Larry Wilmore to Succeed Stephen Colbert with Comedy Central’s THE MINORITY REPORT

     May 10, 2014


Comedy Central has settled on a replacement series when The Colbert Report goes off the air this December following Stephen Colbert’s move to The Late Show, and unsurprisingly it will see another The Daily Show correspondent taking the helm.  Deadline reports that “Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore will host The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore in the post-Daily Show 11:30pm slot on Comedy Central.  Though Wilmore wasn’t the obvious choice given that his appearances on The Daily Show are more irregular than others (my money was on Samantha Bee), he’s incredibly funny and will bring some welcome diversity to the late night landscape.

Wimore is attached as showrunner on the just-picked-up ABC comedy Black-ish, but he’ll work to get that show off the ground before segueing to The Minority Report, which will launch in January 2015.  Jon Stewart will serve as executive producer on the new series, just as he does on The Colbert Report.  Hit the jump to check out a couple of Wilmore’s more memorable Daily Show segments.


  • mr_teaspoon

    Eh. I like Larry Wilmore, but I’m not sure I like him enough to watch 30 minutes of him. And if we’re being honest, comedic red flag #1 has popped up at the show title. Because, you know, get it? He’s a black guy.

    • Hey…HEY!

      This will probably be Kamau Bell’s show 2.0.

  • Lex Walker

    Comedy Central has already forgot the lessons of Chocolate News.

  • Doug_101

    Happy to hear it. Wilmore is one of my favorites on the Daily Show – moreso now that Lewis Black shows up less and less.

  • Ruprect

    I was hoping for a Sam Bee/Jason Jones show, but this is welcome news too. Mr Wilmore is a funny man.
    I also feel so sorry for everyone who is looking at the title and his skin colour and asuming this will be a “black” show. The title is obviously satirical.

    • mr_teaspoon

      The title is a joke about him being a minority – on what other level does it play?

      • Ruprect

        How about the fact that a Minority Report is what someone on a panel or committee writes when they do not agree with the consensus. Was the Tom Cruise movie of the same name about him being a visible minority?

  • Leo Spaceman

    Get ready for 22 minutes of “You’re White and that makes you Evil!”

    • zac

      but we are evil lol have you not studied history…?? haha

      • Leo Spaceman

        Were* evil. I never had slaves, don’t have slaves, and never will have slaves. Larry Wilmore’s material on the Daily Show always somehow works in White people’s history of wrong doing and blames current white people for past white people’s mistake. All Larry does is racebait. Larry has never been a slave, is not a slave, and never will be a slave.

      • aceshigh

        Typical overly-simplistic white-washing of history.

        Because life was absolutely great for black people after slavery was abolished in 1865, right? They were free and perfectly integrated into existing white society, peacefully becoming a part of the fabric of our glorious nation, right?

        You do realize that there are millions of black people alive TODAY who lived through segregation, right? This isn’t some abstract, distant event…they’re alive TODAY and can tell you what hell it was like in the South for them…the beatings, the humiliation, the intimidation, the degradation.

        But you don’t want to talk about that. That doesn’t concern you. As far as you’re concerned, noble white people freed the slaves 150 years ago, so they just need to shut the fuck up about it and move on.

  • LEM

    Bye bye ratings.

  • Cog

    I get my news from USA Today.