New Teaser Trailer for Season Three of JUSTIFIED

     November 23, 2011


It’s crazy to think that Walton Goggins and his racist character Boyd Crowder almost bit the dust at the end of the pilot for Justified, but after focus group tests showed the audience absolutely loved the character, he was made to stick around, and has lasted into the series’ third season. Now he’s featured alongside Emmy nominated star Timothy Olyphant with shotguns blazing in this brief teaser for the new season set to premiere in January. There’s not really any new footage from the series itself, but this teaser is still pretty kick-ass. Watch it after the jump.

Here’s the trailer from EW:



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  • Lob Taylor

    The ending of season 2 was Crazy,Awesome Tv on show, hell yeah am gonna be watching.

  • LEM

    The Boyd character dies in the short story “Fire in the hole” but the dynamic between Boyd and Raylan is great and makes for amazing television. I’m glad he stuck around in the show and can’t wait to see the third season.

  • bobafett

    Top ten show on TV. Olyphant is awesome. I’m not so much a fan Boyd Crowder, as I am of Goggins. Maybe since Kenny Johnson got killed off SOA, they could bring him on Justified.