Kristen Stewart Confirms Return for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Sequel

     December 21, 2012


As Universal plans to move forward with their Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, it appears as though Kristen Stewart will return to reprise her title role. The status of the cast and crew of the sequel has been up in the air owing in part to a rumored affair between Stewart and director Rupert Sanders. Universal had optioned Stewart and co-star Chris Hemsworth to two more films: a sequel and a Huntsman spin-off, but Stewart herself recently confirmed that she will return in the sequel at least. Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

snow-white-huntsman-movie-image-kristen-stewart-1In a recent interview with The Playlist for her film, On the Road, Stewart responded to a few questions about the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman sequel:

OK, but to play devil’s advocate: where are you going to go with your character in a “Snow White” sequel?

Oh, it’s gonna be fuckin’ amazing. No, I’m so excited about it, it’s crazy.

Can you give me a hint of where it goes?

I’m not allowed. The other day I said that there was a strong possibility that we’re going to make a sequel, and that’s very true, but everyone was like, “Whoa, stop talking about it.” So no, I’m totally not allowed to talk about it.

But it’s fair to say that there are ideas that have been discussed that totally justify it for you.

Oh my God. Fuck, yeah. Absolutely. And we’ve got a really amazing… [smiles] So, yeah. It’s all good. [laughs]

The picture has already seen the departure of screenwriter David Koepp and does not yet have a director locked down. Sanders was rumored to be returning but there have been no official confirmations.

On the Road opens in limited release this weekend.


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  • Henry Pym

    Fuck Kristen Stewart!

    • Shaun

      I’m sure her next director in this series will!

  • chloe

    If Stewart has any decency and moral compass left in her body, she should stay away from this film. This has a very bad taste in it and this will always remind the public of her deceit and shameful act of ruining a marriage.

    • tarek

      Marriage ? They aren’t married. She is his girlfriend.
      And who cares, Rob seems happy with that anyway.

      • Tom L

        The director’s marriage was ruined.

      • Marie

        robsten” is a PR stunt to sell these horrible Twilight movies, i think Pattinson doesn’t give a s* to Stewart, and it’s true Sander’s marriage is ruined.

  • dogg

    The first one was a good adventure flick until it focused on her. They should’ve just made “The Huntsman Kicks Some Ass” and left mall chick out of it.

  • Ty

    I was excited when it was said Stewart wouldn’t return and it would focus on the huntsman. Now i don’t care I can Stan here and with twilight done can her career stop!

  • KStewSucks

    I was actually looking forward to this when it was going to be a Huntsman spinoff. Now everything sucks.

  • Aaron

    The first one fell flat… Stunning visually “some good performances”, but just flat overall and how does a director who gets this size budget not see that there is ohhhhh, ANYONE better than Kristen Stewart to play the lead role???? Oh and the dwarves were awful

  • Arnyx

    Heck again that slutty hole Kristen Stewart. . This film gonna bomb, just give us a fucking huntsman spin off, . I don’t get it why The Kristen for sequel ? Fuck, it’s gonna suck anyways.

  • Jen

    Fuck all of you. SWATH was a good film, even though it was far from perfect and had it’s flaws. Kristen Stewart is also a great actress, people just give her shit because of Twilight. Before Twilight, she was getting a lot of praise for the roles she was doing (Adventureland, Into the Wild, etc.) She even gets a lot of praise for her work OUTSIDE of Twilight (Welcome to the Riley’s, The Runaways, The Cake Eaters). Jesus, you people are so rude. And despite what you say, Kristen has a box office draw. That is probably one of the reasons why they decided to keep her on, besides the fact that she is a good actress.

    • Guy Who Gives A Shit!

      Ok, Jen. We get it, you love Kritsen Stewart. Go back to eating pint-size ice creams and watching Twilight, and let the men talk.

    • no, just no

      Screw lost her Box office draw when she reveals, that her acting Talent won’t go further than blowing some old dude director

  • Marie

    The career of this girl is really going nowhere … she’s even considering do the sequel of this mediocre film, which will always be associated with her affair with the married director and her performance in the lead role was slaughtered by critics, tsk tsk …she’s maybe doing a reality’s deny?

  • Shaun

    “Oh my God. Fuck, yeah.”

    I’m sure Stewart will be overheard saying this often on the set of this movie.

    If her trailer’s a-rockin’, don’t come knockin’!

  • filmquack

    Seriously some of these comments are f***ing disgusting in a super sexist way. If Kristen Stewart had been a man, her actions would have been glorified and she would have been called “a player.” But as a woman she is:

    1. blamed for ruining the directors marriage. That is the Directors F***ing fault. He should face the consequences for that. He is a grown man he can and SHOULD be held responsible for his own actions. Not only that, he is 20 years older than her! She is barely of legal age to drink for christs sake. If anything he should be being pummeled right now in the media for the corruption of a young and impressionable mind.

    2. The perpetual name calling of slut and whore, as well, even jokingly, discussing how she will soon be f***ing the next director are also completely sexist. Again if this was a man, all of this would be congratulatory. But a woman? What a slut!!! These double standards astound me.

    For the record, I think Kristen Stewart is a terribly mediocre actress. But that is no reason to treat her the way that she has been treated. Where is the Rupert Sanders hate? Where are the calls about him being a slut and a dirt bag? Oh yeah, there aren’t any. He was the poor innocent victim of a slut. The kryptonite to any man. Seriously guys, I am not normally all into the PC thing, but this stuff is getting ridiculous!

    • Mi

      You shoud read insulting articles towards Robert Pattinson that were written after this scandal broke.Those middle -aged critics and bloggers were happy what Kristen did,because in their opinion it was good move in her career and Robert is a bad actor,so he somehow ”diserves” that she cheated on him.And the most ridiculous thing is that journalists from respected press like The Hollywood Reporter and The Los Angeles Times called him ”cuckold” ,even the tabloids had more respect to him.Sanders on the other hand wasn’t insulted because this middle-aged critics actually loved what he did,he is their hero,they would love to be in his posision and f@ck the star of millions dollars franchise.That’s the double standards in Hollywood.And this scandal totally overshadowed Cosmopolis promo in August,because almost all the media was interested asking the questions about this mess than the movie itself.Now Kristen is promoting On the Road and she has comfortable situation,because nobody asking about her private life and an affair with Sanders only about her Marylou role.

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  • Rebekka

    I really dislike Kristen Stewart as an actress, but am rather indifferent to her as a person. You really cannot say she ruined Sanders’ marriage; he is just as resonsible as she is.

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  • John

    This movie was awesome up until the point kristen stewart started talking…..