Lady Gaga Joins MACHETE KILLS, Gets Her Own Poster; Plus Crazy Image of SPY KIDS Star Alexa Vega All Grown Up and in Character

     July 26, 2012


Robert Rodriguez is finally getting to two projects this summer that he’s long-promised were on the way: Machete Kills and Sin City 2.  He’s been filming the Machete follow-up first, and today he revealed a piece of casting in grand fashion by tweeting a character poster for a woman named Le Chameleon, played by Lady Gaga.  Rodriguez’s full tweet reads like this:

I just finished working with @LadyGaga on @MacheteKills , she kicked SO MUCH ASS! Holy Smokes. Blown away!

The sequel finds the titular star, an ex-Federale played by Danny Trejo, receiving a request from the President himself to take down a dangerous drug lord who is threatening the U.S. with nuclear attacks (obviously).  The eclectic, and quite possibly volatile, cast includes Jessica Alba, Edward James Olmos, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Demian Bichir, Michelle Rodriguez, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen.  Yep, Lady Gaga fits right in.  Hit the jump to take a gander at her poster, and also to get a look at Spy Kids star Alexa Vega, um, in character for Machete Kills. Warning: she’s very, very grown-up now.

Here’s what Alexa Vega looks like now (via Instagram), in Machete Kills, followed by a Spy Kids image for reference.  Please try not to drool on your keyboard.



Poster via Robert Rodriguez’s Twitter.


  • Anon

    This feels… wrong. Rodriguez directed her when she was just a child!! It’s like woody allen marrying is pseudo-adopted daughter.

    • xylena

      Machete was her uncle in Spy Kids… it is the same family so i think it is great… is she playing the same character, his niece the spy, all grown up… i hope so!!!!

    • aaronsullivan

      Yeah… except for the marying and pseudo-adopting thing, it’s exactly the same — er, no, not even then.

      I will say that it feels a bit exploitive and I’d hope he’d have more of a fatherly protective relationship with her, but then, he’s making Machete 2, good taste isn’t really his thing, and she’s an adult now making her own decisions.

      • Anon

        I was making a deliberate hyperbole. My point is his decision to put Vega, who is an actress he’s know intimately since she was 11 or 12, in one of his hyper sexual grindhouse movies is more than a little uncomfortable. Then again this is the man who cast his young nieces as the slutty twins in Planet Terror and had his real life 8 year old son get his face blown off in the same movie.

      • John

        It couldn’t be any more weird than watching Carla Gugino do a few sex scenes with Robert De Niro in the movie “Righteous Kill” after she played his daughter in 1993′s “This Boy’s Life”

  • Kevin

    The first one was bad enough. Now with Lady Gaga??? I’ll save my money for something else.

    • MisterEd

      Yeah, save your money for the DVD or Bluray of this film.
      That’s why you clicked this story. Riiight? If you saw the first one, then you came for seconds.
      You sly dog. LOL

  • Strong Enough

    Right click and save….

  • ryan

    Well id like to thank collider for putting a pic of a hot half naked chick next to a pic of her as a kid…cause thats not effing creepy or anything.

  • Mr. Taco

    spy kids came out when i was in freshman high school so no guilt here!

    • Mr. Taco

      actually first year of middle school

  • MisterEd

    PETA is gonna be all over this film when they get a peek at that poster.

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  • JPA

    Noramlly I would rant at that cast choice,but it’s Machete,it’s supposed to be bad. It’s not like Battleship.

    And holy crap,Alexa.

  • mydogblue

    Can’t wait to see her in the new Machete, more power to you Robert R….

  • MainFragger

    All I can think is, “Milk it does the body…Milk it does the body..good!”

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  • Breezy

    I am so excited for this movie! This is the cast of my dreams! A Dish coworker said that even Cuba Gooding Jr. has a role. Is that true? If it is, then they got everyone involved on this one! Even the girl from “Spy Kids” is going to be acting in it! It makes me want to dig up all the “Spy Kids”, along with the original “Machete”, and try and figure out what this movie could possibly be like! Luckily, they are all available from my Blockbuster@Home service through my Dish account, which is amazing since they are all such old and random titles. And, thankfully, I can get them mailed right to me, since renting “Spy Kids” from a store would be super embarrassing. All I know is that the wait for this sequel to premier is going to be excruciating!

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