Killer Martin Scorsese Montage from Last Night’s Golden Globe Awards

     January 18, 2010


While I didn’t think much of last night’s Golden Globe Awards, there were some highlights: Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech, The Hangover winning Best Picture (Comedy/Musical), and the montage of Martin Scorsese’s films as part of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s (HFPA) honoring of him with the Cecil B. DeMille award.  The montage made me want to go back and watch every Scorsese film I’ve seen and rent every one I haven’t.  If it didn’t end with a promo for Shutter Island, it would be perfect.

Scorsese’s speech was also magnificent.  Even before he got to the stage, you could tell that everyone in that room loved him.  It’s hard to be in Hollywood as long as Scorsese and not garner mixed feelings, but you look around that room and people aren’t just standing and applauding, but they’re smiling and cheering.  That doesn’t always happen.  Even at his most controversial (The Last Temptation of Christ), his filmmaking continues to grow, he tells stories that are about universal themes, directs the hell out of them, and its made him both beloved and respected.

Some directors receive this and they the briefly mention DeMille and then talk about their own history and thank the people along the way.  Scorsese, with his vast knowledge of cinema and his devotion to film preservation, understood the greater context of his place in film history.  He spoke about DeMille’s influence and importance, and why it’s so important to keep film preservation alive.  Martin Scorsese loves movies with all his heart and we feel the same way towards him.  Hit the jump to check out the montage and his speech.



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