Kevin Feige and Shane Black Talk IRON MAN 3, Deleted Scenes, If They Ever Considered the Demon in the Bottle Storyline, DOC SAVAGE and More

     April 30, 2013


With writer-director Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3 now playing around the world and opening in America this weekend, I recently got to speak with the cast and filmmakers here in Los Angeles.  During my video interview with Black and Marvel President Kevin Feige, we talked about if they considered doing the demon in the bottle storyline, deleted scenes (they’re going to save some for the eventual Phase 2 box set), what’s the status of Black’s Doc Savage movie, and more.  In addition, Feige reveals that it was Robert Downey Jr. who helped come up with the tag at the end of the credits.  Hit the jump to watch.

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Kevin Feige and Shane Black:

  • Did they ever consider doing the demon in the bottle storyline since he’s suffering from PTSD in the film after the events of The Avengers
  • Deleted scenes talk.  Feige says they’re probably going to save a few deleted scenes for the eventual Phase 2 Blu-ray box set
  • Shane Black says there might be 15 minutes of deleted scenes in total
  • What’s the status of Doc Savage
  • Who came up with the tag at the end of the credits


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  • J.R.

    Bad movie, Bad movie

    • DC

      Marvel is gay. TDKR was better then anything they can ever pull out.

      • CD

        Okay…speaking of GAY…Man Of Steel is quite LIMP.
        Another REBOOT…that’s original

  • Danny

    The Mandarin arc is great and unexpected and Sir Ben gives a blow-your-mind performance. I wish it had more great character scenes like in the first Iron Man, and even in IM2 there were some great character scenes. It felt like a James Bond movie, all action, spectacle and CGI and the villain is the most interesting thing. If they do another Iron Man they should do something completely different. Maybe with less production costs and R rated but more character, less action. Strange that Black and Feige doing most of the interviews together without RDJ and the rest of the cast.

    • Ridge

      sounds like you loved the film, but I hated the way they used Sir Ben, he was really funny but it wasn’t why I expected from him and the “twist” revealing who’s the real mandarin was totally dumb in my opinion and also there was no direct reference to the event from the first IM movie of who tried to kill him.

      I expected a better movie but at least was good entertainment

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  • Stinky

    So what if it wasn’t the Mandarin you expected. Was an interesting twist. Worked in the movie. Get out of your comfort zone.

    All this bitching and moaning about not using magic jewelry. Seven hells.

  • tom

    Kevin Feige churning out film and film, like a 1950′s jewish mogul.


    • Mot

      Yeah…But it’s still going to make more money than Man Of Steel!

      • TomElliot

        Your hella wrong, there is no way that Iron Man can beat the most popular hero ever in the box office. Don’t be surprised if it beats the Avengers.

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  • R-Blaze

    what was the easter egg they were talking about?

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