PSA Sunday: Kate Upton Stands Up to Bullies in this BULLY PSA

     April 15, 2012


In looking for a PSA to share with you all this weekend, I came across a most serendipitous of videos.  Not only is Ms. Kate Upton supremely easy to look at, but her movie The Three Stooges opened this weekend.  While that’s rather more reason than I need to write a post featuring Upton, she also happened to film an anti-bullying PSA for The Weinstein Company’s much-publicized documentary, Bully.  While the film is only currently in limited release, perhaps the awareness will be increased by Upton’s involvement.  It certainly can’t hurt.  And while the bullied among you may find solace in the fact that Upton herself was once the victim of bullying, you bullies out there should know that the actress/model only dates nice guys (right). Hit the jump to see the lovely Kate Upton’s anti-bullying PSA.
Check out the PSA below :






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