First Official Image from Terrence Malick’s KNIGHT OF CUPS Starring Christian Bale and Natalie Portman

     May 15, 2013


We’ve seen plenty of set photos from Terrence Malick‘s Knight of Cups, but now an official image has been released.  The image is a nice shot of a scene we previously saw in set photos with Christian Bale and Natalie Portman frolicking on a beach.  If you focus, you can almost see the lyrical cinematography and whispered narration.  There are few details on Knight of Cups other than it’s about the Los Angeles movie business and features half of Hollywood.  In addition to Bale and Portman, the cast includes Cate Blanchett, Isabel Lucas, Antonio Banderas, Wes Bentley, Imogen Poots, Freida Pinto, Teresa Palmer, Ryan O’Neal, Jason Clarke, Joel Kinnaman, and Shea Whigham (hat tip to The Playlist for keeping count).  However, these are actors who have only been seen in set photos; we don’t know who will make the final cut.

We also don’t know when Malick will have that final cut.  He’s editing multiple movies, and he has no problem spending years in the editing room.  As The Playlist reminds us, it took 18 months between the first photo of To the Wonder to the film’s release.  Footage from Knight of Cups is currently being shown to possible distributors at Cannes this week.  Hit the jump to check out the image.Via THR.


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  • alk

    how the hell does terence malick get the financing for movies like these? they’re certainly not in the mainstream enough to garner typical investors and the like…and he spends so long on post, and is already preparing and shooting the next movie…it’s just like- Is this a job or a freakin hobby?

    • cary

      Variety wrote a piece on FilmNation, intl sales company for recent Malick movies. Obviously, the budget is quite low and actors get paid almost nothing, and Malick puts up his own money.

    • sense11

      actors want to work with him and take pay cuts to do so. also most of his movies dont cost that much to make

    • Chris

      Why do actors do his movies anyway. Malick could get some pretty face models and it would be the same result. His movies are only about visuals, no story, no character, no plot. Just an endless succession of syrupy beautiful pictures.

      • Keep Calm and Duck for Drones

        The world is very interested in what you think on this. Maybe you should call Malick and let him know how he should do it.

  • Steven Ray Morris

    Christian Bale in his first romantic comedy?

  • Harry

    “If you focus, you can almost see the lyrical cinematography and whispered narration.”
    I approve of this joke. Terrence Malick is a one trick pony. Shyamalan is called one because he used a twist ending in 3 out of the 9 films of his career. Malick’s work is always soliloquies and nature shots. Yes, I am putting Malick down to Shyamalan’s level. Malick’s The New World was the first one I saw of his and I thought he was great, and then I watched The Tree of life and viewed his prior entry The Thin Red Line. My point: an audience member will find Malick’s first movie they see of his to be great, but when you watch his other ones they are no different. Trees, plants, bushes, whispered narration in the form of soliloquies. Enough of Malick’s movies.

    • Keep Calm and Duck for Drones

      Yes, we want to see yours!

  • loki

    another borefest by malick. christian bale smiling? that’s an achievement

    • wafflehaus

      I was gonna say, when was the last time we saw Bale smile? and I don’t mean a Bruce Wayne smirk.

  • DG

    Yeah. I’ll pass on the inevitable borefest. I’ve had enough of the Malick nature documovies.

  • Estrella

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