Larry David Shares a Thanksgiving Story in Animated Short LARRY DAVID’S THANKSGIVING SPECIAL

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The words “Thanksgiving” and “family” are essentially synonymous, and yet it’s the family part that usually makes Turkey Day a disaster.  Whether it’s arguing politics with extended family, a dish being ruined right before dinner, or offensive/racist comments from grandparents, more often than not something goes a tad awry.  Larry David is all to familiar with Thanksgiving squabbles, and he’s put together an amusing animated short called Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special in which he tells a warm-hearted funny story about celebrating Thanksgiving in Brooklyn as a child.

Hit the jump to watch the short.

Via Funny or Die.


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  • Brandon Camm

    Is it just me, or does the woman on the right of the header pic look like Miss Finster from Disney’s RECESS?

  • Harryh523

    Thanks for posting. This made my day. Great work.

  • J

    LD you are the man.

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