Kurtzman and Orci Working on ENDER’S GAME?

     January 29, 2011


A film version of Orson Scott Card’s science fiction novel Ender’s Game has lingered in development hell for well over a decade now. Back in September, we told you that director Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) was going to try to tackle the beast and finally get a big screen version of Card’s novel going. Well now it looks like a couple of big names may be helping Hood out. Bob Orci recently tweeted that he and partner Alex Kurtzman (the screenwriting/producing duo behind Star Trek, Cowboys and Aliens, etc.) are working on the project. Orci had this to say:

“Ender’s Game! Us(K/O), Oddlot, and Gavin Hood taking his amazing script to the town! Who wants some?”

It sure sounds like Kurtzman, Orci and Hood are shopping the project around Hollywood, with the backing of production company Oddlot Entertainment. In the September report, it was said that Hood would be tweaking a screenplay written by Card himself. Could Kurtzman and Orci be working on the screenplay as well? At this point, I’d bet that they’re just onboard as producers, though nothing’s confirmed. With Kurtzman and Orci’s growing clout in town, they probably have a pretty good shot at finding financing. Here’s hoping for the best. Kurtzman is currently busy filming his directorial debut Welcome to People with Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks. The film is set to be released sometime in 2012.

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  • dogg

    They’re going to have to thread the needle to maintain the surprise ending, and I don’t hold out much hope. Maybe if this were 1999 and Shyamalan was directing it right after of The Sixth Sense…

    • Bigfiction

      I heard Scott Card say awhile back that the surprise ending was going to be handled differently. Ender would know before the battle. His reasoning, and I kind of agree, is that the story isn’t about the surprise and if a MOVIE builds to that, the re-watch value goes down. Instead he plans on making everything climax with the uncertainty of whether or not Ender will even command in the 11th hour after he finds out. This is more emotional I think and will really work after we SEE Ender put through the ringer for two hours.

      As far as today’s news goes, is anyone else getting exhausted worrying about how this adaptation will finally turn out? I’ve been keeping an eye on it for almost as long as it has been in development. This team COULD pull it off I think, but there is no way to hedge this bet against disaster.

      • dogg

        Oooh, that would be good. That would free them up from all those keep-it-secret plot constraints and put Ender in a pressure cooker right at the end. Good info.

      • Bigfiction

        I don’t remember if Graff is race specific in the book or not, but I think Philip Seymour Hoffman should play him. He can be a calculated-show boat bastard and make me believe he actually regrets what he has to do to this kid at the end of the day.

        ::SPOILER:: Since we’ll probably know then pretty early that Mazer is alive he could be cast with a bigger name that they can advertise with while also not blowing anything big like that reveal. I vote Bryan Cranston for this. He has the stern, lived in look. two cents

  • S@n

    And what about the script of Star Trek Sequel? These guys work in “much” the same time, is not it?

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  • adrian

    Their assistants work a lot. They just put their names and take the checks.

  • Rockslide

    I’ve been waiting for a quality Ender’s Game for years. I would love to see it done right. However, I question Gavin Hood being at the helm. I know the whole Wolverine fiasco wasn’t his fault alone, but still, it leaves you hesitant to buy into his work. I’ll keep my excitement safely in check until I know for sure this is greenlit and that Fox is staying far away from it.

    I like Bigfiction’s comment about the ending. I do hope they follow that route instead of trying to get a twist out of it. It will be more emotional going the new way.

  • Steve-OH

    Please, Please, Please, Gavin Hood stay off this one. You’ve done too much already. Walk away, and no one will be disappointed.

  • HotSoup

    Changing the plot structure like you are suggesting is a terrible idea. Not only is it being completely unfaithful to one of the greatest science fiction books of all time, but it also doesn’t make any sense. If you recall, the climax of Ender’s game is not when the children find out it was all real, but rather when they win the war and save the planet. No secret being kept is necessary because the the reader/viewer in this case knew all along that Ender was commanding the real ships because we see a large part of the novel from the perspective of Graff who clearly is rushing in an attempt to prepare Ender for the final battle. Have any of you even read Ender’s Game? My god

    • connor

      yeah i totally agree, we can know but Ender can’t. End of story

    • Andresm

      When they were “figthing” in the war they were clueless and about to quit. I think that is a very important part of the book, if they knew that the game was for real the book itself (or at least the ending) would have taken a completely different direction. Maybe Petra would have stayed even thou she was exausted or maybe Bean would take over some day as was trained to do in order to maintain Ender rested. I think the story fits great the way it is. As for the child actors, they could add some 5 years to EVERYBODY and the story would be the same. Instead of Ender being 6 years old when they took him, he could be 10 and finish by 16 or something like that.
      Anime sucks and if they do this great book in anime they would ruin it. It would be better to just leave it alone.

      **If you havent read the book then you shouldnt be reading any of this.

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