August 8, 2014


The choice to uproot Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from its original May 6, 2016 date and put it back down in the March 25, 2016 slot could be a smart play.  Going up against Captain America 3 wouldn’t have been good for either movie, and in 2012, The Hunger Games proved that March could be a lucrative spot.  However, Warner Bros. also made another big release date announcement that’s a far riskier move – it announced dates for nine untitled DC films, essentially trying to set up a cinematic universe akin to what Marvel’s got going on right now.

So far, minus Batman v Superman, we don’t know much about what DC and Warner Bros. have coming up and how they’re planning to pull this off, but those details might emerge sooner than you think.  In fact, there’s even a chance we’ll get the Justice League release date sooner, too!  Hit the jump for more.

ben-affleck-batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justiceIn an article about the big Batman v Superman move over at EW, Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman said that we will find out what some of those untitled DC films are later this month and, as paraphrased by EW, “that the first real Justice League adventure might be closer than you think.”  The outlet then suggests that Warner Bros. could make use of the Batman v Superman hype by quickly following it up with a sequel that would introduce more classic characters fast.  Fellman then replied:

“While it hasn’t been officially announced, I think it’s a pretty good bet.”

The studio does have a June 23, 2017 date on their list so perhaps there is a chance that Justice League could get it.  Considering Marvel is so far along at this point, having such a short span of time between movies could actually help DC and Warner Bros. get the jumpstart they’ll need to make this ambitious schedule work.



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  • suave

    the sooner the better, do it

    • Punisher

      Yeah just throw them out, who cares about quality.

      • suave

        why would they lack quality, both movies will be done filming a year before being released, thats more then enough time to finish them both,

        stop hating

      • Leo Spaceman

        Well one group for sure that doesn’t care about quality is the general public. Age of Extinction and Grown Ups 2 has proven that the audience will pay for what they know and everybody knows Batman and Superman.

        The Justice League is money in the bank no matter how bad it is. Superman Returns was awful and dull and terrible and it still made big money.

      • Batt Damon

        *Man of Steel was awful and dull and terrible and it still made big money.


  • DNAsplitter

    I really want a good DC cinematic universe. My fear is that without someone like a Kevin Feige running it then the quality and over all story arch/tone will be scattered. Giving Goyer/Snyder have complete control of it is a mistake. I like them both but not to run the DC film division. They honestly need a Paul Dini type of individual w extensive background in the DC universe but also enough business skills to impliment it. Geoff Johns showed he’s not the guy w Green Lantern and Nolan isn’t interested as he’s a filmmaker more interested in his own passions. Not really sure if there is a such a person but they need to start looking for that individual and soon.

    • Bowb

      Absolutely bang on the money. Excellent comment.

    • tonymatthews

      I hoping Ben Affleck stays on as a Producer after his term being Batman.

      • Bob

        This. I would really like Affleck to be the head of the DC Universe. Wish he was directing Justice League.

    • yrulaughing418

      Goyer doesn’t seem to have much involvement with BvS, the screenplay is by Chris Terrio

      • DNAsplitter

        True. It seems that Terrio got to do a complete rewrite (which is great for BVS) while probaly keeping in part of what Goyer initially wrote as he’s still recieving writing credit. However, DC seemed keen on having him help shape their new universe when this was all kicked off w MOS.

      • lord jim

        DC don´t care for goyer, they are not involved they sold the rights.And there have been so many different styles of Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman etc. over the years that WB could make very different movies which would be far more interesting than cheap attempts to create a universe that didn´t even work in the comics and was just a poor attempt to copy marvel.DC comics are great because they weren´t afraid to hire artists like Alan Moore and Frank Miller, so I belive that WB should work like that and hire director´s like Aranofsky and Fincher who decide for themselves what they want to do with the material.

    • brNdon

      Bruce Timm for President!

      • Drake

        You sir, are 100% correct.

      • Bruce Timm should be DCs Feige

        I’ve been saying that all along. Goyer and Snyder don’t know sh*t about these characters when compared to Timm. He already built the perfect DCAU and handled all of the characters brilliantly, so why not appoint him in the same role for the DCCU? Its long past due to make a dedicated DC Studios as well so there’s less studio politics to deal with from WB directly. It’s really that simple, and until those steps are taken, DC will always play second fiddle to Marvel.

    • lord jim

      DC comics never had a thought out universe like Marvel, and when it comes to movies i actually do prefer a scattered tone, because individual films are more interesting to me.WB made a few great ones and a few turds, while most Marvel movies look and feel the same which is getting be bound by the rules of other movies does not make the movie making process exactly more creative, look at what happened to ANT-MAN.I rather have different interesting directors decide, than one guy behind mediocre directors, who don´t mind to work as guns for hire.

      • brNdon

        The reason that can’t do a bunch of singular films is because the general audience isn’t smart enough to realize that the singular films are unrelated. Many people thought Batman Begins was related to the Batman’s before it for a time. Most people still think a the Incredible Hulk is a sequel to Ang Lee’s Hulk.

    • Jack Dennis

      Seein as Goyer isn’t writing JL I think we’re okay with that movie. I have faith Chris Terrio is writing an excellent screenplay. Maybe they ditched Goyer and brought in Terrio for good? Argo was superbly written and one of my favorite films of 2012. I think a lot of people would agree that Goyer is excellent at coming up with stories but terrible with dialogue. Maybe they could have him outline DCCU and keep him away from screenwriting duties. If they do the movies in phases like Marvel I would like them to have a different person outline each of them to keep things from going stale and bring something fresh and unique to the table.

    • Bubán Attila

      I disagree, Goyer is great as a producer, he got great ideas – just take a look at the Constantine series for example -, but he should stay far away from any scripts. And Snyder is a brilliant director, but the same applies for him as for Goyer: he shouldn’t do anything around scripts.

  • yrulaughing418

    releasing Justice League before Avengers 3 would be a smart move

  • bidi

    well if Justice League actually is filming back to back with BVS then why wouldn’t the release date be sooner? fuck, release it on Christmas of 2016. that would be a nice little present for everyone. otherwise, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be on the 2017 calendar

    • MJ

      LOL. Yea, like they would really want to put up Justice League against Avatar 2. I don’t think so.

  • LEM

    I really hope they shoot with a half written incoherent script so the great actors they have can improv too.

    • Ruprect

      Sure, it could be the next Christopher Guest film!

      • Theodore Trout

        Or the next Green Hornet.

      • R0yBatty

        Or the next FF.

      • LEM

        I would love that!

  • DougW

    It sounds to me like WB is trying to do way too much too fast with DC. And they seem so taken with the success of The Avengers that they’ve forgotten Batman doesn’t need other heroes in his movies, and neither does Superman. Personally I’d much rather see a really good Batman film than a Justice League movie where he has to share screen time with lesser characters.

    • R0yBatty

      Yeah, but we’ve gotten 7 solo Batman movies and 6 solo Supe’s movies, don’t you wanna see something different? There’s only so much more that you could do with either character alone that putting in a whole new bunch of characters could actually give the new flicks some energy and passion. That is, of course, if they don’t overstuff it and fuck it all up.

  • mattritchey

    The biggest difference I’ve seen between Marvel and DC is that, while I loved the Nolan Batseries, the Marvel Universe is FUN. I mean, sure, it deals with some dark stuff but it’s still LIGHT FUN dark stuff. MAN OF STEEL was just a depressing movie. Zach Snyder is not a guy who makes “fun” movies. Look, sure, it could change and work, but thus far, nothing looks “fun” about the DC upcoming movies. It’s like they did the right thing by taking comic characters seriously… but now they’re taking it WAAAAYYY too seriously…..

    • MJ

      Personally, I like it that we have both fun and dark movies. Need a mix, not a one-solution fits all.

      • LEM

        Nothing screams fun and dark like a giant IHOP commercial in your movie.

    • lord jim

      Remember the last time when WB tried to make fun comic book movies with a lighter tone?They fired Tim Burton and hired Joel Schuhmacher.Just saying.

      • mattritchey

        That’s partially my point, though. IRON MAN isn’t cheesy, but it’s not dystopian and ashen – it’s fun. Batman is certainly a more serious character than Spider-Man or many of the Marvel heroes, but Superman? Still the best Superman movie was the original with Christopher Reeve – sure, it’s a bit 70′s cheesy now, but it was FUN. I’m not saying I want the same style of movies, that I think they should camp things up or make them funny, but they made MAN OF STEEL and DARK KNIGHT RISES feel more like THE GODFATHER. I love the GODFATHER…. but I don’t want to see Superman and Aquaman in it, know what I mean? And look, I thought THE DARK KNIGHT was fun, so I’m not saying things need to be light-hearted romps, either. Just not a bunch of super-serious guys in costumes being serious and taking things seriously to be serious. I don’t think DC should copy Marvel’s style, either…. I’m just saying that they haven’t FOUND a style that works yet. And they’re trying to force one early even though nothing has been audience tested and approved. Nolan’s Batman doesn’t live in a world where The Flash could exist, know what I mean? So they need to recreate the world. They haven’t done that yet.

      • lord jim

        WB shouldn´t even try to create one world, they should make the best out of having many worlds.I´m happy that we have Burton´s and Nolan´s Batman (but I admit that Nolan is a bit too self serious and pretentious, he just doesn´t have Coppola´s talent to make it work like The Godfather, and that was based on a pulp novel), I prefer different styles to Marvel´s same old story approach, the comic books have always been about different possibilities.And yes, Donner´s Superman is still one of the best Superhero movies ever.

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  • Colin Christian

    They are doing a Shazam movie. Aquaman, Hawkgirl? Not very inspiring. Green Lantern I like,but they messed that up already. Batman and Superman are established characters,bringing in a full team so quickly just because they want a piece of the CBM pie seems not very well thought out.Superman V Batman is still a long way off,and Marvel are flexing some mighty big muscles.I like a movie with a talking Racoon and tree,seems intelligent compared to Shazam.

  • KISSman

    I have zero faith in what DC has in store for us will be anywhere close to what Marvel has delivered. The plan they have in place to introduce all of these characters feels like one big Marvel-envy cash-grab. If Man Of Steel is the film that sets the bar for what we should expect from the new era of DC movies, we’re in for a lot more Green Lanterns than Dark Knights.

    • mattritchey

      exactly. my point.

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    Marvel movies are great quality and fun, but I prefer DC do their own thing, not be like Marvel. TDK is DC at its best. I just hope they look to it as a model and turn out good quality movies. Fck the Marvel vs. DC debate.

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