Katherine Heigl to Star in Psychological Thriller FACE BLIND

     February 2, 2012


Fear not, Katherine Heigl fans! Though it’s sad that the opening weekend of One for the Money has already come and gone, leaving us with many Heigl-less moviegoing weekends to come, the 27 Dresses star won’t be absent from theaters for long. Deadline reports that Heigl is set to star in an independent thriller called Face Blind. If you’re thinking to yourself “That’s a terrible title,” I point your attention to the film’s arguably more terrible logline: Hegl stars as “a psychologist struck with a rare affliction that makes it impossible to distinguish people by their faces. When a man who terrorized her most vulnerable patient stalks her, the psychologist can’t recognize him, and her husband thinks she’s the one who is going crazy.” Sure.

It appears that Heigl’s attempting to go the “serious dramatic route” after languishing in romantic comedy hell for the past few years, but she’s chosen a seriously awful premise with which to stretch whatever dramatic chops she may possess. In addition to starring, Heigl will also produce Face Blind (I sincerely hope they keep this title). The actress most recently starred in the aptly named One for the Money, and will next be seen in the star-packed romantic comedy The Wedding.

  • Nathan

    This sounds like that Milla Jovavich film that just went straight to DVD.

  • Alex

    wow, they might just top “SwimFan” with that title

  • k

    So… how does she recognize her husband?

  • anton

    Well, beggars can’t be choosers. I just wish someone would quit letting her act.

  • Evan

    Im pretty sure Milla Jovovich JUST did a movie about this very thing. And that movie was crap too.

  • tess

    Why does she chooses such awful movies/storylines time and time again..
    I am a big fan of Kh and I think she IS very talented but this story already sounds like a “bomb” and she will only be wasting her money. Even the tittle is ridiculous.
    I dont think ONE FOR THE MONEY is bad, just badly casted….now she cant backtracked if she wants to do another story based on those books.

    I just wish she gets some good advice from a professional.