Comedian Kevin Hart to Guest Star on MODERN FAMILY

     October 3, 2011


After taking home plenty of Emmys last month, the new season of Modern Family is proving that it deserved every one of them with yet another solid start to their third season. However, I have to say I’m not particularly excited about their newest guest star addition. EW has word that comedian Kevin Hart (Death at a Funeral, Little Fockers) has landed a role as Phil and Claire Dunphy’s new neighbor who is apparently a physician named Andre. Likely his job will be somewhat important to guest turn, but we’re not sure how. The reason this doesn’t thrill me all that much is that I’m not really a big fan of his stand-up routine, and his appearances in the aforementioned comedies have done little to impress me either. It’s interesting to note though that Hart did appear in Soul Plane with series star Sofia Vergara, and even more interesting to think about the fact that likely no one has talked about that film since its release in 2004.


  • colleen

    Ethan Anderton….ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND!? All of kevin Hart’s standup routines are HILARIOUS. Not only was he in soul plan, he appeared in 40 year old virgin. He recent movie Laugh At my Pain opened in 99 theaters and made $2million opening weekend. It went on to open in 59 more theaters and reached east and west africa. So when you say he’s done little to impress must be really out of the loop.

    • Ethan Anderton

      That’s great that his stand-up movie is raking in some decent cash in a limited release, but box office dollars doesn’t guarantee quality, and it doesn’t mean that his act has to impress me.

      I’m hardly out of the loop as an avid and loyal follower of countless stand-up comedians, but I just don’t find Kevin Hart’s stand-up to be all that funny. I think there’s far superior comedians out there, and I’m just not excited to see him swinging by Modern Family.

      Comedy is very subjective, so our tastes just differ. That’s all.

      • rutweezy

        ethan eat a d#ck!!..u dnt know wats comedy than u retard! evybody here is against ur opinion dat jst goes to show how wrong u r..di#ckface

  • eric

    Hey Ethan you just hate see Black people on white show’s man.

    • Strong Enough

      LMAo i know right? Kevin is friggin hilarious

    • Joshua

      Ethan Pissed Me Off !

  • Drew

    Kevin Hart’s the man! I don’t see how you couldn’t like at least some of his stand-up or movie appearances. Glad to see him doing so well.

  • Christopher

    Your an idiot. You should be banned from writing about comedy because you obviously know nothing about it nor what is or isn’t funny.

    • Ethan Anderton

      Because obviously my opinion being different from yours means that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

      Please, enlighten me and tell me about good comedy.

  • Joshua

    Kevin Hart Is Awesome And Him In The show Will Be Awesome I Cant Wait… I Dont Not Like How You Put Together This Post You Should Not Write Another Word On This Site…

  • Minerva

    YOU OBVIVOUSLY HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR!!! KEVIN HART’s stand up is one of he funniest I have ever seen! It’s real life, it’s comical and modern. It’s HART! I am looking forward to seeing him on Modern Family.