Keanu Reeves Shows Behind-the-Scenes Camera Work for Directorial Debut, MAN OF TAI CHI

     June 22, 2012


After Keanu Reeves enthusiastically professed that he knew kung-fu back in the days of The Matrix , the actor is finally getting back to the martial arts.  Reeves has already wrapped on 47 Ronin, a retelling of the legend of a band of samurai who set out to restore their master’s honor.  But Reeves is also working on his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, a story revolving around a young martial artist’s experiences in Beijing.  The contemporary picture stars Tiger Chen (who worked on the stunt team in The Matrix) as the protagonist with Reeves himself as a villain.  Casting notes aside, Reeves commented on the revolutionary camera work he’s using with Man of Tai Chi to both provide a new perspective on the fight scenes while keeping the cast, crew and camera from suffering any damage.  Hit the jump to check out the proof-of-concept videos.

The Matrix brought us “bullet time” and  “wire-fu,” further used in such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Now, it looks like Reeves may be bringing us a new version of action shot that I’m dubbing “cam-fu” (Forgiveness, please).  Check out the video of a fight scene from Man of Tai Chi with Reeves’ commentary and the new camera in action (via TwitchFilm):

He’s going to need to be precise with that thing flying around the actors, especially due to the number of fights Reeves expects to have in Man of Tai Chi:

“There’s 18 fights. We’ve timed it out. It’s about 40 minutes of fighting. I want to make a good, solid kung fu movie. Good story, good plot—but let’s get some good kung fu going!”

You can also check out this demonstration of the amazingly versatile and dexterous Bot & Dolly camera rig:

It’s nice to see Reeves expressing interest in cinematography and sharing it with his audiences.  On that note, he recently produced and presented Side by Side, a documentary on the ongoing discussion between the use of film versus digital for features.



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  • drod

    Very Impressive I would never have thought Keanu would have talent behind the camera but he actually seems right at home so to speak. I’m very excited about this project now…the fighting looks great. From what I just saw I say Good Job!

  • sense 11

    That looked really good

    Keanu Reeves is and will always be awesome.

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  • tonamania

    That was a thing of beauty. Didn’t here of this movie up until minute ago, now really looking forward to it.

  • Intel Agent

    I got mad soul skillz and I will tell you


  • ladyneptune

    Hopefully Keanu will start getting more of the respect he deserves through projects like this. I love that he’s playing the villian in addition to directing! Super psyched for this movie.

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    Always liked KR. Don’t understand all the hating toward him. Hope this goes well for him.

  • Oldcastle

    That thing looks just like GLADoS from Portal.

    • Mr_Skyfish


  • im mister manager


  • rocky

    Agree with most here, always loved Keanu. I think many see him as his character from the Bill and Ted films but I’ve always thought he was really talented, he has his ays just like many other actors do.

    This looks amazing and I’m really looking forward to his 47 Ronin as well. Maybe he’ll start getting the respect that IMO he deserves. Hope this turns out great



  • Brux

    Great camera angles and flowing moving.
    Impressive fighting moves.
    Keep up the good work, Keanu!

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