Katee Sackhoff Fights Alongside Gina Carano in Female EXPENDABLES

     October 5, 2012


Action veteran Katee Sackhoff will put her Battlestar Galactica skills to the test alongside Gina Carano in the all-female version of The Expendables.  We previously posted Carano’s attachment to the Adi Shankar production and the news about Sackhoff comes as a welcome addition for sci-fi fans.  We’ve yet to see a veteran action heroine added to the cast (ie Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, etc), but the picture is building a solid young core of experienced action stars to carry what will hopefully be a successful franchise.  Hit the jump for more on Sackhoff’s addition and the reaction from Shankar.

Variety reports katee-sackhoff-expendablesthat Sackhoff has signed on to star alongside Carano in the as-of-yet untitled all-female version of The Expendables. No details have yet to be released as to the nature of Carano and Sackhoff’s roles, but Shankar was equally excited about Sackhoff’s addition:

“If you spend five minutes with Katee it becomes blatantly obvious that she would pwn (sic) most male action stars.”

I’m down with the addition of Carano and Sackhoff to the picture, but I really hope that a female answer to The Expendables’ Schwarzenegger, Willis and Stallone is in the near future.  Let us know how you feel about Sackhoff in the comments below! (And be nice, or she’ll kick your ass.)

Sackhoff recently starred on A&E Network’s Longmire as well as a key role in the eighth season of 24.  Carano and Sackhoff have a Vin Diesel franchise connection of sorts as the former will star alongside Diesel in Fast Six, while Sackhoff will be seen in the Chronicles of Riddick-sequel.  She has also recently wrapped The Haunting in Georgia and Sexy Evil Genius. Sackhoff’s currently shooting Film District’s horror pic Oculus with Brenton Thwaites and Rory Cochrane.


  • Lance

    Heck ya! Katie will be great in this.

  • LEM

    Can we forget the movie and just have Katie and Gina have a hot oil wrestling match you know for charity and stuff.

    • aw

      Yes, really without someone like Weaver to anchor this thing, this could be a little bit of a mess, and when i read someone here suggest Megan Fox I had to laugh…..i mean, really, Megan Fox? Seriously???? Obviously everyone has different ideas as to the potential ensemble but I hope most of us can agree that someone like Weaver is needed as Sly was needed for the Expendables?

  • Sean

    Like before, no problem with her joining the cast. But Gina Carrano and Katee Sackoff are not the female equivalent of the Expendables. As is, this is like saying the Expendables was about Jason Statham and Randy Coltoure.

  • saerio

    Mila Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Paula Patton…

    • Spock Jenkins

      Add Mary Elizabeth Winstead to that list.

      • saerio

        yesss, love her too, great…

  • Nightlife

    First heard of Katee thorough the schmoes know podcast where she is absolutely CHARMING. Watched some BSG after that and she is perfect for this! Can’t wait to hear what she says about it on the podcast!

  • Spock Jenkins

    Are we actually gonna get Sigourney, Linda Hamilton, Cynthia Rothrock, etc. for this, or is this really gonna be an all-chick action flick in the style of ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’??

    I certainly hope for the former, but we’ll see.

    I suppose it’ll be too much to ask for them to call this movie “The Expendebelles”??

    Still want Mary Elizabeth Winstead for this, either way.

    • MikeAgon

      Yeah, cuz those geriatrics wont be the ones needing wires and stunt doubling!

  • DAwid

    RHONA MITRA!!!!!!!!

  • Cool Money Grip

    Katee’s great in everything she does. Let’s hope the new flick finds an excuse to get her on a motorcycle.

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