Watch Karen Gillan Shave Her Head for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

     August 31, 2014


One of the highlights of last year’s Comic-Con presentation for Guardians of the Galaxy was Karen Gillan tossing off a wig to reveal she had shaved her head to play Nebula.  Although she ultimately didn’t get much to do in the finished film, they laid the groundwork to give her a bigger role in the sequel (assuming they bring her back, and I hope they do).  If she does return for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, she’ll be shaving her head again, but a video has gone online showing the first time she went bald, and it looks like it was a relatively painless experience of the actress.

Hit the jump to check out Karen Gillan shaving her head for Guardians of the Galaxy.



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  • Carlos Rincones

    She is sexy with or without hair.

  • theseeker7

    Yea especially with the big to-do they made initially about her shaving her head for this, as much as I absolutely adored GOTG, I can’t deny that I was a wee bit surprised and disappointed. I expected her to have more screen time than she did (granted, I felt much the same way about the Collector… but, I also didn’t know any of the comics history coming into this).

  • M

    Relatively painless!? She’s shaving her f*@king hair not cutting off a finger or something.

    • Jay

      Emotional pain. She’s not freaking out, is what the author means. Jeez, people, just think a moment.

    • James franco

      It’s a big deal for a girl when she has to shave her head

  • DEADP00L

    I dont get it I shave my head all the damn time. What’s the big deal? …relatively painless? There is no PAIN at all.

    • Deathstroke

      Haha, I got a van dyke beard!

      • DEADP00L

        HAHAHAAAA!! I can’t thumb this up enough!

  • Dare Devil

    dear Karen next time before shaving ur head just double check the script is the screen time U will have in it is worth shaving ur head…..

  • André Camilo

    This is kinda sadistic. She’s so pretty and her hair is so beautiful… But she looks great bald. Or as a menacing alien villain. Even though I think she was given too little screen time.

  • doop

    I’d hit it. Bald, blue, and everything.

  • Jay

    Her character looks amazing in the film, but she could have moved better. Most of her scenes have her just standing in one place, but when she walks she doesn’t have that cat-like, sexy-dangerous walk a woman has, where her hips sway. Her walk was stiff and level, like a young girl stomping off to her room. I guess there’s no ‘right’ way for a cyborg to walk, but I was hoping she’d have the sexy, womanly stride for this part.

  • Colin Christian

    My favorite character in the movie.

  • [A]

    Losing all that long beautiful hair must be really hard but I’m sure being gorgeous helps a little

  • margin walker

    totally punk and hot.


    creepy old man. :]