Kevin Feige Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, Josh Brolin (Thanos) and the Infinity Gauntlet, a Female THOR Movie, DOCTOR STRANGE, and More

     July 29, 2014


Shortly after the Avengers: Age of Ultron panel in Hall H at Comic-Con Saturday night, I got to conduct video interviews with most of the cast in the press room.  While the interviews had to be conducted in groups due to how many reporters were in attendance, we still managed to get a lot of great information from the cast.   You can watch my Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans interviews by clicking the links.

In addition to the cast of Avengers, I also got a few minutes with Marvel’s Kevin Fiege.  He talked about the great Joss Whedon dialogue in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the possibility of Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, how much Josh Brolin wearing the Infinity Gauntlet on stage indicates where things are going in the Marvel universe, the likelihood of making Thor a female down the road, the rumors that Joaquin Phoenix might play Doctor Strange, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

And for more with Kevin Fiege at Comic-Con, click here for an extended print interview with a lot more information.

Kevin Feige:

  • Where does Captain America’s shield being broken happen in the movie?
  • :50 – the awesome dialogue between the cast in Avengers Tower
  • 1:25 – Talks about having Josh Brolin on stage wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and how it’s an indicator of where things are going in the Marvel universe
  • 1:55 – Will Thanos be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?
  • 2:15 – Female Thor talk.  Is that an option for them in the movies?
  • 3:00 – Reinvention of characters talk.
  • 3:30 – Doctor Strange movie casting talk.

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  • World’s Finest Comments

    Can we please have a Miss Marvel movie before we get a female Thor one? Geez.

    • Kyle Chandler

      In case you didn’t see the video, it was a dumb question but Feige’s answer was encouraging! He said that we’d see new female characters introduced before changing existing characters. So we’re more likely to see female superheros, african americans and AFRICAN AFRICANS!!!!

      Sorry, I just really want a black panther movie. I love that guy. Also a Miss Marvel movie would be incredible.

      • TigerFIST

        Oh yes. I would love a Black Panther and Ms. Marvel movie. I could wait on Ms. Marvel until after Avengers 3 though..

    • RiddleThemThis

      Speaking of female superheroes, I would love to see a spider-woman film centered on hydra, but I feel like mainstream audiences would see her as a lesser version of spider-man.

  • Kyle Chandler

    Once again it is Frosty with the only intelligent questions!! Well done!

    I liked what he said about recasting the characters. I know they’re keeping that option open, but I love the current cast and would much rather them add more characters than change, for example, cap over to bucky or falcon.

    • Lovecraftlives

      Frosty is awesome. He always tries to get answers that we fans want. Some people might complain about him asking about deleted scenes, but I’m one of those people that wants to know shit like that. He is a true fan and that is what makes him so good.

      • TigerFIST

        Who the fuck would complain about deleted scenes? Those questions are the best.

    • Beatific

      Yep, great questions. Kevin Feige is so good at not giving anything unannounced away.

  • jonas lírio

    So basically he confirmed we’re getting a Black Panther movie sooner than later. Yes. Good.

  • TigerFIST

    That’s what’s up Steve! It’s obvious he’s cool and comfortable with you after all this time. He basically confirmed that a Black Panther movie is in the cards. GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Char Aznable

    Frosty doesn’t moderate a panel well, but he’s a great interviewer. Keep up the good work, sir.

  • TheInfiniteToker

    Am I really the only one that would rather see Marvel make a proper Ghost Rider movie over Black Panther? I mean, Ghost Rider coming from MARVEL without Nic Cage would likely earn far more from the box office than Black Panther. Other than the title character, who can you really put in the film that anyone is going to recognize? Man-Ape? Not really.

    • TheInfiniteToker

      Plus, a Ghost Rider film could introduce Mephisto (one of the Marvel universe’s bigger baddies) and Blackheart to the MCU. Mephisto would be a fantastic villain to put in alongside Thanos in Avengers 3.

      • Sultan Abdulrazzaq

        Black panther has defeated mephisto before.
        so yeah I would prefer to see black panther than ghost rider at this point

    • Kyle Chandler

      When you’re talking about recognition, it really depends on who you talk to. With Black Panther, they basically have the opportunity to make Jungle-Batman, and I think that is something that anyone can sell.

      So yeah, I’m firmly in the Black Panther camp. He’s more exciting to me than GR, and would certainly fit better in an Avengers movie.

    • milo

      Marvel may make a ghost rider movie at some point but they’re not going to do it without waiting a while to let audiences forget about the previous crappy movies.

      BP they could do as soon as they want, no lingering nasty aftertaste. GR will suffer if it’s too soon and people think about Nick Cage.

    • RiddleThemThis

      I actually enjoyed the casting of Nicolas Cage in those films, but the movies themselves were just ridiculous. Obviously though if marvel were to do their own ghost rider films they would have to recast so that it wouldn’t be associated with the previous franchise.

  • Dirk Agia

    No one at Marvel/Disney is going to put Falcon in Cap’s uniform! They have tickets to sell where as the comics are not as big as they once were.

    • milo

      I’d be shocked if they don’t eventually have either Bucky or Falcon in Cap’s uniform. It’s not a question of if, it’s when. Even if they wanted Evans to do it forever, at some point he’s going to want to move on to other things.

      Along the same lines, I absolutely think they could have made a fourth Dark Knight movie with JGL taking over as Robin/Nightwing or even putting on the bat suit himself. And it would have done well, kind of surprised they didn’t considering how Nolan set up that possibility.

      Personally I’d much rather see them go the route of another character becoming a new Captain than just recasting and pretending it has been the same guy all along.

      • Dirk Agia

        I do think that Bucky has a better chance only because of the fact that his time as Cap happened before Falcon and Sebastian Stan signed a 9 picture contract.

  • Dirk Agia

    I think that Edgar Wright completely f’ed up Marvel’s plans by f’ing up the Ant-Man franchise! They gave him to much power and it cost them which is why they are behind in bringing in more franchises.

    • Corey

      definitely… antman would have been a founding avenger if edgar wasnt rewriting his script constantly. ultron could have been created by pym. marvel wanted edgar to do it and they proved it by letting him spend all those years making it but when marvel ultimately saw that it didnt fit into the universe they have created they had to change it and edgar left. i would have loved his vision for antman since he seems so passionate about it but i trust marvel more.

  • milo

    Guardians at 97% positive rating now. You have to wonder if Feige was more psyched about comicon or about the next movie opening less than a week later to rave reviews.

    This is shaping up to be a solid streak of Marvel movies with Cap 2, GOTG, then Avengers 2. (cue the comments about Ant Man…)

  • Dave

    movie player sucks on this site. just use youtube and monetize it

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  • appolox

    I’d rather see Bucky become Captain America over Sam Wilson just because it would marketer more sense to have his long time friend replace. I’m completely cool with female Thor though. But they really should do Ghost Rider justice evetlntually.

  • appolox

    I’d rather see Bucky become Captain America over Sam Wilson just because it would marketer more sense to have his long time friend replace. I’m completely cool with female Thor though. But they really should do Ghost Rider justice evetlntually.

  • Janeails22x

    We need a Black Widow movie. With the success of Lucy over Hercules, I would say the built in Marvel audience would boost those sales even more, finally giving us a true superhero female-centric movie. It’s time.

    • salfie

      I definitely wouldn’t be averse to a BW movie. I think that they’ve built the universe enough that you could have a natural supporting cast to back up ScarJo. If they don’t kill off Hawkeye he’d be great support.

  • salfie

    After the first 3 Avengers films (#3 I’m guessing will be a lead in or the culminating film in the Infinity Gauntlet) I wonder if Marvel will elect to go with team-up movies? That is to say, Iron Man & Hulk, Thor & Dr. Strange, Ant Man & SHIELD, etc. as a way to keep a cohesive universe while still featuring big star power.

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