Justin Lin to Direct THE BOURNE LEGACY Sequel; Jeremy Renner Set to Return

     November 8, 2013


After helming the last four Fast & Furious movies, Justin Lin will move to another action franchise to direct the follow-up film to The Bourne Legacy.  Jeremy Renner is set to return as Aaron Cross in a sequel story scripted by Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes, Invictus).  With Lin directing and Peckham writing, it looks like Tony Gilroy – who penned the previous four Bourne films and directed Legacy - may be stepping aside.  No title has been set just yet, but if Universal sticks with the titles of the novel series, then it may just be The Bourne Betrayal.  The studio is looking to release the film in the summer of 2015. Hit the jump for more.

the-bourne-betrayal-book-coverNews on Lin’s attachment to helm the new Bourne movie comes via Deadline.  Though the character of Jason Bourne was created by author Robert Ludlum, the stories set in Bourne’s world were taken over by author Eric Van Lustbader.  While Van Lustbader’s The Bourne Legacy differed quite a bit from the plot of Gilroy’s movie adaptation – swap Bourne for Cross – Universal might like the next book title enough to slap it on the feature treatment.  Also written by Van Lustbader, here’s the synopsis for The Bourne Betrayal (via Amazon):

Already devastated by loss, Bourne is shattered by a report that his last friend in the world, Martin Lindros has gone missing. A CI deputy director, Lindros was in Ethiopia tracking suspicious shipments of yellowcake uranium and atomic bomb weaponry. His last lifeline to humanity, Bourne will not let Lindros go. Despite his hatred for CI, Bourne sets out to rescue his friend and finish the job: dismantling a terrorist network determined to build nuclear armaments by cutting off their source of money. But Bourne doesn’t realize that these men, Islamic supremacists, are leaders of an incredibly dangerous, technologically savvy group with ties from Africa, across the Middle East, and into Eastern Europe and Russia. They have predicted Bourne’s every move, and are counting on his unwitting help in their plans to destroy America.

  • JBug

    Nice!I loved the first one. How did everybody else feel towards it?

    • Fiz

      It surprised me. I caught it a bit later than most due to the tepid reviews, but I found it pretty fun for the first half. As others have said, it sort of fell apart in the second half (talk about an abrupt ending), but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared.

      • Leo Spaceman

        It wasn’t a bad movie, but there was no resolution. The film just ended without anything really being accomplished.

      • The Flobbit

        It was far too small in scale. The characters were cliched, and the action was a parody of shaky cam. On top of that, I really enjoyed it.

      • The Flobbit

        I mean – Renner, Weisz, Norton…one trio of awesome actors.

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    I was hoping that Lin would have reconsidered directing the upcoming Terminator film especially since he has ties with the Rock who has been rumored to be in it. Lin has consistantly gotten better with each of his films but I’m not sure if he is a good fit for this type of movie.

  • whatpick

    I actually think the Bourne Legacy sequel could benefit from having a director like Justin Lin. Most people’s complain about the first movie was that it didn’t have enough excitement and there was too much talk (and the talk really wasn’t going anywhere either); with Justin Lin on board, they could focus on some really exciting action (which is what this movie needs essentially) and with a writer like Anthony Peckham, they’ll hopefully a fast-paced-good-story-type script. So, let’s see.

  • Bruce

    great! Love Renner’s work, he did great as Cross! looking forward, Peckham as writer , Lin to direct !

  • Person

    Wasn’t a huge fan of Legacy when I first saw it but it’s grown on me after re-watching it recently. Lin’s a talented guy, and Renner is awesome as always. I hope this turns out well, would hate to see this franchise die off.

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  • astro

    there were like only 4 action scenes in the duration of the movie.. it was a terrible movie about finding drugs.

  • astro

    there were like only 4 action scenes in the duration of the movie.. it was a terrible movie about finding drugs.

  • The Flobbit

    Why am I looking forward to this? Probably because Jeremy Renner is as magnetic as they come, and Justin Lin is a veritable franchise rebooter.

    Buck gets ten it stars the Rock.

  • bombinUSA

    why summer of 2015 though? why are they stuffing the schedule with so many big movies around the same time? they’ll obviously cannibalize eachother. why not wait for a november release or something where there’s little competition and people havent been forced to spend 25 dollars (tickets, food, etc) a week consecutively throughout the summer?

    • MarvelWatch

      May-August 2015: 15 films officially scheduled.

      November-December 2015: 10 films officially scheduled.

      Trust me, right now the summer is the less crowded option.

      • bombinUSA

        how many of the november movies constitute as block busters though? all the movies in summer will be huge pretty much.

      • MarvelWatch

        At least three out of four in November: Bond 24, the final Hunger Games, and Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. (The fourth is a “Peanuts” film. It’s possible that it won’t do too poorly either.)

        And you have to really look at the films officially set for Summer 2015 right now.

        Avengers 2, Tomorrowland, Monster Trucks, B.O.O., Jurassic World, Inside Out, Assassin’s Creed, Ted 2, Terminator, Independence Day 2, Minions, Superman/Batman, Ant-Man, Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars, Smurfs 3.

        Personally, I’d say there are more question marks there than guaranteed hits.

  • Arnold

    Hopefully he’ll bring back Pamela Landay, with her working with Aaron Cross, that’d be asesome

    • Arnold

      awesome *

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  • Snicks

    This is great news. Matt Damon was born to be Bourne. Yes. And Jeremy Renner was born to be Aeron Cross and continue the movies. Jeremy was perfect. The Bourne Legacy was a great sequel, adding its own direction. And now adding Justin Lin to direct. Ohhhh yeahhh!

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  • The Flobbit

    Tell your neighbour’s mother in law I’m coming for her house with a baseball bat and a can of red spray paint.