FAST FIVE Director Justin Lin Talks TERMINATOR 5

     April 29, 2011


This weekend audiences will be treated to Justin Lin’s third entry in the T & Acceleration franchise Fast Five, a film that’s best quality is just how ridiculous it is. Earlier in the week it was announced that the director had been handed the keys to Terminator 5 and today the French film website Cinemateaser released an interview with the director, in which he discusses his next unnecessary 5th entry in an action franchise. Lin is apparently a big fan of the Terminator movies and makes it clear that he doesn’t simply want this to be an empty collection of robot fight sequences, which is promising even if McG expressed similar sentiments back when he took over the series for Terminator Salvation. Hit the jump to read what Lin has to say about his potential cyborg action opus.

arnold-schwarzenegger-terminator-photoAfter the Christian Bale screaming prequel, the rights to the Terminator franchise got tangled up in some legal troubles and since those rights will return James Cameron in 2018, there is an understandable desire to milk this cash cow before Cameron regains control. Enter the Santa Barbara-based hedge fund Pacificor who nabbed up the rights for $29.5 million and hired on Justin Lin to sit in the director’s chair.

“It’s actually Pacificor that approached me,” explained Lin. “They had an idea…but I guess a lot of studios didn’t go for it or something happened… So then, they came back to me and they said, ‘D’you have an idea?’ and, I said ‘I have THE idea!’”

Apparently Pacificor was so impressed by Lin’s new approach to the series that they abandoned their concept and sent the director to pitch it to Schwarzenegger (who will probably end up with the most control over the project, a la Terminator 3: The Rise Of The Machines). Schwarzenegger liked what he heard and now he, Lin, and Pacificor are in search of a studio. Given the vast sums of money previous Terminator movies brought in and Lin’s big cash making ways on his three Fast And The Furious sequels, it’s hard to imagine they won’t get someone to bite.

On the plus side, Lin did admit that, “The Terminator was one of those movies I just kept watching when I was a little kid and this means so much to me.” So perhaps he’ll take this project a little more seriously than his three admittedly silly Fast And The Furious sequels. The guy also recently directed the beloved “Modern Warfare” paintball episode Community (which even features a direct line reference to The Terminator), so he clearly not only knows his way around action tropes, but is smart enough to know how to poke fun at them. The biggest concern with Lin handling the franchise is that all of the clever time travel chronology and human drama of the series would be dropped in favor of additional car pile ups and gratuitous booty shots. Fortunately the director did (kind of) address those concerns in the Cinemateaser interview as well:

“Technology has grown so much that there’s a whole idea of gluttony. Sometimes you get carried away because you can have a camera go through the window, but do I need a camera go through the window? Those choices are up to the director,” claimed Lin. “For Terminator, it’s still very early on, but I don’t want to make a movie where it’s not just showing off. I want to support the human elements. If you don’t have humanity, then it just becomes robots.”

So, fortunately it looks like we don’t have to worry about an excess of cameras flying through windows in the possible Terminator 5, but it’s still too early to tell if Lin actually has a compelling story worth telling. No writers have been attached to the project, so at this point all it’s riding on is Lin’s big idea and Schwarzenegger’s support. In the end, while Lin will certainly get a chance to marshal the troops from some big action scenes, the guy who will most likely have the most control over the project will be Schwarzenegger. He had approval over everything on Terminator 3, which led to such unfortunate sequences as The Terminator sporting Elton John sunglasses and telling convenience store clerks to “talk to the hand.” Still, it’s probably too early to make snap judgments. We don’t know who will be writing it and we don’t know whether it will be the Fast Five or Community version of Justin Lin who shows up to direct. For now, it’s just another project looking for a studio to call home. Fortunately, once Fast Five brings in a few dump trucks full of cash over the weekend, we’ll probably get the answers to those questions very soon.

  • tarek

    the only way to succeed is to bring back Jim Cameron behind the camera.

  • Princess Kate Middleton

    I was hoping they only make another Terminator film if the script was good and that they hopefully conclude the movie series.

    When they announced that Helena Bonham Carter was playing the main villain in Terminator: Salvation, I was expecting her to be the Skynet equivalent of the Borg Queen from Star Trek. I was so disappointed in the end when I saw the film and it was a wasted opportunity to have a really iconic and memorable villain in the franchise. They should have had a confrontation between her, Christian Bale and Sam Worthington towards the end like with Picard, Data and the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact’s climax.

    Former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to do more dramas rather than just doing huge action blockbusters because he pigeonholed himself as an actor who just did action movies. He is an underrated actor. So, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

  • pj_campbell

    For a second I thought Matt wrote this story because of how negative it was…Phil, have you seen Fast Five yet? It’s actually really good. Maybe they seem unncessary to you, but people like the movies. And Lin is the best thing that’s happened to the series in some time. Especially Fast Five. He’s grown a lot as a director over three movies.

  • dogg

    The Sarah Connor TV thing made me care more about Terminator than anything that’s been in the theaters for 20 years. They should give that team a shot.

  • AO TS

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the best thing Terminator. Warner Bros. should do this Terminator 5, so they can have the rights again to continue TSCC with Josh Friedman.

  • Andy

    I don’t understand why someone hasn’t tried to adapt S.M. Stirling’s excellent TERMINATOR trilogy of novels. In that scenario Arnold would play the /human original/ who provided the template for the later Terminators. Given Arnold’s age, though, he could play an older, retired version of the “template,” and be a /human/ character coming out of special-forces retirement to battle Terminators from the future.

  • Matt

    Any chance of Christian Bale returning as John Connor? I thought he did a pretty good job in the role, and what about Anton Yelchin back as Kyle Reese? Or are they pretending that Salvation never happener, like they seem to be doing with a lot of other movie franchises?

  • Jazzy

    Just because those crap F&F films have made money, studio execs are using Justin and us (the pawns) as suckers into yet another BORING PG13 franchise of the Terminator. Remember Robocop 3? Me neither.

  • Cromartie

    “I want to support the human elements. If you don’t have humanity, then it just becomes robots”

    Another douche who doesn’t understand Terminator, and obviously has no love for the universe.

    This will not end well. Just because Arnold is in it doesn’t mean it wont suck… look at T3 and TS.

    People love Terminator for the cyborgs, I couldn’t care less about the humans like emo John Connor or his band of tards.

    Die in a fire Justin, you frakking casual.

  • Zach

    My take on this–especially with an aging Arnold–is you make him a real person that the Terminator was based off of. Maybe a General or war hero?

  • Ben

    I think this would work great if the original cast came back because everyone likes to see a comeback, especially Eddie Furlong as John Conner, their is no one better to play him, that would sell the movie, thats why fast five is working because of the original stars and the rock of coarse.

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  • Bruddith

    must check monster beats solo to take huge discount


    I love you

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