Kristen Stewart Offered Female Lead in AKIRA

     November 15, 2011

Kristen Stewart has reportedly been offered the female lead in Jaume Collet-Sera‘s adaptation of Akira.  For those unfamiliar with the original manga/anime, the story takes place in the future city of New Manhattan (formerly Neo-Tokyo) and follows Kaneda (played by Garrett Hedlund), the leader of a biker gang tasked with saving his friend Tetsuo, who has potentially destructive psychokinetic abilities, from government medical experiments.  According to Twitch, Stewart is up for the part of “Kei, a young medium who becomes the love interest for Kaneda.”  Offers are also out to Gary Oldman to play Colonel and Helena Bonham Carter for Lady Miyako.  Filming is set to begin in the spring.

Stewart–who co-stars with Hedlund in the upcoming adaptation of On the Road–is already trying to break free of the damsel-in-distress Bella Swan character by taking on the Snow-White-as-Action-Hero role (weird to write that) in Snow White and the HuntsmanAkira may be another opportunity for her to make sure she’s not seen as Bella for the rest of her career.  Since Bella is barely a character, I don’t think that will be too much of a problem.  Hit the jump to learn more about Kei.

Here’s a bit more on Kei (although we don’t know how closely Steve Kloves‘ script will stick to the manga):

A member of a terrorist resistance movement led by the government mole Nezu, Kei is supposedly the sister of fellow resistance fighter Ryu, though it is implied that this is not really the case. Kei and Kaneda do not get along when they first meet, and Kei at first seems to view Kaneda with contempt. Later in the story, however, the two become increasingly attracted and fall in love with each other. Kei is a powerful medium who cannot use psychic powers of her own, but can channel the powers of others through her body. She is taken in by Lady Miyako, and plays a critical role in the final battle. [via Wikipedia]



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  • JimBob

    I’d love to see more of Kristen Stewart. She was enjoyable in more dramatic roles like Welcome to the Rileys, The Cake Eaters, The Yellow Handkerchief, and the Runaways. It will be difficult for her to break out of Twilight mold, but I think she has the acting chops to do it. She just needs to continue moving away from that role w/this kind of new, more interesting material. Everyone says the Twilight core cast can’t act, but the real problem has been Rosenberg’s abysmal screenwriting/dialogue, and the studio’s unwillingness to get just a little darker. In the TW movies nobody gets to see whether the actors can be very good because the dialogue is stilted, choppy, and pretty much horrible.

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  • Jamie

    Incoming of angry fanboy/girls.

    Please guys don’t take out your anger in regards to how the studio is handling this project on the actors that they want to attach to the film.

    JimBob Kristen’s resume is extensive and varied but I’m not sure if she will be able or wants to take on this project. Universal studios wants to make the Snow White film she is finishing now in a franchise, so maybe she’ll be too busy with that.

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  • BrandonHeat07

    This, a good movie, will surely not make…

  • jo

    guess all the asian actors are busy? this sounds like a huge joke. stop white washing movies already.

  • cam

    I dont think she is a good casting idea. Shes not a bad actress, but this is not the part for her

    Wake up hollywood:

  • Adam

    Just another reason I will not be seeing this.

  • I cry u smile

    I feel like crying…

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  • sense 11

    This Akira movie is going to be such a piece of shite

    the only thing Asian about it is going to be the name.

  • Danny

    Don’t watch Twilight but she’s hot, i approve!

  • Eddie

    my god have mercy on our souls Akira becoming americanized FML
    classic’s like Akira should never be turned into shit like this and kisten stewart is to dull for this movie

  • Neo

    My god… She looks like she is constantly on drugs. She cant, act, she looks ordinary. She is just one ordinary girl which got lucky to be chosen for Twilight role. For Twilight anyone would fit the main roles, but they chose two of the ugliest young actors in Holywood. Twilight is an example how anyone can become famous actor, just have to be lucky to get a role in highly-anticipated movie. I can tell right now Akira will fail.

  • jack

    jesus…you people bitch constantly…everyone knows it’s coming and nothing you can do or say will stop them from making the movie so shut the f@ck up.

    If they just scrapped the asian names this would be better.

  • Ravaged

    I don’t care if she’s cast in this, but Rob Pattinson has also been rumored to have been offered a role. If they both take this, he can kiss his career goodbye.

    Too many fans have been waiting for the day when he can star in a film with someone who can act instead of scowl, bite her lip, flip her hair and shake her head while always breathing through her mouth. Five films was enough, please not another one.

  • zootcatchy


    ps: lmao Matt!! that’s funny how you are constantly talking shit about Hedlund, but still say there’s a chance for Stewart! HA-HA.

  • aromcath

    I’ll pass an ranting about the casting, it doesn’t matter at this point anymore. I will hoever still argue you’re dicking around with Akira’s story mechanics and to the point its no longer effective.

  • cristina k

    Yes ……… kristen is an amazing actress, it would be interesting to see her with her co-star On the Road, I hope to shoot you see her acting this will be a pleasure!

  • krisko

    Kristen View this project will be a pleasure! Talented actress with a good character, success in sight.
    Kristen is great she must accept!

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  • Lois

    i don’t know anything about Akira but i like Kristen a lot. It sounds like a controversial project though, or is it the usual fanboy tantrums?

  • Shmojo

    First two posts: Stewart’s publicist and her manager? She is a block of wood cast in what is quickly becoming this generation’s Battlefield Earth.

  • MainFragger

    So let me get this straight… They are casting american actors in parts with Japanese names? Thats going to be REALLY wierd. Why don’t they just hire American Asian actors and try to make it look as much like a Japanese production as possible?

    I think every time the Producer and Director mention using American actors, someone nearby needs to smack them in the face as hard as possible…

    • Clay

      Because there will be a large budget and the studio is already facing an uphill battle getting people outside of the film’s demographic / fan base to come see it. Add an all Asian cast to the mix, and the studio can kiss any potential profit goodbye. That being said, this truth is really saddening as it speaks to how far we still have to go as a country. Movies like this sure aren’t going to help.

      It should be retitled Whitewashed: Formerly Akira

  • MC ATTAck

    She can’t act she only have one expression!

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  • Lee

    I think she’s a very good actress… she “became” Joan Jett in “The Runaways”… she really sang in the movie, quite well at that… there aren’t too many actresses out there who could have pulled that off… I also saw ‘welcome to the Riley’s’ and ‘the yellow handkerchief” and the ‘Cake Eaters”… she’s actually a very good actress… she’s young and will only get better. If you read the Twilight books… she plays ‘Bella’ perfectly… exactly the way she is in the books… Bella’s character was fidgety, unsure of herself, bit her lip, …. Kristen “became” Bella… she actually did a fantastic job becoming Bella…