Watch: Kevin Smith Talks Up the Weirdness of ‘Yoga Hosers’ and Johnny Depp


With the debut of Kevin Smith’s Tusk in 2014, the filmmaker unknowingly unleashed a new Canada-set film trilogy upon the world. Just like his New Jersey trilogy, this was never the plan. But when a podcast discussion about a serial kidnapper physically transforming his victims into walruses became an actual flesh-and-blood (and special effects) thing, well that setting was too rich to ignore. And one of the film’s biggest advocates was the Oscar-nominated Johnny Depp, who absolutely loved his role of Guy Lapointe.

This year saw the arrival of Smith’s follow-up, Yoga Hosers, which returns Depp’s character to the Frozen North alongside his daughter Lily-Rose Depp and Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith in their battle against an evil presence that’s too big of a surprise to spoil here. Collider Video’s Jon Schnepp sat down with the Smiths at Comic-Con for a lengthy interview about the film, the process behind getting it made, and the future of Smith’s career. For fans of the writer/director, it’s a must-watch.

Watch Schnepp’s video interview with Smith and his daughter above. Here’s a look at what Smith and his daughter had to say:

For more on Yoga Hosers, which opens in theaters September 2nd, be sure to check out some of our recent coverage below:

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