Keanu Reeves Secures Funding and Distribution for Directorial Debut MAN OF TAI CHI

     December 14, 2011


It was first announced in April that Keanu Reeves planned on making his directorial debut with the martial arts movie Man of Tai Chi.  Ever since, Reeves has been in talks with Village Roadshow Asia and China Film Group to make it happen.  Reeves has finally made the deal, teaming with Universal and Wanda Media in addition to Village Roadshow and China Film Group to make and distribute Man of Tai ChiTiger Chen, who was part of the Matrix stunt team, stars as “as a young martial artist whose fighting skills brings him to a realm of vast opportunities, and painful choices.”  Reeves will also co-star as the villain.

Man of Tai Chi is scheduled to start shooting in February in China.  Reeves will shoot in both Mandarin and English for the film, set in contemporary Beijing.  Hit the jump for quotes from Reeves on his approach to the task at hand.

Back in April, Reeves promised he would not skimp on the kung fu:


“There’s 18 fights. We’ve timed it out. It’s about 40 minutes of fighting. I want to make a good, solid kung fu movie. Good story, good plot—but let’s get some good kung fu going!”

Reeves also noted the inherent difficulties with the truly international production, which must be daunting for the first time filmmaker:

“We want to do it in Chinese and English, do it as kind of a co-production with CFG perhaps, which is a Chinese film group, kind of a studio. It’s tricky.”

I honestly don’t know if Reeves can pull this off, but I am happy he will get the opportunity to try.

Amazingly, Man of Tai Chi is still a close second in Upcoming Martial Arts Movies from Unexpected Sources to The Man of the Iron Fist, a kung fu movie written and directed by RZA, starring Russell Crowe.

  • Troll Detector

    In spite of the constant criticism of his acting skills (which, despite what the majority of critics say, he does possess), I’ve always liked Keanu Reeves. I like kung fu. I think I can get with this.

    • Troll Detector

      (Oh, and in six months or so, cue the complaints about him not being “Asian” enough to star in 47 Ronin, despite that being a bunch of bullshit.)

  • nelson

    seeing how his 47 ronin character is Eurasian they have no room to complain

    • Jason

      He’s 1/8 Chinese and 1/8 Hawaiian. To consider that “Asian enough” is a joke. There’s a reason why Reeves has made his career playing white people.

      The only ones that want to consider Reeves “Asian” are racists who want to maintain white supremacy in Hollywood and prevent nonwhites from getting lead roles in major movies.

      • Cleide

        Hi Jason, I’m from Brazil and have a question for you, why every conversation in the US turns into racism issue?

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  • Dedpool

    This sounds interesting. It’s actually the kind of take I want DiCaprio to take if he ever gets his stuff together to do the “Ninja Scroll” film. Good luck to Reeves!

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