Guy Ritchie’s KING ARTHUR Might Be Trained by Idris Elba

     July 21, 2014


About three months ago it appeared that Guy Ritchie had firmed up King Arthur as his next project with the possibility of the tale stretching into six feature films (which sounds absolutely insane and near impossible to me, but whatever).  There’s still no word on this six movie business (which at this point I’m taking as a sign that this will be a standalone film that will leave the option for sequels open).  But now we have our first bit of casting news.

Idris Elba is in talks to join the film, which was written by Joby Harold and will be produced by Akiva Goldsman and Tory Tunnel.  Warner Bros. will be releasing the film in 2D and 3D on July 22, 2016.  Hit the jump for more on Idris Elba possibly joining King Arthur.

idris-elba-king-arthurPer Variety, Elba will play a “Merlin-esque figure who trains and mentors Arthur.” The site also mentions that offers to screen-test for the lead role will be going out next week and that those tests will take place in early August.  I imagine we’ll be hearing a lot of big names bandied about on casting lists around that time.  Plot details for the film are under wraps, but I’d expect lots of buckles to be swashed.

Ritchie previously developed a version of a King Arthur film with producer Lionel Wigram back in 2010, but the project (written by John Hodge) died when a competing film gained more traction.  Still, it’s nice to know that Ritchie has such an affinity for this material.  Perhaps it’s not a pure studio paycheck gig.

Also good news?  Ritchie has The Man From U.N.C.L.E. hitting on January 16th, 2015.  That film stars Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer.  There has been some debate about the quality implied by a January release date, but Warner Bros. probably likes what they’ve seen since they are diving right back into business with Ritchie for Arthur.  


  • wESh

    Meaning no disrespect, but I ain’t cut out to be no CEO

  • DNAsplitter

    I’d kinda like to see him and RDJ collaborate on this project. I think RDJ as King Arthur would be a really cool thing to see and since they worked so great on Sherlock Holmes then this could be another great project for them to team up on.

    • masterchiefmars

      RDJ as King Arthur? Jesus Christ no.

      • DNAsplitter

        The guy can play almost any person and nail it – see Tropic Thunder for point of reference.

      • masterchiefmars

        Let me make a disclaimer first: I love Robert Downey Jr. as an actor and his performance in Tropic Thunder is genius. With that said, let me start with something very simple: accents. His British accent in the Sherlock Holmes movies is cringe worthy at times. This is coming from a Brit. And there’s not a single movie of him I’ve seen where he can convince me that he can do gravitas as well as it’s needed for somebody like King Arthur.

      • Person

        RDJ could play Idris Elba.

      • agent777

        He can play vaguely coked out characters… and that’s about it.

        A poor mans Jeff Goldblum.

  • computerbenefit

    These badass-sounding supporting roles are cool and all, but god dammit when is hollywood going to recognize that this guy is a LEADING man. I mean what the hell else is he supposed to do to convince people?

    • DEADP00L

      To be fair Mandela was a great movie.

      Hollywood is run by an antiquated generation. A very very very bigoted hypocritical antiquated generation. You won’t see Arabs, Turks, Persians, Africans, Afghan, for example playing Arabic, Turkish, Persian, or Egyptian roles ie Prince of Persia played by a very non-persian guy, any biblical movie never being played by Middle Easterners or Egyptians. Even Tv shows – a lot of Spanish and Mexicans play Arabs or middle easterns. The claim is marketability but that’s BS. Will Smith for example held his own TV show and it was a hit yet how many fresh prince of Bel air shows have there been since him?

      It goes through a cycle and little by little you get an opening but for the most part there is a monopoly.

      Whether this continues, I doubt it. There is a shift going on from all venues and values – from politics to movies. So I see Idris being a leading man soon.

  • 80sRobot

    So a hexalogy? Right.

  • SorryNotSorry

    He coulda been Black Panther!!!

    Between Elba, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Djimon Hounsou, Marvel has already cast all my Black Panther pics in supporting roles. Boo.

    • DEADP00L

      He still can be.

  • agent777

    Elba has outstayed his welcome. Of all the great actors on the Wire, he was the least interesting and he is fucking everywhere, especially where he makes the least sense.

    Take a break dude before you really jump the shark.

    • Strong Enough

      One, don’t ever disrespect the gawd again. Two don’t EVER disrespect the gawd again

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