FAST AND FURIOUS 6 Conflict Prompts Director Justin Lin to Leave TERMINATOR 5

     September 20, 2011


Although Director Justin Lin (Fast Five) is still enthusiastic about the Terminator reboot, a scheduling conflict has arisen that may temporarily terminate his involvement. The Terminator franchise rights holder, Megan Ellison, is looking to start production on the first of two new installments by the last quarter of 2012. Since Lin’s The Fast and the Furious 6 has a release date of May 2013, his schedule doesn’t jive. However, if Ellison and Arnold Schwarzenegger can hold off on production until Lin is finished, there’s a chance he may still be involved.

The timeline doesn’t look all that rushed as reports indicate that Ellison has yet to acquire a script or, for that matter, a screenwriter. No studios have signed on though several have expressed interest. However, there is a minor cause for concern: due to a series of legal trickeries and copyright speak, James Cameron will actually regain the rights to the franchise in 2018. Hopefully Ellison and company can get a couple of installments churned out before then. Hit the jump for what you can expect from a Terminator reboot.

Although Deadline reports that Ellison and Schwarzenegger are anxious to reboot the series and get out from under the Cameron-storyline, they also suggest that the director himself is still involved in the brainstorming process. There are a few rumors floating around about what the reboot might entail. Obviously timelines play a huge role in the franchise and also provide a convenient deus ex machine for plot tweaking and rebooting. Would it be better for the franchise overall to keep Schwarzenegger involved, whether as a cameo or just on the creative side? Or would it be more advantageous to move on and go for something original?

What would you like to see in the Terminator reboot and how do you think Lin will handle it? Sound off in the comments.


  • scott

    Seriously, how long does it take to write a script and shoot an installment into the fast and furious franchise? Whats so epic about it that it wont be out until 2013?

    • LiamH

      Because it wants to get the same release date as the last two, it can’t be done by 2012 so 2013 it has to be. Also it builds anticipation a bit when you release it not too early.

      • Carlos A. (Colombia)

        Plus, it seems like Vin Diesel will busy with the third installment of Riddick…

    • Sean

      A two year turn around for a blockbuster is normal not epic.

  • TheTrickster

    Fast and Furious 6 and Terminator 5… these are sad, sad times.

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  • dude

    Somebody get John Hyams on the mother loving phone NOW!

  • WheDonCorleone

    Joss Whedon has always talked about wanting to direct a Terminator film. With “The Avengers” on his résumé, perhaps he has a shot.

  • Pua Makasiva

    I actually liked Christian Bale as John Connor so I’d like to see him return. I’d also like to see how Reese came to be sent back in time and how Arnold was chosen as the model for the T-800s. I heard rumors of the fifth installment taking place in modern day but I don’t think that’s necessary.

    • T-101

      Arnolds body was picked for the terminators after a war fighter. It was a special feature on T2 I think…Showed him in PT gear running on a tread mill with all these things attached all over his body as scientists wrote on clip boards while they made observations. They asked him a question, and out came a really country voice. Sounded nothing like Arnold, one of them jokingly insists on a different voice for the prototype if I recall correctly. Been a while however…

      • Memphisalone

        It was on the Terminator 3 special features.

    • Terry Boake

      There was no performance there. Just a series of screaming towards the camera in his Batman voice. All I remember from this film was, “We’re dead! We’re all DEAD!” I wish this franchise would too.

  • tarek

    the totally F*cked the terminator franchise with the 4th installment.
    Terminator needs a reboot now

  • Northern Star

    Here’s how to do another ‘Terminator’ movie- DON’T DO ONE AT ALL!!! The whole saga ended with ‘T2′ back in 1991, Cameron even shot a coda that was pretty final in itself, so just discard everything after that – if it ain’t Cameron, it ain’t Terminator, full stop – and that includes any further sequels, prequels, reboots, or whatever, give it a rest, for goodness’ sake…

    • Darthkee

      Could not have said it better myself

    • mephisto1138

      That coda is full of more logic holes than a Fast and the Furious film. Cameron demonstrated that he hasn’t read up very much on the subject of time travel and its possibilities.

      Just because you destroy one chip and an arm doesn’t mean ANOTHER AI somewhere else in the world won’t become self aware and become just another Skynet. And what about alternate futures? At some point a future existed branching from current time that resulted in the robot war future, meaning that at some point robots had to be invented, an ai had to become self aware and almost wipe out humanity to create the situation where Kyle is sent back in time. The recovery of the first T-800 arm by Skynet would only speed this future up, not create the situation as the T-800 had already been created prior to being sent back. Its akin to the Grandfather Paradox.

      Cameron doesn’t take much logic into account. Plus modern technology and the increased chances of a self aware AI forming in one or even multiple scenarios at the same time make for an even better franchise right there.

      The TV series made a far greater effort to explore the actual ramifications of time travel and explore branching futures from a single event.

      Aside from that, the coda doesn’t work because there’s no way in hell John Connor became a Senator. On paper he’s a mess, the press would shred him right out of the primaries. And then his mother, a wanted criminal who has probably had a few of the second Terminator’s murders tacked onto her record for convenient police work’s sake is not going to help him get elected either. The first time I saw that Coda I lost much of the faith I had in Cameron as a story teller, and then of course I saw Avatar and that sealed it.

      Reboot. Get some real science fiction going, some real discussion of the ramifications of time travel, a Skynet that actually thinks with the calculating deductive skills of a machine and a script that actually remembers who knows what when and who doesn’t know what when. We’ll all get a much better franchise that way.

      • Jordan N.

        I can’t believe they’re thinking of bringing the Terminator franchise back, and with Schwarzenegger no less. The 2nd movie ruined the series, something the 3rd and 4th were never able to recover from. Talk about plot holes and absurdity.

      • Tarek

        It is obvious that you didn’t read enough on the time travel paradox.

  • Andi

    I really don’t have any antipathy towards Terminator: Salvation, in fact I enjoyed it. It was dark, serious and dealt with the Terminator Mythology better than T3. I thought Christian Bale was a perfect John Connor and I wish he would use his John Connor voice for Batman (its really right between his Batman and Bruce Wayne voice, in my opinion). The only thing I didn’t like was how Bryce Dallas Howard was shoe horned in along with Common and the little girl but Bale, Worthington and Anthon Yelchin each play their respective roles well while the action is well staged and the world fully realized.

  • BW

    Joss Whedon would be my top choice. Other directors I think would deliver interesting takes on the Terminator series: Paul Thomas Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, Luc Besson, Brad Bird, David Fincher, Nicolas Winding Refn, Quentin Tarantino, Matthew Vaughn.

    • Nolan

      That’s a list of good directors, but I’m not sure any of them would be good for a Terminator movie. I wouldn’t want most of them wasted on one.

  • wev

    Thank god!!!! I cant believe they want to completely reboot it but keep the same name ect, why not just come up with a whole new franchise, idiots!

    Hopefully these Terminator films never see the light of day.

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  • Bob

    Eh, IMO, TS was very badly paced and poorly directed…it just felt like it took eons to get anywhere. Not what you want from an action movie. T3, while not a great movie, was decent….if you could suspend reality long enough to believe that Arnold wasn’t wearing pancake makeup and hadn’t aged.

    If they are going to continue, I think they should figure out a way to bring in an aged Arnold….perhaps the original Terminator was based off of an actual person, and Arnold is that guy but grown older….a freedom fighter who hates the machines for using his young likeness as a model for the ulitimate Terminator? I think a cool storyline might be to have him go back in time and interfere with the original Terminator, and his interference somehow causes the death Sarah Connor….he than has to stop the machines in the 80′s by himself. Kind of like the star Trek reboot, take it in a new direction so it’s fresh. I feel that the old storyline has just been played out. Just an idea, but I think the series really needs less trickery and CGI and more story and writing work to bring it back to form.

  • Brian

    I reckon reboot it. Get a new star to play the terminator. Schwarzenegger is clearly too old (and his reputation is suffering from a little damage control right now). The new film wouldn’t have to be a remake as such, but go back to the beginnings and show how the original T-800′s were assembled and show Skynet working on sending one back but not succeeding. Or… introduce a new bunch of characters outside the Connors who were also possible targets before or at the same time as when Sarah and John Connor were targeted. There’s some potential there I think…

  • Warner Brown

    They need to reinvent it from scratch with a new, fresh approach to separate the film from the last two disasters, if not disregard Cameron altogether, so it becomes it’s own film. The last two movies failed because T3, for one copied the same old formula. Sam Worthington’s character in T4 was utterly pointless. There was nothing epic about it. McG can’t shoot a real war movie to save himself, and has no passion, or vision.

    They need to do an origin story of skynet, using real world, realistic, current technology used by the military and go raw with the overall approach to the terminators and their origin. That would be the prologue until ‘judgement day’ the aftermath and birth of the resistance. I would go David Lean EPIC and make the film span over 10 years. Like Lawrence of Arabia, and make it a movie shot globally. Not just in some desert, then some soundstage. Someone needs to come in and expand the canvas of possibilities of how you can show a human resistance forming, while the robots evolve and set up industries, upgrading. I wouldn’t mind Bale as Connor, or even some other character altogether.

    In a perfect world I’d have Fincher, Nolan or Del Toro shoot this one. Not just some action director who doesn’t understand the critical importance of story=character over blatant action/eye candy.

    I love the Cameron films too, but to you traditionalists out there, I loved the first Batman also, then Nolan came and blew those out of the water. It’s a matter of finding the perfect combination of talent. To pull off a great new movie it needs to match, if not surpass the original, but stand on it’s own. In my OP, that means=NO REBOOT

  • Terminator ftw

    I really want this franchise to succeed and I have been devastated by all of the hollywood “red tape” and other hooplah that has been crippling its potential. Timothy Zahn wrote novels based on the Salvation plotline and pretty much created some awesome background material that you would expect from his caliber. The foundation of this franchise is with what happens in the war against the machines, it’s so bleak and so brutal that it creates an obstacle that seems insurmountable and can really showcase just what the human spirit can overcome when faced with adversity.

    Post apocalyptic stories are a great way to examine humanity itself, games like the fallout series are an example of what you should do with this niche of the sci fi genre. But it took it a while to establish it’s visual style. Terminator has all of the ambiance etched into our minds. The terminator machine itself, skynet, Judgement Day, a great war hero in John Connor(if done right, the greatest war hero in any movie ever made. As who could possibly put saving the human race from extinction whilst doing so with the resources of a starving, barely able to fight group of resistance fighters on their resume? Don’t say Neo, as he had super human capabilities at his disposal and only postponed an endless war. ) All these things are instantly recognizable by uttering the name Terminator.

    I would love to see a whole series of books chronicling the war against the machines or *fingers crossed* a Fallout clone set in the terminator universe. James Cameron has created a great saga here, but unfortunately his vision never goes beyond a couple films, Terminator needs a George Lucas style visionary at its helm to fully develop the potential of what Cameron started. I know it can be done, just doesn’t look like it will thanks to Hollywood bureaucracy. Oh well, just have to wait and see.(Though this has just inspired me to write my own post-apoc series.)

    • TW

      Good thoughts.

      For me, apocalypse movies are best when they they take place right when the memory of the pre-apocalypse world still remains. Otherwise, it’s basically other-worldly. TS was just that- we couldn’t really recognize and thus care about about TS world b/c it was unrecognizable to us. Indeed, the reason the earlier Terminators were so compelling, IMO, is b/c they used time travel to come back to the present where all the action took place, and where we cared.

      Children of Men was great b/c you could sort of recognize that world- it was like ours, with a couple big changes. Road Warrior was so much more wrenching than Thunderdome was for similar reasons.

      I liked T3 a lot b/c it showed how subtly and irreversibly we slid into the apocalypse- the phones started not to work, the credit card machine at the gas pump was glitching. Then wham.

      I’d suggest they do a reboot, a sort of Terminator 3.1: Start off right when John Connor becomes the unlikely survivor of the first wave of attacks by Skynet, and take it from there.

      The problem for TS for me was that it was unrecognizable and I just didn’t have any emotional interest in any of the people or what was happening to them. So any sequel to it will be further into the future, and instead of being really post-apoc., it’s “simply” scifi- which is fine… Alien and Star Trek are both far into the future and were always gripping. But the premise of a post-apoc. is that there is some vestige- and thus we somehow care- about our pre-apoc. world.

  • B.Y

    The first one is a masterpiece. Leave it. Sick to death of reboots. How about something original?

  • Reese

    Let mebe in the minority, but I think MCG had sum good elements forming, just that not everything fell together in place like we had hoped so..for one the movie was beautifully shot by MCG, Bale and Worthington were great same as Anton Yelchin was the ultimate choice for Kyle…I love MCG’s take on using real actors for terminators CGI body movemeants…that was awesome…as seen on T Salvation Directors Cut…So I think If MCG juices it up and takes out the weeds and revamps a bigger more epic sequel that would be awesome…and it would be great if 5 and 6 were shot back to back with maybe a year or two in between each one…Camerons involvement could be great…and it would be a nice addition…Other than that, I dunno if Justin Lin can do a great job, all he has ever made are alright action films and Terminator needs more than to be just alright…I would say Robert Rodriquez being attached. or someone like Ridley Scott, or Spielburg would be amazing….But someone that brings it back to its story, and depth, remember its Sci Fi/Fantasy…It would be awesome if the next one takes place in Time Travel…MCG had plans to bring back Robert Patrick as a scientist…so honestly I would go with MCG on round 2…it seems like he does have passion for the project besides all these other directors just being sought to fill in a time frame….Stick to the real guns…my take Cameron, MCG, or Rob Rodriquez…..Del Toro maybe….An aged Arnold as a human or a guy they based terminator off of would be great…Please bring back Linda Hamilton, and maybe Michael Biehn as an older Kyle in a flashback???

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  • boy

    don’t care what the movie upcoming 1st i just happy tat Justin Lin movie is coming i am happy to tat ………………

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