Kaya Scodelario to Replace Rooney Mara in EMANUEL AND THE TRUTH ABOUT FISHES

     December 13, 2011


I invested in Kaya Scodelario stock after liking her work on Skins.  She seemed like the type of actor we would snatch up for studio fare.  And that day may come, as it has for fellow Skins actor Nicholas Hoult, who went on to roles in big budget movies like X-Men: First Class, Jack the Giant Killer, and the upcoming Mad Max reboot.  But after one dalliance with Clash of the Titans, Scodelario has been content with the indie world, starring in the opaque adaptation of Wuthering Heights and the upcoming terminal illness drama Now Is GoodVariety reports Scodelario has added another to the list, signing on to replace Rooney Mara as the lead Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes.

The script by director Francesca Gregorini (Tanner Hall) centers on Emanuel, “a troubled 17-year-old girl who babysits her new neighbor’s ‘baby,’ which is actually a very life-like doll.”  Oh, that’s creepy.  But I like it, especially after Lars and the Real Girl proved the premise is viable.  Mara is a tough loss, but the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star is about to be swallowed up by the studio machine.  While she’s still an indie darling, Scodelario is a solid replacement.

  • whatever

    Scodelario needs to take some acting lessons. She is undeniably fetching (breathtakingly so at times), however part of the reason the first run of Skins was so much better than the second was because Effy was mute. Consider the work of the Fanning sisters or Carey Mulligan (or even Rooney Mara, for that matter) – she can’t really hold a candle. The good news is, she isn’t awful – she just needs a little coaching and, possibly, to get over herself a little bit. You can only go to the “I’m so beautiful and so misunderstood” well so many times…