THE KILLING Returns to AMC for Season 3

     November 30, 2012


AMC’s The Killing has returned from purgatory and will air its third season on the network.  The crime drama was cancelled after two seasons and then had its hopes resurrected by a joint effort from AMC and Netflix, thanks to relentless pursuit from producer Fox TV Studios. Though none of the execs from the above-mentioned organizations would confirm the news, it looks like showrunner Veena Sud and executive producers Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin are back in the writers’ room as of this week, in order to churn out another season. Whether the show will regain its first season highs or continue its second season lows remains to be seen. Stars Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos are contractually obligated to return. Hit the jump for more.

Variety reports the-killing-season-2-posterthat production on season three of AMC’s The Killing is likely to begin early next year with a debut date in late May. Kinnaman and Enos are likely to return, as is star Billy Campbell, but no one has been locked down as of yet. While it looked like Netflix was going to play the savior (much as the movie rental/streaming company has done with Arrested Development), no deals have been finalized. Expect the shows to air on AMC next spring as a hopefully replacement for soon-to-be-finished series Breaking Bad and Mad Men

Like many viewers, I was a fan of The Killing during its first season and felt disenfranchised when they reneged on their promise to reveal the killer at the end of season one. I’m not up to speed on what transpired in season two, but shows today have enough difficulty generating interest from the get-go without suffering marketing missteps and cancellations. The Killing had a good thing going for it from the outset and could have even turned it into a series anthology, much like FX’s American Horror StoryNow that it looks like it’s back, I’m wondering, what’s the point? Maybe I’m wrong. If so, let me know in the comments below.

  • Farty McGee

    I farted to this news. Now I’m gonna go take a shit!

  • Farty McGee

    I farted to this news. Now I’m gonna go take a fucking shit!

  • Aaron

    Your right. Season 1 was great, the case was dragged out too long though. It would be cool if they had a new case every season.

    • jetblac

      From what I have experienced of the “system,” this shows dragged out depiction of how things flip flop back and forth it true to form. Awesome news!

  • Tony

    Love this show. Glad to see its coming back

  • Andrew

    Oh thank god! Now I continue to not see it!

  • Fiz

    With Kinnaman in again, I’m willing to give it a shot. I just hope they forgo the “lady cop is a bad parent” story line.

  • Tim

    Never watched it and Im going to continue that trend

  • George

    Problem is there so many better shows that deserve a reprieve from cancellation. One of them “TERRIERS” Which will always have a close place to my heart. Was a Gem of show that FX threw away. It and Veronica Mars have grounded foundation that TV need more noir and especially dramas set around unlicensed Private Investigators. Watching Donal Logue character arc on Son of Anarchy reminded me that he needs to be a lead in a drama again. I would be more than Happy if Netflix would at least consider it.

  • Tim

    Havent watched this show and plan to continue that trend.

  • Alan

    I am not sure where this “season one was great, but season two sucked” argument comes from. The show was always terrible: badly paced, poorly plotted. In fact, even the first episodes felt like a self-conscious ‘art’ project (which would be fine, if it came from an Alan Ball or David Simon but not a frickin’ ‘Cold Case’ producer), replete with middle distance stares (that signified nothing), intrigue-for-its-own-sake plot-lines (that go nowhere) and some of the most self-conscious acting I have seen in a cable program. It’s actually the worst of both commercial and cable television: it took all the exploitative shock twists of a Law and Order style procedural and tried to apply them into a ‘serious’ (read: boring) account of a small town.

  • Laurie

    Loved the show! Can’t wait to see it back!

  • Laurie

    Loved the show! Can\’t wait to see it back!

  • thedroop

    fuck that shit, watch the original danish series, amazing, and they dont ruin the fucking ending with a shitty cliffhanger. typical american capitalist bullshit

  • Cerpyn

    They’d save themselves some money if they just aired the superior Danish original.

  • Franklin

    Hopefully that’s what they plan to do with The Killing’s format: every season focuses on one murder which is resolved in the season finale. The only connection among the seasons would be the setting (Seattle) and any relevant side characters who occupy the series’ world (like the mayor). Even Linden and Holder could be replaced across the seasons, although their characters and the actors who play them are the best things about this series.

  • cece

    please leave this show alone. i am looking forward to the 3rd season. so many other shows that should be cancelled way before this one. nothing to watch on NBC,ABC or CBS. we need AMC, FX, HBO, SHO, MAX, PBS. the only networks worth watching.

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  • Carl

    This is one of my all-time favorite series. Glad to see it come back. Loved the actors. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. Mireille Enos is great. Thank you to whoever worked out the deal to return this series.

  • edward

    This show certainly has backers and detractors, as is usual for art/entertainment.

    I am in the split decision camp. Great job by the actors, wonderful setting and environment. The mood is dark, and this works well for the show.

    But like a lot of other folks, I found myself impatient while waiting for developments in the case in season one. There seemed to be so much side story intrigue that went nowhere and irrelevant side plots; I appreciate the writers attempt to really fill out the main characters, but many found the pace a little slow.

    I guess it depends on what motivated you to like the show. For those who fell in love with the main characters the extra time spent on the non-case related portions of the show were quite rewarding.

    For those like myself who thought it was great as a whodunnit or mystery. we did get a bit impatient waiting to find out about developments in the case. We didn’t care to see more than a passing introduction to how the detective’s rocky relationship with her son. I know, its cold to say, but I never had to do the family thing each episode with Sherlock Holmes, or Hercule Poirot, or even Mike Hammer, for that matter. Once in a while a little personal background would be touched on, but no this Hallmark/Oxygen channel delving into the detective’s personal lives each and every episode.. I don’t want to know if the ex hates her. I don’t want to know her son’s grades. I wanted to see how they were going to catch Rosie’s killer.

    Despite this frustration with all the extra emphasis on side matters, the whodunnit part was done well enough to keep me watching through all of season one….I would just yell at the screen once in a while for them to get on with it, and get back to the sleuthing!

  • Kimberly

    I loved both seasons. After the initial disappointment that Rosie’s murder hadn’t been solved, in some ways I liked the second season even more. I agree that it would probably be better if they have a different case every season, but I believe many of the first season fans didn’t even give the second season a chance. The relationship between Kinnaman and Enos’ characters really grew. I’m looking forward to the third season!

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  • nick

    While I too was disappointed by the first season finale, season two was a major improvement when it came to tying up loose ends. Looking forward to the next season.

    What I find comical is that most of the “detractors” here are the same couple of guys posting repeatedly. Seriously — move on and find something else to occupy your obviously copious amount of free time. The world (and the comments here) would be better for it.

  • nick

    While I too was disappointed by the first season finale, season two was a major improvement when it came to tying up loose ends. Looking forward to the next season. Joel Kinnamon in particular was excellent in the second season, enough to keep me watching,

    What I find comical is that most of the \"detractors\" here are the same couple of guys posting repeatedly. Seriously — move on and find something else to occupy your obviously copious amount of free time. The world (and the comments here) would be better for it.

  • nick

    Umm, or what it’s worth, the commenting system here is bogus. It says the validation field failed even when it didn’t, causing double posts… might be worth looking into.

  • Amy

    Wow, why do people have to sit down and pick apart every little aspect of a show. Whatever happened to just watching something for entertainment? If the first episode of the first season was THAT bad, why the hell do you continue to watch? And then waste your time coming on here to bitch about it with big words and act like you know all the inner workings of a successful TV show. Get a life. Learn to just enjoy something for what it is!! Not every show can be Law and Order, CSI, or any of the other mundane shows that start with a crime that is resolved after one hour. I’m personally over those shows. Open your minds! Twin peaks went for a few seasons with HUGE popularity. I guess times have changed since people could enjoy something OUTSIDE the box. The Killing is great. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t decide to bring it back after cancelling it, something that rarely happens. So stop acting like you are the worlds greates TV critic and enjoy a TV show for what it is….entertainment. And if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And certainly don’t come on a board that is praising a show for coming back, just to bash it. Grow up and do something else with your free time.

  • Arthur Kent

    This series was excellent! My youngest son got me hooked on it in March 2012, right before Season 2 began. I was able to watch all the episodes from Season 1 via Comcast’s On Demand, and I was glued to my seat with each episode I watched. In fact, at times I watched 3 episodes in a row!

    My Sunday evenings from late March 2012 through June 2012 were the best, as AMC had The Killing, and then Mad Men, back to back. Truly a great way to spend 2 hours!

    And, all this complaining about how Season 1 ended, without revealing Rosie’s true killer, was all hogwash! Remember, that is the way the equivalent Danish series ended, and the American series basically followed it. What the Danish folks did, though, was air Season 2 about 7 months after Season 1 ended (due to audience demand). Maybe that is what AMC should have done, although it could have “conflicted” with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

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