First Image from David Fincher’s Netflix Series HOUSE OF CARDS Starring Kevin Spacey

     May 28, 2012


The first image from director David Fincher’s upcoming Netflix series House of Cards is now online.  The show is based on the British miniseries of the same name and stars Kevin Spacey as a “wily, murderous politician worming his way to the White House” in Washington D.C.  Fincher is directing the pilot, and Netflix has committed to producing and airing two seasons of 13 episodes each that will stream through the subscription service.  Fincher seems a perfect fit to tackle the dirty game of politics, and the series reteams him the director with Spacey and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Robin Wright.  A specific airdate has yet to be announced, but the series is set to be unveiled sometime in 2013.

Hit the jump to check out the first image of Spacey and Wright in what the former calls, “[not] your daddy’s West Wing.”

Image via EW.


  • Viktor Jerner

    Ehm, she is not named “Penn” anymore.

  • amac

    this is great for Fincher. Breaking grounds with this netflix series, and apparently taking a different sylistic direction as well. I’m sure he’ll only direct a few episodes, but he’ll set the tone for the series. so far looks different than what we’ve seen from him before.

  • Sugreev2001

    Dat Photoshop

  • Michael Horne

    For those UK fans of the series I have only thing to say: “You may very well think that… I couldn’t _possibly_ comment.” :-)

  • Robby

    Amen to that Michael.

    Astounding BBC british drama from the 90′s.

    There is no way to fuck this up with Fincher and Spacey involved.

    The late Ian Richardson blew people away as Francis Urquhart, Spacey is more than talented enough an actor to pull it off.

    • David

      FU from the original BBC series was truly one of the greatest characters I have seen on TV. Spacey has a lot to live up too. If you haven’t seen the original series…WATCH IT NOW!

  • PinkysBrain

    I know a few people who are working on this show in the Baltimore area. They’ve told me that Fincher is directing two episodes. I hope the show is good and that it keeps filming in the area, but everything I’ve heard from the set are horror stories. Fincher has fired numerous people for wearing the color red and having “bad karma”. I love Fincher’s work and hope this turns out well, but people on set have said it is moving incredibly slow and that the acting is awful, apart from the leads. The people I’ve talked to have described the set as hostile and that it is mostly due to Fincher’s demands. They all have expressed hope that, when Fincher is done directing, the production will move much smoother.

    • varagor

      Firing people for wearing red sounds nothing like Fincher, si I’m calling bullshit on this one

      • Puim

        I’m calling total BS. I work on this and none of these tantrums described by “Robby” has happened. David is about a little less than half way into the second episode now, first episode is done. One of the other directors has already begun some work on, what I assume, is the third episode and they’re prepping for the Washington DC stuff. Things are running smoothly.

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  • background

    I was on set yesterday, filming a scene for episode 3. The set was not hostile at all, and the associate producers and wardrobe people did a great job of making sure that no background people were wearing anything bright or loud. There was no hostility, all though one unnamed producer did lose his cool and screamed for everyone to shut the eff up or go home. This was well deserved due to the loud volume of all on set and after numerous requests for quiet. I won’t release details, but I can tell you that one 1.5 minute scene was shot from about 5 different angles, and took close to 100 takes before we wrapped. Kevin Spacey is the consummate professional, and this show will indeed be wonderful.

  • Resident

    The crew is schedulesd to arrive on East Preston and St Charlae street within the next hour. Baltimore City has been relocating cars all over and equipment is everywhere.

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  • David

    Can’t Hollywood leave well enough along? Once again some producer fails at being creative and decides to redo (and relocate to the US) an amazing UK miniseries that began with HOUSE OF CARDS. They failed with “STATE OF PLAY” … I’m sure this will also be a bomb!

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