Kevin Spacey to Star in David Fincher’s Remake of the British TV Series HOUSE OF CARDS

     March 3, 2011

Way back in October of 2009 we heard director David Fincher (The Social Network) was behind a series remake of the British miniseries House of Cards. Set at the end of Margaret Thatcher’s tenture as the British Prime Minister, the original version focused on a former Conservative Party chief of staff who follows a hungry politician who wants to be the new Prime Minister. Fincher’s version moves the drama to the United States, but still focuses on on the issues of political ambition and blackmail.

Today, Deadline reports Kevin Spacey will star in and also executive produce the series with his producing partner Dana Brunetti (who also produced The Social Network). With an amazing actor like Spacey being brought into the mix with a script from writer Beau Willimon (the writer behind the political drama The Ides of March), it sounds like we’re in for one hell of a series. House of Cards doesn’t yet have a network home, but here’s hoping it ends up on AMC or HBO.