King Kong Returns to Universal Studios Hollywood for New 3D Ride Created by Peter Jackson

     February 1, 2010


There’s been a noticeable absence among the attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood ever since the great ape of Skull Island vanished from the premises.  Nineteen months later, however, King Kong is ready to climb buildings and fight off biplanes once more.  According to the LA Times, Peter Jackson (who remade the classic 1933 film) and a team of FX wizards (from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Visual Effects Animation) have put together a “more realistic” 3D experience after the original Kong was sadly destroyed in a fire on the theme park’s back lot in June 2008.

Universal began work on the attraction almost immediately after the original seven-ton, 30-foot-tall Kong was destroyed.  Since technology had moved faster than animatronics, it was decided that the new Kong would be digital.  It will also be entirely around the attendee thus giving the attraction the name King Kong 360 3-D, Created by Peter Jackson.

Hit the jump for the inevitable Avatar comparison and a preview of a moment from the ride that will have you buying tickets now.

With the ride’s debut set for this summer, the inevitable Avatar comparison has begun with visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri saying that, “It’s going to feel like ‘Avatar’ but it will be happening all around you.”  The fact that the ride will also incorporate holograms and pyrotechnics probably helps.  But this final quote from a preview of the ride will probably have you buying your ticket now:

“During a recent preview of the technology, a dirty, battle-scarred Kong stared menacingly out from two 180-foot-long by 40-foot-tall screens that wrap around the trams that will carry visitors. In another scene, a 35-foot-tall T. rex stepped over the trams, turned to the audience and bared its massive teeth.”


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