Kevin Reilly (President of Entertainment at Fox) Talks HOUSE, FRINGE Season 5, TERRA NOVA Season 2 & the GLEE Spin-Off

     January 8, 2012


As part of the TCA Press Tour presentation for Fox, President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly took some time to talk about where things stand with a number of their popular and long-running series. While he did say that the Jonah Hill animated series Allen Gregory was officially canceled, he said they still haven’t made final decisions on House, Fringe or Terra Nova, for further seasons, and shared some insight into how those calls will be made. And, although there will not be a Glee spin-off with Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer, Reilly said that show creator Ryan Murphy has come up with a cool idea for the show to continue beyond the graduation of some of the favorite characters, with them still involved in the series. Check out what he had to say about all the series after the jump.

Fox-logoQuestion:  Last summer, you said that you would probably be making a decision on House by the end of the Fall, which has come and gone, and we haven’t heard anything yet. What’s your sense on that now?

KEVIN REILLY: I think we have just been avoiding it, to be honest with you. It’s hard to imagine the network without House. It’s not going to be like the pink slip goes out, and that’s the end of House. David [Shore] and Hugh [Laurie] and the whole crew have been very busy. They are doing great work. We agreed, mutually, to put it off until after the first of the year. Then, we’ll sit down and see where we are. We haven’t had that meeting yet. Obviously, we are talking, as we go, but we haven’t had the big meeting about what we want to do. We are going to size everything up. It’s no secret.  Last year, we said it was going to be a close call, and it’s probably the last year, but we honestly haven’t made the decision.

When you do have that meeting, will that still allow for enough time for David Shore and the crew to wrap things up, if you decide to end things?

house_hugh_laurie_fox_tv_show_season_six_finale_01REILLY: Should it be the last season, it’s not going to be an unceremonious finish, I can tell you that. They are just really one of the best units of people I’ve ever worked with. They are so professionally, consistently, creatively tenacious. They are collaborative and responsible. Hugh [Laurie] is not only a great actor, but an incredible leader for his organization. It’s just really the dream scenario with that show, and that’s why it makes it a very hard decision, and, honestly, one that I hope we can make together, and I think we will.

If you do decide not to have it come back, could it jump to another network next year?

REILLY: It could, but that will be their business. I’m not even going to speculate about what that would be. I know there’s going to have to be a lot of deals. The deal structure would have to be reworked. But, it will absolutely have a satisfying conclusion to this season on FOX. If it’s the end of the run, I can guarantee you that there is no way David Shore is going to have the fans feel like it wasn’t properly capped off.

Do you see any options on House spin-offs?

REILLY: No, I think that time has come and gone. We talked about spin-offs, over the last number of years, but David [Shore] just never creatively found something that excited him. But, who knows? Maybe something will come up at the 11th hour, and I would always want to hear that. But, we’re not in that desperate place where we need to try to keep some vestige of it going. That whole team, for the most part, has stayed together, through the entire run of the show. It’s why the show has been so consistently good. They’ve always taken chances. And, it’s going to end strong this season. Whether there’s another season, I don’t know. But, we’re definitely not going to do some watered-down [version]. Could we go in and slash the price of it and do a lesser show? We could. But, we’re definitely not going to do that.

terra-nova-tv-show-poster-0In regard to an expensive show that’s doing fairly well, is Terra Nova coming back next year? How do you feel about it, at this point?

REILLY: I don’t know. We’ve done a good job of avoiding some of these big decisions until after this session. But, I do feel fortunate that we have some high-class problems, with that being one of them. First of all, the show was an exciting bet to take, and I think it’s proven that it was worthwhile. There were 14 new dramas on the network schedules this year. Most of them have come and gone. It’s the second-highest-rated drama. It is one of the highest-rated new shows of the season. There is a distinct audience that has stuck with it, that enjoys it. The perception of it got away from us, at a certain point. It was pretty obvious that the bar was set enormously high. Everyone kept saying, “Doesn’t it have to do huge ratings?” The fact is, if this is all we produce, we made money on it, the studio made money on it, the audience enjoyed it, and the show looked fantastic. It is clearly a conceit that people wanted to watch. They’ve had ample opportunity to reject it, and they didn’t. Who it seems to have resonated with, particularly, is the family audience. We’ve heard a lot of evidence in focus groups and anecdotally that the family audience really feels they can sit down and watch it together. There’s a show there to bring back. There’s an audience there to access. We talked, last year, in this session about how there were a lot of chefs in the kitchen, going in. That did make for a little bit of a challenge. The show was hunting for itself, creatively, through the season. I love the cast. I love some of the episodes. I love some of the ideas that were there, and I thought it looked fantastic. Creatively, it was hunting. So, we are trying to figure out, in a network that is pretty strong across the week right now, is that the best show?  If we had more holes on our network, we’d be thrilled to lock that right in. Right now, we are looking at everything, with some of the shows that are premiering, and then we are going to decide very soon because it does need to get back into production, over the next month. With that decision, we won’t be able to drag our feet for too much longer.

Allen-Gregory-imageWhat is the official status of Jonah Hill’s animated series Allen Gregory?

REILLY: We will not be making any more of Allen Gregory. We had a great experience with Jonah. He’s a great guy. We’re in business with him. He’s got a live-action comedy with us, and we’re going to be doing more shows with Jonah. Creative content is challenging, no matter what, and animation is particularly challenging. We did not know, going into this season, where we were going to end up with The Simpsons deal. We hadn’t even really finalized The Flinstones. We now have both shows in circulation. We’ve ordered Bob’s Burgers beyond next Spring. Our goal, really, was to keep as many of the legacy shows intact, but we also want to try to continue taking shots with the next generation. Some are going to work, and some aren’t. But, I think you’re going to see Bob’s Burgers get to the next level this year. I feel that’s the next generation, already in motion. It turns out that Allen Gregory wasn’t it. I like what’s going on with Napoleon Dynamite. If you like animation, you should check that out.

What are you going to do with Fringe?

fringe-tv-show-poster-01REILLY: We’re going to get the Terra Nova, House and Fringe people all in a room and hold hands. No. You know what?  Fringe has been a point of pride. I share the passion for the show that the fans have. I love the fact that Fox, after letting down some of the genre fans over the years, put one on. I love the fans, and that they stuck with it and went to Friday night with us. It’s vastly improved our Friday night. We have a Friday night, for the first time in a long, long time. The hesitation in my voice is that it’s an expensive show. We lose a lot of money on the show. At that rating, on that night, it’s almost impossible for us to make money on it. That’s been the case now, over the last season. We’re not in the business of losing money. So, we really do have to sit down with that entity as well, and figure out if there is a number at which it makes sense, or will this be it? I do not want to drop the ball, at the end, and let the fans down. Please don’t start the letter-writing campaign right now. I can’t take it. I hope we get some credit with the fans, for seeing through a great show that they’ve enjoyed. I’m not quietly doing the soft cancel here. I’m just telling you where it stands. We haven’t even sat down with the producers or the studio. I know they want to keep it going. So, that’s another decision we’ll have to make.

What is the likelihood of a Glee spin-off with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer?

REILLY: Here’s what is going on with Glee: We are graduating the characters that are arcing to graduation. What’s come out of it is that Ryan [Murphy] and the guys have come up with a really cool idea. There will not be a Glee spin-off, but those characters will graduate, and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season. That’s all I can say about it now. That’s all I think Ryan [Murphy] is going to say about it, until the Spring. But, I like where it’s going, to really set us up in that Spring batch of episodes, and to set us up for next season. There will be no spin-off, characters will be graduating, and it will be a cool season next year. Lea Michele will still be a part of the show.

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  • taylor

    fringe is a great show. however, if it’s not making fox any money, then i can see why there is a possibility it could get cancelled. if it does, hopefully, some other network picks it up. i really love the show, and i would like to see it go through its run and end satisfyingly.

  • RichieLee

    Fair play to the guy. No bullshit. Just telling it how it is. Pretty refreshing actually. Still don’t cancel Fringe. Cheers.


    Please keep fringe on the air at least for one more season… Beside this thank you for the honesty on yours answers man.

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  • babeldinesh1990

    Guys….Pls do not cancel Fringe.its d best Sci-fi show out there

  • taylortribe

    I’m begging to the powers-that-be NOT to cancel Terra Nova!!! It is a great family show, it has dinosaurs!, action!, a great cast!, (although as it is made in Australia, it would be nice to let the Aussie actors keep their Aussie accents) and the story line is believable and leaves plenty of room for the imagination of its writers. Come on, it doesn’t get any better than that! Keep it going, there is SO MUCH MORE to tell yet! Pleeeeeeeeease!!! Keep it going!

    • alisha

      I love Terra Nova and hope it continues.
      Fringe should be canceled…not a very good sci-fi show.
      I like House and it should continue. Possible have the lackies take a greater role. Get a backbone.

    • fred

      BRING BACK TERRA NOVA!!! it was my favorite freaking show!!!!

  • Jay McKells

    Got to give Terra Nova at least one more season to see where it goes… Save money by scaling back the effects, they generally didnt add anything and looked horrendous half the time.

  • Nicole

    Please save terra nova! It really is the best new show on television. It has flaws but it really began to figure out where it was going and has improved tremendously. I love the idea that they are not cut off from the future. They went back in time with all their modern conviences & technology but It will be even more interesting to see how they’ll survive now. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  • excpired

    ut oh here comes Fox with the clippers, cutting away all their best shows.

    Hope Terra Nova makes the cut x[

  • Nancy

    It is my favorite show and I love Hugh Laurie.
    He is an AMAZING actor. How can FOX think of losing him??
    There is NOT enough time to properly end the show now.
    We NEED at least another season to say good-bye to a show
    and a man we have loved for nearly eight years.
    My heart would just break. I would be devastated. :(

  • Mike

    Would like House to stay. Better not cancel Fringe! Best sci-fi show on TV.

  • Mortimer

    Cancel House. It´s not the same since Curry left.

  • aaronsullivan

    Gotta hand it to Fox for sticking with Fringe. I could barely hang on during the first season as there were serious issues with the show. It has matured into something great and my wife and I love it. It’s too bad that it had so many missteps at the beginning which probably cut down the audience quickly.

    I do hope they find a way to keep it going a bit longer. :)

  • brandon

    screw fringe….keep terra nova.

  • Winter

    My bf and I love Terra Nova, it was so great, please don’t cancel it!! I loved everything about it. The story, the characters, the fact that there were dinosaurs in a scifi was awesome! =] Nice change from all the alien species.

  • Anthony

    Oh man plz dont cancel fringe!! its the best show on air right now next to modern family! My mom and I look forward every friday to seeit!

  • Kristine

    For the last eight years I have been sitting on the sofa watching [H]ouse religiously. This year Monday nights have been the highlight of my week. Not only do I get to see the sexy Hugh Laurie, who is my favorite actor EVER, I get to see the hot Jason O’Mara do his thing in Terra Nova. FOX would be stupid to cut their big runners. I don’t watch Fringe, but I know it’s another High ranked show. If Fox cancelled any of these, I think the channel would lose a lot of money. Fox depends way too much on the American Idol and X-Factor, and its a shame. I hate reality TV and I hate those two especially. Music is not my thing, but as a writer myself, I love watching television shows and being engrossed in fiction. I love the writing that goes into it, and House and Terra Nova has an extremely amazing team of writers and creators. Their work is inspiring, and I’d hate to lose either one. I’d also hate to just lose Fox as my favorite network.

  • Tom

    i swear if fox pulls a abc and cancels terra nova like abc cancelled v,i will not watch another show.

  • s

    Dont cancel terra nova, everybody in my family love it even my 6 year olds brothers ! No matter what is happening we always sit down and watch terra nova! Its very exiciting with the dinosaurs! It has everything i love Action!Dinosaurs!please let it go on

  • Daniel James

    I truly hope there will be a Terra Nova Season 2 (and many more!). TN is the only show I watch at all now, as I like it so much. I watched every episode as soon as it came out, and the cliffhanger and the end will be unendurable if there is no Season 2. Please don’t cancel it!

  • ksteidle

    Please don’t cancel Terra Nova

    Sci-Fi lovers have taken it on the chin far too many times over the last 2 years.

    Screwed with the finale of Lost
    The Event turned out to be a Non-Event
    V was canceled

    If Terra Nova is canceled we will again get the shaft.

    Again and again the Tv stations have sucked us in, taken up our time and hung us out to dry.

    Fox please find a way to bring it back and give us some kind of closure. It would be really hard for me as well as many others to believe in another show and be taken in yet again if this show is canceled.

    Thanks for your time.


  • quinn


  • alisha

    X-factor should be canceled after the disgrace at the beginning of the show.

  • Maria

    FOX get a brain and save terra nova its a brillient show, and although i enjoy fringe and house they did’nt trill me last season.

  • Darby

    I love all these shows. Don’t cancel any!!! Terra nova could do without the bad Aussie actors. I’m Aussie so I can say it, but it’s still really good and needs a proper ending season one finale left unanswered questions. House is the best medical drama ever and I would be happy if it continued but don’t mind as long as it gets a proper ending. Keep fringe for sure it’s got heaps of awesomeness left. Love that show constantly interesting and it better get a proper ending. Love them all and will watch them
    for as long as they are on TV.

  • David

    Fringe is a great show, it sad that it not making Fox any money.
    But most of the crew who are behind the show are making bucket load of money for fox and others by making some of the highest grossing films at the cinema.

    I do not expect them to cancelled is and pissed of the crew behind it , if anything they will continue making a lost from it, to save there relationship with the people behind the show. It the reason why they have kept renewing it so far.

    I suspect we will get another season but it will be declared as the last one and may be dramatically shorter in length. 6 to 12 episodes but on per episode bases a higher budget than last season Fringe.

    Terra Nova look good and is good, I seriously think Fox need to do everything it can to get the show back on the air, even if that means finding international partners to fund it and sticking to 12 episodes a season. Just ignore the idiot that says we do not need to see the dinosaurs, same as the idiot who said we did not need to see the zombies in Walking dead.

    House has had a long run and may be it time to end it gracefully, some may even say it past it sell by date. Hugh Laurie will have no shortage of offers of work. An the rest of the crew will find other jobs.

    Glee just let it die. It first season had some magic, it was even entertaining at times, the rest was just repetitive tripe.

  • Riley

    Done cancel Terra Nova it just started and it would suck if u took it off i love te relationship between detective shannons daughter and the soldier please dont take it off i dont care if we lose fringe i find it useless i like Terra Nova better and X-factor should stay on i love that show as well

  • Riley

    I meant to say dont

  • Robi

    Dont cancceld Terra Nova
    I Loved
    Iam from Croatia aind i hope they will be plenty more Terra Novas Seasons
    Love it<3

  • Sandy

    KEEP TERRA NOVA!!! cancel House and Fringe – it is time for House to go…it has been on there long enough. Terra Nova is way better to watch than Fringe. Fringe – never got it is just too weird….

    • anonymous

      Based on the many number of terra nova comments, & my love of the show, I say that if you cancel Terra Nova, many people will stop watching all fox shows and fox will lose millions of viewers. So honestly DON’T CANCEL TERRA NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!

      unless you are stupid or something.

  • Gerardo

    keep terra-nova!

  • Tim

    Please bring back Terra Nova, it is the best show on TV since “24″
    also please produce more episodes, finally a show that my whole family could watch

  • chocholman

    please, just keep TERRA NOVA. It is the best!!!!!!

  • J

    PLEASE KEEP TERRA NOVA ! I LOVE the show ! it is the best !!! My whole family loves it so PLEASE KEEP IT RUNNING !!

  • ric

    Terra Nova – My family loved the show last season. We enjoyed all the episodes and are looking forward to a second season. Please make every effort to negotiate and bring it back on the air.

  • cw

    Everytime I get hooked on something good… gets cancelled. Deadwood and V….gone. Spartacus was renewed just by the hair on it’s teeth. Really hoping for rewal of Terra Nova.

  • daniel dantas

    Please, bring back V!!!!!!!!

  • Charity Dawn

    Please bring back terra nova…please please please… MR. Taylor Sir!!!…..I SO MUCH LOVE TERRA NOVA..THE BEST OF THE BESTEST…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE…

    I love the story
    I love the casts
    I love the settings
    I love everything…. <3<3<3

    I love Jim, Elisabeth, Josh, Maddie, Zoe (Shannon Family) …
    Mira, Mr. Taylor, Malcom….. everybody…. !!!

  • Sammy Munt

    I will be absolutely devestated if Terra Nova gets axed. It’s epic-stick with it and it will be phenomenal

  • Brit

    Don’t Cancel Terra Nova!!!! My entire family loves this show, it’s the only thing that we can all watch and enjoy. Terra Nova has such a great plot, the cast is wonderful, it’s so entertaining. Please bring it back, this show is amazing!!!

  • Leslie

    DO NOT cancel Terra Nova. I <33333 Terra Nova. Its an awesome show. Also, keep the full cast ! :D

    Thank you !

  • t erra nova


  • angie

    seriously, terra nova is my new favorite show i do NOT want it to go away! it is the perfect balance between personal drama, nature drama (dinosaurs and diseases), and enemy drama. i never feel like omg i dont care who you’re dating get back to the main story, i always love every story thats going on. its as addicting as lost so far.

  • Andrea

    Please do not cancel Terra Nova. My kids keep asking when it will be back! We need decent television that a family can watch together. There isn’t much of that left anymore!

  • Shawn

    Terra Nova was a very great show. There were flaws here and there, but most pilot season do have them. A lot of the fan hype was based around T. Rex (I’m guilty of expectation myslef.), but even without the giant show-stopper, it was amazing and packed full of (for lack of a better word) amazingness. There was action, dinosaurs, time travel, suspense, and a pretty good story behind it.

    The CGI effects, I will admit, were not the greatest. They were pretty good, but nothing compared to the level of the more expensive movie showcases. I won’t complain about the CGI because, movies are like video games to me, the graphics don’t really matter it,s how the story plays out (Mostly gameplay in games. Haha.). More to the point, it wasn’t a b-rate Sy-Fy flick made in a limited amount of time and budget by some college kids or wanna-be big name production companies.

    I give Terra Nova’s pilot season a stunning 9/10 for its performance. No complaints on the CGI, none on the story, very amazing cast, loved the dinosaurs. However, it does urk me slightly how Spinosaurus managed to make the cut for 5 minutes of fame while Tyrannosaurus sat in the bleachers watching it’s terrible performance as it was chased by such inferior sized beings holding torches. T. Rex deserves a debut in a season 2, even if for only 5 minutes itself.

    Hahaha! So, I’ve written more a review than a comment. Oh well. Hahaha!

  • Jeanette

    Please keep Tera Nova. It is a great show!!! I especially like the fact that it centers around a family and there is no sex or bad language. Well Done!!! This is one my whole family enjoys watching.

  • Gwynnda

    I love Terra Nova, please don’t cancel the show. Same with House, I watch them over and over on CLOO. Both of these shows are amazing.

  • Wayne

    Me my wife and kids have watched each episode over and over about 7 or 8 times we think the show is awesome and a few things haven’t been finish and left in the air for example the bad lands. Please bring the show back as a full fledged tv show to go season to season I think and my family thinks it will be as big and great as Bones or other sci-fi shows as SG1 which went over 200 episodes.

  • Bruce

    Terra nova is the greatest show ever I love fringe but terra nova is the best, there is no contest. Please keep the show cant wait for season 2and neither can the kids.

  • Charlie


  • Valentina

    Please, don’t cancel Fringe! That would be so wrong…I can see how much it costs to do something like that but come on American guys, watch Fringe on Fridays, it’s an amazing show, the best of his category.. It helps me not to miss Lost…The show is just brilliant, intelligent, cryptic and the cast is amazing…Please, please, please keep watching Fringe live on Fridays… Support the show!

  • BD

    Tired of House. Haven’t watched it in 2 years.
    Have never seen Terra Nova – dont even want to start.
    Tired of Am Idol.
    Not going to watch any more x factor or dance stuff either
    Fox just ruins a good thing.
    Liked Glee initially but think its too much adult content for young kids at 8 pm time slot. wont watch it anymore.
    Tired of all the bleeps in all the Hells Kitchen nightmare crap
    Tired of reality crap
    Raising hope was funny last season but one big cornball this year
    New girl is fair at best and wont feel bad if that gets cancelled
    Touch was very good. We’ll see where that goes

    Fringe is the best on FOX. Its the only Sci-Fi I know of.
    If Fox doesn’t want it – let another Network pick it up.
    You’re not going to successfully syndicate a show with only 4 seasons.
    Let it run !
    Give it up to another network if youre going to mess with its days and time slots and then complain its not a money maker for a friday night.
    Would you like me to report back with your NET ANNUAL EARNINGS?
    Stop the excessive corporate arrogant greed.
    You can afford to keep Fringe.

  • Alana

    Terra Nova is one of the best seasons ever. Love the story, setting, cast and the drama. My friends and I love it! It is new, and not just another crime/police series. PLEASE bring Terra Nova back!
    we want to know what happens now that they are cut of from the future, is there another time fraction and what about Lucas Taylor, we love the crazy guy!

    Bring Terra Nova back!!!

  • Kathleen

    It is very sad to see the possibility of my two favorite shows being cancelled. I have been a very dedicated FRINGE fan since day one, and have not missed an episode. I just got my son hooked on it, and he is young and willing to forgo going out on Friday night just so he can watch it. He lives on the East Coast so it doesn’t air until 10pm…I understand it is a business decision because you are losing money, but at the same time, what about putting it back on during the week? You mention that since moving it to Friday, it got more expensive.
    I really hate to see Terra Nova get cancelled, it is a great show with awesome special effects… Especially since it has only been on for one season!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider and DO NOT cancel these two shows.

    On a side note, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you cancel GLEE. lol

  • Mary

    The jist I got from your conversation Mr. Reilly is that you have premiered so many new shows that Fox is basically competing with itself. You can’t decide which shows to keep and which to axe. Either way, it’s the fans for these shows that lose.

  • Barb2012

    Fox brings out so many innovative high tech shows and then complains they cost too much and cancels them. I’ve decided the only way to stop this for myself is to not watch Fox anymore if these last two favorites of mine: Fringe and Terra Nova are cancelled. You have lost your credibility with me.

  • china man

    (chinese voice) u cancel terra nova.. u die now!!!

  • Jade

    i love love love Terra Nova its amazing and i cryed when it finished. Everyone has their own opinion on which show they think is the best and mine is Terra Nova i loved the way that each off the actors/actresses portrayed their characters. i all adored mark and maddie’s relationship and in season 2 (hoping, praying, wishing that there is going to be a season 2)i hope they have more screen time as a couple and really show the love between them.
    i would love for there to be more episodes.
    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DONT’ CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. my english is…. lets just say not great so just ignore any mistakes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Chungie

    I love Terra Nova!!!It definitely is the best thing that has happened on TV during the last year.So don’t get rid of it!!!I want to see how the whole Terra Nova develops and how the characters will help in developing this new world.There are so many stories that still could be told!!!!…so let’s have a few more seasons b4 even thinking of kicking it out….
    Been following House for ages and still love his quirkiness but after many years watching the series I think we need another season to tie his story up….
    I like Fringe but as a few have said I prefer Terra Nova….it is so exciting!!!
    I just hope Fox will renew all 3 series….so come on KEVIN!!!!

    Make this happen!!!

  • Antos

    DO NOT CANCEL FRINGE! PLEASE MAN! one of the greatest shows ever created. It has endless possibilities. Find a way to make money out of it. With out giving it the boot. Terra nova is another great show and absolutely should not be cancelled, way too much potential there. Give house the boot. It has been on way to long already. Time to say goodbye!

  • Tim H

    Ive been reading all the comments here and I can say that a lot of other people here love Terra Nova too!!

    Keep the story going!! Its a great show!
    The only shows I see on tv are Terra nova –stargate’s goldrush and the Sun. cartoons at night! Love the simpson familyguy and American dad! (The clev. show started off good but has been a bit dry for a while now..)




  • Pedro

    i would be most miffed if fringe was to be canceled, it better have a better ending that most things that are canceled

    we spend years watching these shows to get nothing at the end but a cliffhanger that has no ending – no wonder ratings arnt great, no point watching anything new these days

    i also am a big fan of terra nova, i hope they keep that for season 2 onwards

  • Luke


    Go for a 5th Season and end it properly. John Noble is seriously one of the best actors going around – and has been for years! Even when he was in Home and away – he was good – and that show sucks! He’s that good he was in LA Noir!!!

    Anyway, Fringe needs to stay as the show has so many facets that interest the watcher in So many ways. Bite the bullet, take a loss (if that really is the case – I’m sure DVD sales will ease the losses – plus syndication) and for once give the people what they want.

    Terra nova – Give it a crack! Good show, good story line – clearly people love the dinos and the premise of the show. Also – it brings money into Oz, and that’s a cool thing for us Aussies. Perhaps source a different CG Company. Talk to Speilberg – he my have some ideas on how to do it on the cheap.

    If you keep pooping on the people that watch your shows, they will eventually turn off. American Idol and X factor (Whilst they may be Cash Cows) are horrible shows. the scifi channel has cut so much good content for the WWE – don’t fall into the same trap. Quality Vs Quantity guys! Increase the cost of the Ad space. I’m sure Mc Donalds can afford to pay some more.

    In Regards to House – wow, I can’t believe it’s still going. Hugh Laurie is awesome, Jesse Spencer (Well I’ve worked with him and he’s a douchebag), and the rest of the cast are so so – but it’s run its course – cancel it and be happy with the dvd and syndication sales.

  • Anneliese

    Please keep TERRANOVA!!!! The interactions between the characters are what keeps me watching. And the new plot point about the masthead and the Badlands is so intriguing that its unbelievable for the show to even be lacking any direction or grist

  • Ronnie

    My family and I(Proudly South African) love Fringe(Still waiting for season 4) and Terra Nova to bits. Please don’t cancel these shows. PLEAASEEEEEE!!!!

  • Matt

    Save Terra Nova, Save Terra Nova :)
    Send more plastic dinosaurs fox.
    Make our voice be herd.

  • Matt

    Save Terra Nova, Save Terra Nova…
    and don’t forget to send Fox those plastic dinosaurs to show your love for Terra Nova.

  • Sam

    please just keep Fringe … just keep it going for some more seasons, it’s the best series ever!

  • John

    Fringe is ok… but I swear to god if Fox cancells Terra Nova, I’ll never watch anything on Fox again.

  • pikes

    Please do not cancel House and bring back Terra Nova season 2.without these 2 series I don’t have anything to watch.Make it happen for every Fan.