Kevin Costner Drops Out of Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED

     September 15, 2011


It appears that Kevin Costner won’t be starring in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained after all. The actor was in negotiations to join Tarantino’s controversial western, which takes a harsh look at slavery in the 19th century as told through Tarantino’s oh-so-politically-correct pen, but now Variety’s Justin Kroll reports that the actor had to pass due to scheduling conflicts. Costner was poised to play the villainous role of Ace Woody, a man who trains male slaves to fight for the public’s amusement. Costner recently filmed his role as Clark Kent’s adoptive Earth father in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and also has the History Channel miniseries The Hatfields and the McCoys and his directorial effort A Little War of Our Own on his plate so those projects may be to blame for the scheduling snafu.

While I was quite looking forward to seeing Costner as a Tarantino-written baddie, Django Unchained is doing just fine casting wise. Jamie Foxx is set as the titular Django, a freed slave who sets out to rescue his wife, while Leonardo DiCaprio will play the film’s main villain, an evil plantation owner. Christoph Waltz, Gerald McRaney, and the recently confirmed Samuel L. Jackson also star. Django Unchained starts production this November in New Orleans and is slated for a December 25th, 2012 release.

  • Strong Enough

    just great. another black actor going “oh yes massa oh so sorry massa i didnt mean to do that” ehhhhhhhh. I long for a day where I get a hispanic lead role in a Bourne Identity like franchise.

    • Cali Kid

      Django become a bounty hunter with Waltz character in this movie and kills a ton of slave owners and becomes free. He’s not a slave for 3/4 of the film. It’s a feel good movie, Tarantino style.

    • DeLeon

      If you want to see a Hispanic actor in a “Bourne” series then encourage Hispanic producers, writers, directors, and distributors to get behind such a project. Why are you waiting around for whites — well, non-Hispanic whites at least — to cater to you?

      And you obviously don’t know anything about what Django’s plot. It’s not some “yes massah” role.

  • Desert Rat

    Thats a shame. Costner spitting Tarantino dialogue wouldve been a joy to watch.

    What about De Niro? Or, hell, Tarantino’s buddy Travolta? Both of them could use the boost.

  • jason

    good riddance


    He should cast Walton Goggins.

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  • JLC

    Kurt Russell.

  • Viteh

    Walton Goggins FTW

  • smiley

    michael fassbender!!!!!!

  • Startide

    Anyone else just not interested in seeing this movie? Tarantino = style over substance

    Also in this era (error?) of Obama, do we really need a movie dealing with how bad whites can treat slaves and have it super stylized? That’s all we need are more angry blacks out there wanting reparations our generation had nothing to do with.

    • Cali Kid

      It’s a movie. It’s also a part of history. Nothing to get upset about.

      • SeeingDouble

        It’s fact and it’s fiction. Nothing to be consistent about.

  • Tarek

    Tarantino is a hack. I am fed with all his same regurgitated movies.

  • Kyle Harris

    Damnit!! Damnit!! Damnit!! I was hoping for you Costner!!! WHat else is so important that you cant revamp your career with a little violence that you have so well portrayed in the past. I was really looking forward to this character…I think the other actors like fox is replaceable but not costner id rather see him and dicaprio as bad guys then any of the so called good guys…Not cool…

  • razmataz

    Travolta isn’t a stupid idea and would actually be kinda cool.

    But its gotta be Harvey Keitel

  • Corey

    He should get Harrison Ford for the role.

  • SeeingDouble

    Tarantino has made a career out of ripping off other people’s original, if grade B, work. Only his rabid trolls will see a big budget “Mandingo.” Like “Grindhouse” this will be a huge financial failure, but execs wet themselves to have the chance to say, I worked with Quentin! Talk about a naked emperor. But why critics think five f-words a minute and ultraviolence constitute improvements over the hackneyed originals is beyond me.

  • GhostD

    Sad that Costner has to step away.

    Kurt Russel would be a good choice to step in. Though, I feel Keitel is the most likely one. But there’s always Michael Madsen too.

  • HiQ Bob

    Tarantino is equally as chicken s… as the creators of South Park; still fighting the Nazis, slavers, slave owners, and deceased white people in general. Oh, I forgot Christians too. They will never take on those who would fight back. Makes me think of Dwight Schrute; intrepid ninjas in their own minds cowering at the first sign of blowback. Costner couldn’t stomach another trite effort of the wunderkind.
    I will always see Tarantino as the Elvis imitator he played in an episode of “Golden Girls”; shameless.

  • Bronco46

    You have give Tarantino credit for imagination.
    This idea makes no sense on the face of it. Slaves, were a valuable commodity. Hollywood has been incorrectly portraying the ways slaves were kept and treated for decades.
    This is not to say there was anything good about slavery. But reasonably well fed, healthy slaves were valuable to the owner. The idea that an owner would waste a resource like that is ridiculous; and there is little to no credible historical documentation to back this up.
    This is just more pandering to a segment of an audience; and an extension of Tarantino’s ideology.
    These kinds of story lines are dangerous; they sow the seeds of hate and discontent; which is made doubly worse by the fact that it’s a lie.

  • John

    Ah, lovely. After Inglorious Bastards (sic) and Machete, we get another movie of minorities gloriously torturing evil whites to death for historic sins.

    After Shakespeare and Wilde and Twain and Tolkien and hundreds of other giants who’ve created the culture of western civilization, isn’t it just lovely to see where Tarantino and the Hollywood crowd is taking it next?

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