JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Truth and Consequences”

     January 22, 2013

justified timothy olyphant

One of the many strengths of Justified is that it’s just as engaging when people aren’t pointing guns at each other.  The characters are funny and interesting enough that even an action-less episode like “Trust and Consequences” is entertaining as hell.  The threat of violence is oftentimes more fun anyways and there was plenty of that on display, as well as some revelations about Harlan’s new preacher, Lindsey the bartender, and the elusive Drew Thompson.  Hit the jump for more.

Last week we were introduced to Randall (Robert Baker), pugilist and Lindsey’s ex-husband.  Him and Lindsey used to con people together in Florida until one too many guys put their paws on Lindsey.  Randall got sloppy and went to prison – doing time for the both of them, as he puts it.  He’s breaking parole by being in Kentucky, but Raylan’s a sweetheart so he gives him until 6:00pm to head back to FL or face the consequences.  I’m pretty sure Randall would beat the snot outta Raylan, but we don’t get a chance to find out this week.  Randall and Lindsey snatch the money from Raylan’s underwear drawer (like I thought they would) and hightail it.  Finding fugitives is Raylan’s business, so he may use Randall’s parole violation as a way to legitimately track them down.

timothy olyphant justified truth and consequencesMaybe it’s the late nights rolling around the sheets with Lindsey, but Raylan really is slipping.  First he lets some teenagers steal his car and now his apartment gets tossed.  Some critics have stated that you can read Justified as a black comedy about a bumbling marshal who just happens to be skilled with a gun.  Season 4 is making that interpretation seem more and more plausible.

Some more truths about the mysterious Drew Thompson were revealed.  Art discovered a federal witness warrant for him and that his widow Eva Monroe is still around.  She’s a psychic, which automatically seems to make Raylan uncomfortable.  When he and Tim visit her, Raylan’s baffled by her “vision” of his meeting a “bad man” later today.  This, of course, refers to his showdown with Randall, which no one knows about.  She insists that Drew is dead, but before they can pry anymore information from her, an FBI guys rolls up.  She flees out of the bathroom window only to be snatched up by a ponytail.

In the Justified universe, the FBI are obstructive goofs who are not to be trusted.  Same goes for anyone with a ponytail.  They couldn’t be more right about Barnes, the phony FBI man who winds up shooting himself in the head (sorry, Barnes’ wife!).  This is where the whole Drew thing gets convoluted.  Barnes was being blackmailed by bigshot Detroit mobster Theo Tonin – the man who raised psychopath Robert Quarles and ultimately turned his back on him.  Back in the day, Drew saw Theo shoot a government informant.  Instead of turning witness and going into protective custody, he faked his own death.

walton goggins joe mazzello justified truth and consequencesNow both the Detroit mob and the Marshals want Drew’s ass.  This connects our favorite deadpanning Dixie mobster Wynn Duffy to the Drew case.  And look who came to visit Wynn this week!  I knew the resentful Johnny Crowder had it in for Boyd, I just didn’t think he’d be so bold as to risk going to Wynn himself.  He offers his services to Wynn – suggesting he help him kill Boyd but not explaining what he wants in return.  I loved the formality in this scene.  Wynn asks Johnny to clarify the slang term “serve him up.” by actually stating “kill Boyd.”

Boyd has bigger fish to fry at the moment.  The unsubstantial “donation” offered to Cassie didn’t fly (how much was in that bag? $1,000? C’mon, Boyd!) so he sends Jimmy and Colt to do it the ol’ fashioned way.  Jimmy hilariously became a guinea pig by getting bit in the face by one of Billy’s rattlesnakes.  I loved the horror aesthetics in this scene.

After receiving bar-side medical care, hours go by and Jimmy’s still alive – meaning the snakes have been milked of their venom.  Seeing a chance for some righteous humiliation, Boyd heads to the tent to expose Billy in front of everyone as a fraud.  Even more shocking than this was the fact that Billy had no idea.

lindsay pulsipher justified truth and consequencesBilly and Cassie’s dad was killed by a rattlesnake and she witnessed the entire painful process.  Since then, she’s been milking Billy’s snakes.  I felt kinda bad for him during this scene.  Poor guy really thought it was the lord healing him every time he got bit.  But then any sympathy I had for him dissolved once he picked up the high-potent rattler like a jackass.  That’s the hubris that Boyd warned him about.  The look on Boyd’s face as he walked outta the tent showed some alarm and fear.  It’s nice to see the great Walton Goggins show some range besides solemn and angry.  He went there to expose Billy, not to actually get his ass bit.

It’ll be interesting to see the fallout of the Last Chance Holiness Church.  Will Billy turn into a vengeful, Old Testament vigilante and go after Boyd?  Maybe not, but I have a feeling they’re not pulling up stakes yet.  So far I really like the focus in this season.  No one-off episodes, just a few plots converging quickly.  See you next week.


  • BEST ONE-LINER: I’ve gotta give this one to Randell.  During their stand-off in the gym, he says he’s going to “put a limp” in Raylan’s Gary Cooper walk.  This dude’s tough as nails.
  • BEST KILL: Jimmy blowing the rattlesnake off his face with a shotgun.
  • Art officially killed and buried the “marshal stiffy” joke.
  • Nice Dead Zone reference, Raylan.  I’m impressed by his movie trivia this season.
  • Anyone else think it was weird that when Billy gets bit, Cassie folds her hands and prays up to the sky?  I thought she didn’t actually buy into the religious stuff.
  • Randall says the owner of the gym sleeps there because he probably thinks it will turn him into Cus D’Amato. He was referring to the boxing trainer who took Mike Tyson under his wing and eventually adopted him after Tyson’s mother died.
  • Harlan has three boxing gyms?!
  • Does Colt just live in his car?  Maybe after his three month probationary period is over Boyd will be generous enough to let him sleep in a whore trailer.
  • No Constable Bob again. Bummer.