall, which is literally a wall in the middle of space which acts as a barrier between other universes. The wall contain the bodies of those foolish enough to think they can get past it. Perhaps this is Darkseid’s goal? Either way, there’s a good chance the League will force Darkseid into the wall to stop him.

  • Dan

    I’m just putting it out there: Ron Perlman as Darkseid!

    • LEM

      Ron Perlman as anything is great.

  • Grimcicle

    As epic as it would be to see the Justice League take on Darkseid in 2015, it’s not a terribly great idea. Darkseid is basically the ultimate villain of the DC universe, so if he’s the antagonist of the first film, where exactly do you go from there in an inevitable sequel? It’s kind of like blowing your load before your date even has her panties off.

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Hi, I’m Flash.
    Hi, I’m Aquaman.
    Hi, I’m Wonder Woman.
    Hi, I’m Batman.
    Hi, I’m Green Lantern.
    Yup, its me Sup.
    U guys wanna form a club?
    Alright, now that we did that we have 2 hours and 45 minutes to defeat an all powerful god and save the world. Ready? GOOOOOOO JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!

    There’s no way this can go wrong. Ugh

    • ethomson92

      I think I just thought of a way that could work:
      WB is going to spend another 200-300 million marketing this movie, right? What if they just do the origins of each character in the trailers and tv spots. Establish who the characters are for the very small amount of people who haven’t heard of them (mostly the next generation of fans, comprised of 5-10 year olds)
      Then use the 2hrs 45 minutes, to jump into the film. Essentially do what marvel did (set-up), with ads.

      • Petrovski

        That is actually a decent idea, but don’t you think 2 minutes would be a bit short when it came to introducing the characters? I mean if its only gonna take that long to give us their origins they might as well fit it into the movie.

        Maybe they should release ten minute origin stories online a few months before…that should create a decent amount of buzz and give them a reaction to their characters in case they need to change something…

      • Your mum’s Danny Devito

        Yes, very interesting idea…. What about making a 5-7 minute epilogue of a couple of characters attached to one of WB’s major movies and another couple attached to another WB movie. Release them a month or 2 before opening day. Then a week before, online.
        What do you think?

      • Nate

        Yeah. That is actually an awesome idea! We go nuts over trailers. Why not use them to introduce the characters and story.

    • 301

      Their names give you all you need to know: Aquaman swims, Flash is fast, etc. They’ve been around forever and are already quite familiar. I don’t know that WB has to make any introductions. Might be good to begin in the middle with the ball rolling, with JLA already established. Then do the backstories and coming together later. A reverse of the Avengers.

    • Whodatninja

      Don’t assume your lack of imagination is indicative of others. Surely there is someone in the world at least a bit less limited than yourself to put together a film worth watching with massive resources and an army of rich characters to draw from.

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  • DCSucks

    Figures they’d want to get the character closets to Thanos.
    Shit film.

    • ScaredForMovies

      Learn your history. On the origin of Thanos:

      “Beef him up! If you’re going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one!”

    • ScaredForMovies

      Learn your comic history. On the origin of Thanos:

      “Beef him up! If you’re going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one!”

      Maybe your a shit commenter.

  • tarek

    DC characters are soooo kitsch.

  • Jamesy

    Why would they use Darkseid straight away? If he’s the biggest villain in DC universe isn’t that boxing them in for the future sequels? They need to do this right, if I remember correctly Snyder said at the beginning that his Superman wouldn’t tie in with the JL universe, so what’s changed since then? Has the script changed to incorporate more JL elements or does that mean the JL movie will be more “grounded”? A grounded JL movie just won’t feel right, it HAS to have fantasy and adventure, I hate to say this but more in keeping with The Avengers, please step away from “gritty and realistic” yes it works for some movies if done right but for Justin League I just don’t see it? They haven’t thought this through enough, how is Batman fitting into this, reboot/young/older Bats? they don’t even know how Man Of Steel will do yet, still need to introduce Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman so that audiences are familiar enough with the characters to even go and see the movie in the first place. Most important thing is marketing, market right and your on to a winner, wrong (Green Lattern, John Carter) you’ve messed it up from the beginning. Marvel and Kevin Feige spent a good amount of time building the characters and movies in the right way that it makes sense to see the characters co exist in the same world, DC take note and do this right, please for the fans!

  • Rockslide

    It seems like it would be pretty foolish to choose Darkseid to appear in JL along side Avengers 2 and Thanos. To the general public, those two characters will appear very similar. Even to the fanboy crowd they are obviously similar and evolved from the same root.

    I would prefer that they took a super Braniac route. I know Braniac is primarily a Superman villain but he could employ a force that is just too large for Superman alone to handle, especially if teamed up with Luthor as he has in the past.

    Save Darkseid for further down the road, not the same summer as Thanos. It will set JL up as too much of a copycat even if it and Darkseid were first (comics wise).

  • tom

    Alex Ross should just animate a JL film. He’s such a good artist

  • Josh

    Look t all the stupid nerds getting butt hurt. Shut the hell up and wait for a trailer, or better yet, wait till you actually see the movie to judge you fucking virgin pieces of shit. This is a film website not some loser comicbook website. If the script and direction is good enough, then the film will be good idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Is it that time of the month Josh?

      • OhBloodyHell

        Josh clearly gets his head up his.. A.. Regularly.

        We ain’t “butthurt” josh… We just know what makes good movies

  • Strong Enough

    why do people expect to have a movie for every single JL hero? that’s just not possible. Everyone in the WORLD knows about Wonder Woman and Aquaman etc. I never read comics but I could name every member of the league. These are popular characters right out the gate. Why should we have to wait for every solo film just because marvel did it? And to think that WB would waste their time with a horrible Aquaman movie? This is the best way to do it. Avengers isn’t as popular as JL so that’s why Marvel had to introduce everyone. Think about what iron man was before the movie. Just a c-level superhero. when peopel see batman and superman they already know “JUSTICE LEAGUE”

  • red john

    This could work………… as a cartoon.

  • OhBloodyHell

    Josh clearly gets his head up his.. A.. Regularly.

    We ain\’t \"butthurt\" josh… We just know what makes good movies

  • Evan

    Just a greater example of how DC has no clue what its doing… There is no way that Darkseid won’t be accused of being a Thanos rip-off (even though the opposite is true). I enjoy Darkseid as much as the next person, but really, there has to be a villain better suited that will differentiate DC from its Marvel counterparts. Brainiac? Morgana Le Fay? Hell – a Luthor-financed collection of baddies?

  • chrstphr

    I just think the whole Batman aspect is going to weigh the movie down. It’s not going to be Nolan’s Batman, and Bale is going to be hard to top. I’ll have to wait for casting, but good luck to anyone being offered the role of Batman in the Justice League Movie.

  • cbarbre

    I personally think the solo movies would work.. Then take the villains from those movies and form the Legion of Doom led by Luthor, but the whole time, Darkseid is pulling the strings. Boom Justice League 2.

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  • Austin

    Aaaahhhhhh!!! So many spoilers!! I wish I had heeded the warning

  • johnny white

    It’s a shame that many many people want this movie to fail. Personally, i hope Warner gets Brad Bird so the everyone will shut up, but haters will hate for reasons I don’t know. People forget that lots of kids are familiar with The Justice league animated series so the transition from watching the cartoon to the live action version should be very exciting for fans.

  • johnny white

    It\’s a shame that many many people want this movie to fail. Personally, i hope Warner gets Brad Bird so the everyone will shut up, but haters will hate for reasons I don\’t know. People forget that lots of kids are familiar with The Justice league animated series so the transition from watching the cartoon to the live action version should be very exciting for fans.

    • Twistednic

      It’s not that we want it to fail, it’s that it will fail. DC, for whatever reason, just cannot grasp how to make a movie. They have Batman. They used to have Superman but the last movie killed that too. Nolan was able to salvage Batman from the bowels of Batman and Robin so it is possible for Snyder to do the same (though the only thing he can do is fuck with the speed of action clips) but what about the rest? Green Lantern? Wonder Woman? Fucking Aquaman? All garbage. They can’t hold their own movies. Marvel did it right, give each member a full movie to prove they could handle it. DC knows they can’t, hence why every nonBatman DC franchise fails miserably. All they can do is hope that by cramming everything together initially it will stay afloat… Not a great plan.

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  • MainFragger

    I’d rather see them use Vadal Savage for the first film, and save Darkseid for a second film. Although, the new cannon does establish Darkseid as their first villain they teamed up against..

  • Jamesy

    Brad Bird directing, Gyllenhaal( maybe) as Bruce Wayne

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  • torpedohero

    why dont they make a movie like dc universe online as a jl movie that would be awesome…

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