Katy Perry to Host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on December 10th

     November 21, 2011

After appearing as a musical guest, and taking part in a sketch wearing quite a fantastic Elmo t-shirt, singer Katy Perry will following in her husband Russell Brand‘s footsteps and take the Saturday Night Live stage as host of the late night sketch comedy series. However, unlike hosts like Elton John and Justin Timberlake who have pulled double duty as host and musical guest, Perry will have Robyn as the episode’s musical guest. Perry’s music videos clearly show she has the right personality and talents for comedy, most particularly her alter ego Katy Beth Perry from videos like Last Friday Night which you can check out after the jump.

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  • Edward Lee

    Elmo’s eyes are just hypnotic!

    • andy

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  • The Observer

    Maybe she will be playing the flute?

  • Jeff

    I used to hate Elmo. Not anymore.

  • Mikey

    I couldn’t give a Frak about Katy, but Robyn is phenomenal live.

  • James Goldman

    Katy Perry is really gorgeous and very talented. She’ll be an incredible host, just wonderful.

    • I cry u smile

      You must have shitt for brains if you think she’s talanted :/

  • sense 11

    Such Huge Talent

    • james

      Large, beautiful, perfectly shaped talents