Justin Hartley (The Green Arrow on SMALLVILLE) Red Carpet Video Interview – 2009 Saturn Awards

     June 30, 2009

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen (1).jpg

You’re probably asking yourself…how many interviews did Steve do at this year’s Saturn Awards! As I said the night of the ceremony, I interviewed over 20 people and it’s taking some time to get them all online. But with the lack of any major news the week before a major holiday, I thought it would be better to spread them out over a few days. Saying that, tonight is the last of them.

Anyway, the interview you’re about to watch is with Justin Hartley. On “Smallville”, Justin plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow. With production getting ready for “Smallville’s” 9th and possible last season, Justin talked about his favorite episodes from last season, Comic-Con, does he think this is going to be it, his thoughts on General Zod coming to “Smallville”, and a lot more. If you’re a “Samllville” fan, I’m sure you’ll like the interview, so take a look:

Justin Hartley

  • Comic-Con talk
  • What was his favorite episode from last season
  • General Zod talk
  • Any chance of a Smallville TV movie after the 9th season ends
  • Thoughts on Smallville going to Friday nights
  • Is this going to be the last season
  • Has he seen the script for the season premiere