June 5, 2012


Warner Bros. injects some much-needed life into their Justice League feature by tapping scribe, Will Beall (Gangster Squad).  Clearly, after Disney and Marvel’s The Avengers put a superheroic dent into 2012′s box office, the studio behind the DC version would like to do the same.  Beall has yet to turn in his draft, but the studio has shown strong faith in the screenwriter, having attached him to their reboot of Lethal Weapon and their remake of Logan’s Run.  The latter will reunite Gangster Squad’s Ryan Gosling with his Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn.  Hit the jump for more on this exciting news for Justice League and to find out who is writing the Wonder Woman screenplay.

Variety reports justice-league-will-beall-dc-comicsthat Warner Bros. is hush-hush on the production of Justice League and has yet to comment on the hire.  A Justice League movie had been in the works until 2008 when the studio cited problems such as a lack of tax breaks and a dearth of writers (who were striking at the time) available to do a script rewrite.  The previous attempt would have been directed by George Miller (Mad Max) from a script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows).  The film would have starred Adam Brody (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) as the Flash, Megan Gale (I Love You Too) as Wonder Woman and Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as Batman.

Current attempts at restoring DC Comics to film glory include The Flash feature, scripted by Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green (both of Green Lantern) for director Greg Berlanti (Life As We Know It) and Wonder Woman, reportedly being written by a fourth Green Lantern scribe, Michael Goldenberg, since Berlanti was also a writer on Green Lantern. In other words, Warner Bros. is splitting four of its writers who were involved with one of their most underwhelming productions and giving them the reigns of two additional features in order to build up to a Justice League release.  I’m pulling for the dark horse of Beall to somehow pull it all together.


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  • Griz

    Well . . . . this pretty much confirms it: WB execs are living in Bizarro world. In their mind, Green Lantern was the enormous Iron-Man like success they had hoped and desperately needed it to be. How else do you explain such a lousy, dumb-ass script where the character was completely stripped of any semblance to the comic book hero in favor of “Van Wilder with a power ring” (i personally would’ve preferred to see more of “Daffy duck with a power ring”). Then they followed it up with Green Lantern CG cartoon series . . . then the DC universe expansion pack . . . . and more promo material and more promo material . . . . all coming out when people were gushing over how amazing Thor, Cap and First Class turned out to be. . .. and how laughably bad everything about GL was. (including the most misleading marketing campaign since the David Goyer’s “The Invisible”)
    Anyone who didn’t see Green Lantern’s extremely weak and cheesy character development coming from a mile away clearly never saw the writers’ previous DC work: Smallville. I already know how Wonder woman’s gonna go: just pick an episode where one of Clark’s love interests gets powers. Or, how the Justice League movie’s gonna go: just watch one of the 4-5 episodes in the 10 year history that actually showed other heroes getting involved. (Spoiler: about as much help as the rest of the lantern corps in GL)

    Its becoming clear that from here on out, we can expect almost every hero in DC to get the Jonah Hex / Green Lantern treatment: Not nearly as good or as successful as Marvel’s . … but for fans who have waited to see these movies their whole lives . . . .Here . . . . . Merry Christmas, Motherfuckers!

    • spongefist

      Green Lantern was far better than Captain America…

  • finster

    Just a thought but think of the monster movie of the Justice league and the Avengers joining forces……… no never mind such awsomeness would make the world explode.

  • Tj!

    I really really want to see a GOOD JLA movie, a GREAT one, a FANTASTIC one. It will NOT be The Avengers…it shouldn’t. It’s the goddamn JUSTICE LEAGUE! It will be the Yang to The Avengers Ying. I hope that Man Of Steel will be as good as I know it can be. If it’s not we might be in trouble. This JL movie cannot be rushed. I say establish Wonder Woman and The Flash. Then, when doing a JL film introduce the “new” Batman, this way no origin re-bat-boot needed. Hell throw in a couple scenes with Robin (a la New Frontier)perhaps Damian could be used as Robin, maintaining some sort of psuedo-continuity with the Nolan-verse. Assuming Talia and Bruce are involved in TDKR. Keep Cavil and Reynolds NO MATTER WHAT. Get a GREAT director.If they take the time that this type of movie needs and deserves I know that a Justice League movie can be as amazing as The Avengers.

    • Joe

      Good imagination. But when this happens as you say, we’ll already be watching The Avengers 3 in theatres.

      • roman scott

        You are completely right but I think now that the time for competition is over. Marvel is clearly winning. Now is the time for DC to hunker down and make the best films they can. If Avengers 3 is out by that time, so be it.

      • roman scott

        Okay. Number one, DC needs to start meeting directors and writers. To accomplish the work that needs to be done. They need to find people other then the guys who worked on GL, Chris Nolan or even this new guy. Number two, wonder woman needs her own film. They should have let joss do whatever he was doing. If they had he would be working on JLA right now. But that ship has sailed. Flash needs his own film. They need a sequel to GL, they lost a lot of confidence so this will be a hard sell. But he’s an important character. They cannot rush JLA or it will be a failure.

      • Risa

        You’re absolutely right. By that 3rd film, Avengers will have dealt with Thanos. I fear for the Superman films as well since they had a Thanos cameo in avengers. I would love to see Darkseid in the sequel to the new Supes reboot where by the end of the film he would have Supes brainwashed (captured by Brainiac, then handed in) leading into the 3rd film where Supes would be by his side conquering different worlds, of course Supes comes back to his senses by the end of 2nd act and Darkseid gets his ass kicked royally. Now, the difference between the Avengers and Superman reboots would be that Superman would do pretty much everything on his own and the writers/directors will have to be able to pull it off. Once again, what I fear is that most people who aren’t in touch with the comics would think Darkseid,who I still think will be the main villain in the first JL film as well, is a rip off of Thanos (who in fact is a well done rip off of Darkseid and Metron anyway) protrayed in the previous 3 (well, at least 2 im sure, by the time JL comes out)Avengers films. So, yeah, DC Warner have a lot to do in very little time if they want to catch up with Marvel.

    • D. McHugh

      You’re completely right. The studios should hire YOU. I’m afraid, however that Hollywood has an assembly line mentality. When something works really well (Avengers), they immediately follow it up with 10 copycat, half-assed versions because they think moviegoers are lemmings who will bite on anything. Just because one thing worked, they think they can make a fortune on 25 more “just like it”. Production is rushed. The end product is crap and they wonder why no one showed up at the theatres.

  • Chikamatsu’s 10 Puppets

    This is Nolan’s last Batman (…in theory…). Wait for the Batman craze to be over, wait to see how Man of Steel performs, then either reboot the DC Universe around Man of Steel, or, if it fails, reboot from scratch. I guess what I’m getting at is that Marvel didn’t half-ass their movie universe. DC can’t either if they want to succeed.

  • Dobby

    Dc already have half-assed it. No going back now… They don’t have Marvel’s vision and expertise, just a bunch of studio suits looking for a fast buck, with no care and no love. Doomed to fail.

    • Shaun

      I don’t think there’s “no going back” at this point. Nolan’s Batman, awesome as it is, was never going to be part of a shared DC movie universe anyhow.

      Reboot with Man of Steel as your starting point (assuming it’s the great Superman movie we’ve been waiting for) and go from there. Batman needs to be carefully rethought if there’s going to be a reboot there (and there will be, eventually), and the other characters are going be tricky. They already shit the bed with Green Lantern, so they’re going to need to start over there too.

      If they continue to employ the same hacks who came up with that GL movie, however, I agree with you… Then there’s no hope for DC movies if that’s their big plan. All we’re hearing is “Let’s do this character!” and no much in the way of an actual vision. Other than “copy Marvel” that is.

  • Tj!

    I really really want to see a GOOD JLA movie, a GREAT one, a FANTASTIC one. It will NOT be The Avengers…it shouldn’t. It’s the JUSTICE LEAGUE! It will be the Yang to The Avengers Ying. I hope that Man Of Steel will be as good as I know it can be. If it’s not we might be in trouble. This JL movie cannot be rushed. I say establish Wonder Woman and The Flash. Then, when doing a JL film introduce the “new” Batman, this way no origin re-bat-boot needed. Hell throw in a couple scenes with Robin (a la New Frontier)perhaps Damian could be used as Robin, maintaining some sort of psuedo-continuity with the Nolan-verse. Assuming Talia and Bruce are involved in TDKR. Keep Cavil and Reynolds NO MATTER WHAT. Get a GREAT director.If they take the time that this type of movie needs and deserves I know that a Justice League movie can be as amazing as The Avengers

    • Shaun

      You’ve got to be kidding about keeping Reynolds as GL… Ugh. He was terrible, although there was so much awful throughout that entire GL movie that perhaps you didn’t notice.

  • Tyler

    Even if they do get this movie into theaters, which would take way more than a miracle, it wouldn’t do nearly as well as any of the Marvel movies or The Avengers. Batman and Superman have been done to death of the decades with a new Superman next year and a reboot of Batman already being planned. Wonder Woman was a failed Joss Whedon project and a failed tv show, The Flash has been in development hell, and the Green Lantern (which I thoroughly enjoyed) bombed. Plus, they would have to introduce Martian Manhunter in a believable way and he is a way tougher sell than Green Lantern. Not including any of the others they would add to the roster (just pray they don’t add Aquaman). Having some of the most powerful beings in one movie would mean one credible threat, or an army. To do an army would be an open invitation to compare it to The Avengers, and to have one threat would obviously need a back story and some insane powers. Not only that, but the budget would be insane. All of the heroes would require some sort of cgi (except Batman) (Martian Manhunter would have to be motion capture). The tower alone would require extensive rendering. Plus, you would have to build up by getting the team together and obviously having their problems with one another. If they get the movie done, it will either fail miserably or it would be way to similar to The Avengers. Sorry DC and WB, you had your shot, you took it, you missed.

    • Mike

      Would love to see DC actually have the stones to do The Brave & The Bold with Manhunter, Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. If you think about it the parallels to the Avengers in terms of the level of knowledge about these characters is there. Everyone knows Batman and Superman, just like I’d argue that everyone knows Spider-man and The X-Men. They weren’t part of the Avengers though, partly because of rights issues and partly because they weren’t in the classic line-up. So Batman and Superman aren’t part of this JLA movie, at least not in huge roles. Make them established heroes in this universe you’ll create, feature them in some way in the movie in cameos, and then turn the action over to that Brave and the Bold line-up. DC is past the point of doing what marvel did and building up to The Avengers. They have to start with JLA and hope it’s good enough to spin off these lesser-known characters.

  • tanner

    Jesus Christ! Does Greg Berlanti have some dirt on Warner Bros. execs? How in God’s name can you write the original script and produce one of the worst superhero flops and still get hired as a producer for the sequel, as well as a director for The Flash and creator/ executive producer for Arrow and Booster Gold?

  • Liberal Lion

    This has got SuperFail written all over it. Maybe not getting the Disney top job has given Kevin Fiege a wandering eye. in which case, DC/WB had better back up a Brinks truck to his front door and hire him away. Major Suck-i-tude heading our way!

  • Strong Enough


  • LEM

    They’d have a huge movie if they would just forget the JL and wait to see if the Man of Steel is FINALLY a good Superman movie then they should be ready with an amazing script for a Superman/Batman movie. That could make a ton of money if it’s done right and maybe convince Nolan to come back to direct it. The Avengers wasn’t that great of a movie but people love to see these characters together and the bigger the characters the more people will love to see it.

    • Judson

      Hear Hear. Superman/Batman is a much smarter way to go then forcing a JL movie when it’s not ready.

    • Joe

      “The Avengers wasn’t that great of a movie…”

      That’s where you are incorrect. If it was just a matter of seeing these characters together instead of it genuinely being a good movie, I doubt it would have had this much box office mileage.

  • enzofloc

    Not enough time to mimic Marvel/Disney if DC wants to cash in this decade. Don’t need an overpopulated JLA, especially without the background movies Disney had. Just come up with a decent Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman story then let the production design and CGI handle the rest. Leave the Green Ring Man, Mr. Fast Guy, the Dude with the Big Wings and Robin Hood out of it. Remember, DC (well, Batman) still has the best villains. Can Joker-Luther destroy the box-office?

    • Liberal Lion

      Since when did Doctor Doom, Galactus and Magneto become DC villains?

      • Risa

        Around the time Marvel decided to merge (as in ripping off in a grand manner) Darkseid and Metron together and create Thanos.

  • robotic giant

    That DJ Cotrona guy was playing supes in Miller’s version.
    Sheesh. Guy can’t catch a break I guess.
    This, then GI Joe…he keeps getting roles that would get him out there but they fall apart before anyone can see them!

    • Shaun


  • Pragmator

    The problem with the DC movies is they’re betraying the tone of the comics. Hear me out DC fans …

    The difference between the DC universe and the Marvel universe to me has been that DC is more fantasy and Marvel “realistic” (as much as flying people can be). Marvel has always tried to have a gritty, real-world feel hence the heroes being based (for the most part) in real cities. DC on the other hand has heroes living in Metropolis and Gotham City (I know they’re analogues for New York, but still …)

    Marvel’s movies have done their best to stay grounded–and it works because the comics are grounded. DC on the other hand has betrayed the fantasy element by going “gritty”. Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has probably cemented DC’s forward approach to going gritty (eg The Man of Steel). DC is taking their heroes out of their comfort zone and trying too hard to make them seem “realistic”. Batman you can get away with that. Superman? I dunno. Wonder Woman? No. Gotta keep Wonder Woman with a fantasy element. The recent Wonder Woman pilot showed why going realistic with WW is fail.

    DC has got to keep the fantasy tone to make the heroes “believable” within that fantasy realm.

    I really hope DC can get its act together. I want more superhero movies! Stick to your strengths DC!

  • DC’s Only Prayer

    DC should cast unknowns for Supe, The Bat, WW, Flash, Green Lantern and CG for the Martian Manhunter and give the keys to Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

  • Judson

    Paul Dini! I love it!

  • Ian

    First off Why beall. I looked on imdb and beall only has castle before gangster squad. And no shit dc was gonna make a justice league movie after the avengers did so well. Personally I would have went with goyer and another co-writer . There is no possible way that dc is gonna let man of steel fail, expect it to be good. Theve got a Nolan very closely producing and snyder directing plus from what I’ve seen Cavill isn’t a bad actor. Now let’s Adress the past movies and the future movies. There’s no way Nolan and bale will return so let’s settle that right now. Honestly despite how bad green lantern was I would put Reynolds back as green lantern. However I did like the idea of a black green lantern (John stewart) in the animated series. If they are gonna keep Reynolds skip green lantern 2. dc do not make a wonder woman movie it will bomb at the box office. If they are going to make a flash movie they need to fast track the shit out of it. I think gosling would be a good flash but I think Reynolds would have been an excellent one. I think the plot should center around a thanagarian invasion. Thus hawk girl coming into the picture. Honestly I wouldn’t worry to much about the Orgins of each character; the avengers was a good enough movie without touching on them and people who had not seen Thor, iron man, captain America or the incredible hulk liked the movie without seeing these movies. The casting I would suggest as this Cavill – superman milla jovovich-wonder woman gosling/ Chris pine – the flash Idris Elba (voice motion-capture)- j’onn batman -??? Definitely not hammer . And lastly Jennifer Lawrence as hawk-girl.

    • Christopher S

      Dude…did you just say Milla Jovovich as Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman? Greek goddess daughter, curvy, proud, tough, all woman…and you conceive of that woman as Milla Jovovich? That made your point ridiculous…

      • Ian

        Lol who would you recommend playing wonder woman then.

  • Joe

    This is gonna be a tough ask for DC…an even tougher deal than putting the Avengers on-screen.

    Avengers had at least 5 solid solo hero movies in the lead-in (6 if you include Ang Lee’s Hulk). These movies already introduced all or most of the important characters.

    DC has 3 Batmans, a failed Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns but soon to come Superman Returns. A lame Green Lantern.
    No WW.
    No Flash.
    No Martian Manhunter.
    No overall strategy and approach.

    Classic example of a company now in reactive mode.
    Bound to fail.

    Can’t believe they mucked this up!

    • Anon

      I’d say they really only need a wonder woman movie since her background is the one most needing explanation. Though it’d be nice to have solos for everyone leading up the JL. It’s not necessary. The introduction of Martian Manhunter can easily be integrated into the plot of the movie like he was in the TV show. All the other characters are fairly well known and established that you could do something like Watchmen and introduce all of the characters in the JL universe and still have it work it. Would it be as good or successful as the Avengers lead up? No but it’s still doable. They can do solo movies after the first JL that further flush out the characters. The biggest problem is that they keep hiring crappy writers who don’t understand the characters.

  • Chris138

    This is a horrible idea but inevitable due to the massive success of The Avengers.

  • terry

    Please, this sh** won’t get off the ground.
    And Joe, you nailed it. Kudos for your insight.

    • Joe

      You know i really would like this work. And if DC can get their shit act together, im sure we’ll go support them at the theatres. But when you see them reacting this way you know that final individual hero and collective team output is just gonna stink.

      It would be if they ruined their own icons. They need their trinity heroes in top form first – Supes, Bats and WW. Man i’d be first in line to watch a kick ass WW movie. But these execs just have to many frakkin hangups about how she will be perceived etc.

      If they started with a clear strategy like Marvel it would have helped. But i think they also are hampered by the fact that they are not organized like Marvel Studios and are instead a subsidiary of a much larger and established Warner Studios. Politics can indeed spell the end of good ideas.

  • ozzie

    this is a bad idea … DC characters are just too silly to be brought to live action movies … batman works because he’s just a man … superman is always a giant suckfest

    • Griz

      Um . . . .wrong. Superman MOVIES & Live action tv shows have always taken a promising start only to crash and burn . . . .but the CARTOONS have always been amazing to Superman. Don’t believe me? Check out Superman Vs the ELite. . . .. for those who have always wanted to see an “Angry God” Superman, here’s your chance!

  • Banes

    Justice League is not happening now or never. The characters of DC are from bygone era. But they will work individually and also they need budget of over $400m to produce JL MOVIE.

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  • Shane from Grayson

    Maybe they can get Vincent Chase for Aquaman, or Jake Gyllenhaal for the sequel?

  • joker

    This is doomed to fail Joe is right, plus the Nolan bat films won’t even be aoart of the JL universe so there goes those fans and support. To those thinking Nolan would return to direct this dommed piece of sh!t hhhhhahhahahahahaha.

    • Joe

      And the other thing is this…i dont believe they can base a JLA movie in Nolan’s Batman world. That world is too ‘real’. Our other true superpowered friends will look even freakier than the Joker – no disrespect to present company of course! :)

      So, the upcoming Man of Steel is critical. If JLA is important, they’d need to build off Supes’ world. But the irony is that Zack has already said Man of Steel has no links to JLA.

      So there. Lack of a clear JLA pathway is evidently clear!

      I agree on just making a Supe / Bats movie though. I’d watch that for sure.

  • Shaun

    I’m so glad that George Miller’s “JLA 90210″ didn’t happen, and it would’ve been a total insult to make it while Nolan’s Bat-saga was still happening.

    Personally, I think they need to take some time rebooting Batman after TDKR (why rush back into it?) AND they need to make sure the Superman reboot is a film that’s finally worthy of the character. After that, and if Man of Steel is a success, THEN think ahead to building up the DC movie universe. Have Superman lead the way, and take your time to come up with a thoughtful, quality Batman reboot.

    Building up Wonder Woman and Flash will be important too, but taking a bunch of hacks (how does Guggenheim keep getting work?) who crapped out that Green Lantern movie is not the way to go. Can’t they find anyone better than those guys?

    Unless things change, I don’t see a DC movie universe coming even close to the quality of the Marvel Studios films thus far. Marvel hasn’t been perfect (Iron Man 2 was dreadful), but DC/Warners doesn’t appear to have anything resembling the organization and talent that Marvel has (apart from Nolan’s wonderful Batman movies, that is).

    As it stands, DC/WB’s attempts to build their own movie universe will likely look a Marvel knockoff unless they come up with some better ideas.

  • Carl

    Any Justice League movie at this point would seem like a Avengers rip-off. DC’s only hope is a World’s finest movie.

  • Mello Mastikan

    I also would love to see a really good JLA movie. Will it happen, I doubt it very much with the writers mentioned. I think the best way for DC to do this without using Marvel’s formula is to use the story arc from the New 52. Simple enough story and it doesn’t required a Martian Manhunter.

  • eowyn

    Will it be asking too much if Joss Whedon write the script and direct this one too?

  • enzofloc

    I’m a die-hard Batman fan (not DC so much), but there’s no denying that Marvel has way more to play with. Imagine the team-up movies that could happen if Disney had all the rights to Marvel. Spider-man v The Fantastic Four, X-men v Avengers, etc. DC should re-invent or restore some of their classic heroes to make them more down-to-earth and less infallible. Originally Superman could not fly (only leap) and didn’t fire lasers out of his eyes. So he wasn’t as far-fetched, omnipotent and indestructible. Make WW, Flash, GL, GA, etc. real people first (flawed and mortal), superheroes second.

    • Joe

      Sorry but i disagree. DC’s ‘unreal’ superpowered heroes are an asset and not a liability for acceptance. They should treat it as such and work with that approach.

      The only ‘real’ exception is Bats. And we already know his immense value and balance he brings to the team.

      Heck…Bats is so real it makes him almost dispassionately inhuman and the rest completely opposite – more human! LoL

  • Prozac_Parade

    Theres an easy transition to make the JLA film work. Finish Batman, hopefully make a good Superman …. then Batman vs. Superman, which then evolves into the the two of them working together and forming the JLA.

    The end.

  • Some_Guy

    I think it could work. I think overall DC characters are more popular than Marvel characters (at least they were before Marvel did an amazing job of getting their product out there). I think if they just went straight into the story, something like Martian Manhunter coming to earth to warn of an invasion or whatever (been done in animation form but works) and have the team already formed and ready to fight. Then from there, visit back stories through individual movies. Kind of reverse Marvel. I don’t know. Could work, maybe?

  • Doiby Dickles

    DC is going right down the toilet I swear

  • Smirking_Revenge

    I’m sorry, but they’ve deaded this project like a billion times for various reasons… The only reason WB is trying to push forward is cuz the Avengers made tons of $$$, and WB execs think JLA would do the same. However, what the WB doesn’t seem to get is that they tend to screw up every comic-book/Superhero project they get their hands on, with the exceptions of the Batman and Superman flicks, and let’s face it, the managed to phuck those beyond repair at a certain point (Superman III, Batman Forever, etc…)

    I guess what I’m getting at here is that WB consistently makes decisions based not on what fans want, but on the bottom line. They like to rush into these projects in an effort to get them out as fast as possible, instead of taking their time and doing it right. Again, the exception being Bats, and that’s mainly due to having a director like Nolan, who has the pull and crediblity to say “no, I’m gonna do it right, not right away.”

    If WB wants to see Avengers-style success, they need to slow it down, and get a damn-good Director to helm the project, someone who actually gives a shit about the finished product as well as the source material.

    Hopefully they can pull their heads out of their collective asses long enough to realize all this and make a great JLA flick.. I don’t think it’ll happen, but I guess we’ll see.

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  • MR.Rich316

    IMO, to do a J.L. Movie W.B. needs to first do a Wonder Woman movie, hell, set it in the 40′s ala Cap. and have her and Steve Trevor save America from Nazis,then have her go back to Themyscira after the mission and stay there (not aging) until modern times when whatever threat to the world causes the Justice League to form.Have Steve Trevor be the Nick Fury of the JLA,and come back to get her help.
    Secondly Re-boot Batman, use the Joker to sell the movie and end up with the league of shadows be the over-all bad guys (for everything). Tie into Superman with Man of Steel 2, where Clark discovers Lex Luthor and Ra’s Al Ghul are going to destroy the govt. then L.L. will take over with the L.o.S. backing. Have Steve bring in Barry( as the Flash) and John Stewart as an O.S.I. agent.
    Do G.L.2 where Hal sacrifices himself to save Oa from Sinestro, and His ring goes to Stewart, who becomes the new G.L. End that with Al’ Ghul and Luthor saying the time is now or some crap like that,
    end credit scene with Batman confronting Trevor about a new threat he’s discovered to the Government and Trevor introducing him to the team,minus Superman, have Batman say something about I know a guy who might be able to help…
    Your welcome W.B. don’t screw it up…..too late(Green Lantern).

    • kaufman

      what’s next thieves pretending to be terrorists

      • MR.Rich316

        The Die Hard model works. No DC villain can match up to Hans Gruber.

  • diles1

    I have a question: what is it about Favreau’s original Iron Man, in contrast to Nolan’s Batman universe, that made it so amenable to the blending of that universe with say, Asgard? What makes Nolan’s Batman realistic and Iron Man so, unrealistic? I scratch my head over and over and I cannot see, besides the darker tone of Batman (which is pretty specific t the character in most cases) relative to the lighter tone of Iron Man, how they are more or less ‘realistic’ than the other? Remember the conversation about how difficult it would be to integrate the Mandarin within the film Iron Man universe? Remember the hesitation over inviting Asgard into the same universe as Iron Man?

    My point here is not to suggest that the Nolan Batman films as they stand should be integrated into a universe populated by cosmic and alien beings. I think it can, but that’s beside the point. My point is that a dark, gritty realistic batman can easily be integrated into a wider universe, much like Iron Man’s lighter toned realism.

  • Joe

    Some great points here. I think fitting the Nolan Batman world with the larger JLA will not work simply because its Nolan’s vision and in which only grounded reality works. Of course if you remove Nolan from the equation, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work. Since it’s already out there though a reboot becomes necessary. Yes i agree a dark gritty realistic Batman can be integrated into a wider universe…just not Nolan’s version of dark and gritty.

  • Jon

    I don’t know. A JL film is ideal at this point. Do the reverse of Disney/Marvel. Big team film and spin out series based on heroes folks gravitate to in the film. Look at the Hulk in the Avengers- his individual films were greated coldly, but in the Avengers film he rocked and found an audience.

    There are alot of folks going- nawwww, copy cat Marvel’s plan and I say screw that plan. A JL film can succeed on its own with a proper script, director, producer and cast. Take the time to make it original, wittly and epic and it will work great.

    Remember X-Men. Outside of Fanboydom nobody new who the hell these characters were- but Singer/Marvel put out a solid debut film and now the X-Men are well known. I think this will work out fine.

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