JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Foot Chase”

     February 12, 2013

justified timothy olyphant

There are a lot of folks missing in east Kentucky: Drew Thompson, Ellen May, and Josiah.  In the cleverly titled “Foot Chase” the sense of urgency to find these missing persons increased and connections between them were revealed.  We also got to spend some quality time with two of the show’s most interesting secondary characters: Tim and Colt.  By “quality time” I mean smoking heroin in bar restrooms and stripping in front of oxy dealers.  This is Justified after all.  More on “Foot Chase” after the jump.

justified-foot-chase-walton-gogginsWhile Raylan has chosen to look for Drew through some good old-fashoned legwork, Boyd’s unsurprisingly chosen a more brazen method: visit the home of every male matching Drew’s profile and scare the shit outta them.  Boyd hasn’t been known for his boldness lately – he packed up the rocket launcher long ago –  and he’s clearly been in a contemplative mood lately.  Then there’s that whole hiding the money from Ava thing.  I speculated he had something up his sleeve, but I would’ve never guessed that it was marriage.

The life of crime has worn him thin and it was with a sincere weariness he proposed to Ava.  Up at inspiration point he explains to Ava that he wants next generation of Crowders to not have to carry the sins of him and Bo.  This is mirrored nicely when Ava visits Judge Arnold (the furry Ellen May shot) and asks him to get her and Boyd into an upscale party.  The only way the Crowders can get into a high society gathering is through blackmail.

Boyd’s dream of moving out of KY and raising a family might be squashed by the efforts of Sheriff Shelby.  He’s grown some balls this season – hiding Ellen May and cuffing Boyd right in his own bar.  He even clubbed a giant Native American!  Getting out of Boyd’s pocket is a dangerous play, but Shelby seems highly determined to actually be a sheriff rather than just playing one.

He backed up Raylan nicely earlier in the episode, when Benny was playing target practice with a cartoon of Teddy, the giant Native American who Raylan affectionately refers to as “Rapes With a Smile.”  His willingness to help makes Raylan suspicious though, since he knows Shelby is Boyd’s puppet.  By the end of the episode he show he’s cut his strings – first by bringing in Boyd and then by shooting that blowtorching lunatic. He’s one of Boyd’s biggest loose ends, but I sure hope Shleby sticks around for a while.  Jim Beaver is fantastic and the scenes this episode between him and Timothy Olyphant were highlights.

justified-season-4-espisode-6Josiah drops a bomb on Raylan, pointing him to somebody who may know where Drew Thompson is.  Unfortunately that person is Hunter, the former Harlan sheriff who tried to have Raylan killed in season one.  Hunter’s currently doing time so at least the jerk will be easy to get to.

It was great to spend so much time with Colt, who’s quickly become Justified‘s darkest and most menacing character.  For all of his charisma he’s got a serious dark side.  Smoking heroin in the Crowder bar bathroom is tremendously risky, showing just how hooked he is and how stressed the Ellen May situation is making him.  Later on he ransacks a trailer looking for junk and any sign that Ellen May has been back.  He tries to beat it out of a whore, who later tells Johnny her Tuesday night john smacked her around.  This gives Colt a great opportunity to take out his frustration and self-hate on the framed john.  I really thought he was going to kill him – probably would’ve if Johnny wasn’t there.

Colt divinely crosses paths with Tim again, this time at the Veteran’s Affairs office.  I mentioned last week how great the scene was between these two ex-vets and same goes for this brief encounter.  There’s a respect silently passed between them that’s effectively portrayed.  Colt is there looking for a dealer, but Tim is only picking up his brother who’s in some trouble with a pusher he stole oxy from.  Is anyone’s family free of drug addicts or criminals on this show?  Anyway, it was nice to hang out with Tim some more.

With the net around Drew Thompson getting tighter, either Raylan or Boyd is bound to catch up with him any episode now.  It’s been great to have such a long arc that seemed so unrelated at first wind up revealing more history of the Givens and Crowder clans.  There’s a nice line being drawn between veterans Tim and Colt as well. Let’s see where next week takes us.

justified-timothy-olyphant-walton-gogginsLAST CALL: 

  • BEST ONE-LINER: “That’s what assholes do, Raylan.  They get old and die from being assholes.” – Boyd
  • MOST BADASS MOMENT: Pretty much everything Shleby did in the entire episode.
  • Nice touch with the fantasy art airbrushed on the side of the van.
  • Raylan’s reactions to people’s stupidity this season keep getting better and better.  I loved his “What the hell’s that?!” when the guy tried to ol’ blowtorch and aerosol trick.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how and when Shelby uses the Ellen May card to bring down Boyd.  Chances are it’s not going to go smoothly.
  • The leg gore on Josiah was pretty damn detailed and graphic, huh?
  • Do you think Raylan will be invited to the wedding?


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