ABC Cancels LAST RESORT and 666 PARK AVENUE, Gives THE NEIGHBORS a Full-Season Order

     November 16, 2012


ABC will let freshman dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue finish out their 13-episode seasons before giving them the ax. The network recently picked up two additional scripts for each show, but decided to pass on a renewal due to underwhelming ratings. Co-creators Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Karl Gajdusek spoke recently on the challenges of keeping the rogue submarine drama Last Resort afloat, but the network has torpedoed it. (Apologies for the nautical puns; I’m out of my depth.)

Fans of the show will be able to see the first season of Last Resort, starring Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman, air in its entirety in its original time slot of Thursdays at 8pm. Don’t feel too bad for Ryan, who has the Beverly Hills Cop series in development at CBS with Eddie Murphy and Brandon T. Jackson attached. Ryan also has a U.S. Marshal project underway at TNT. Hit the jump for more on the demise of 666 Park Avenue and the upcoming slate of new shows on ABC. 

andre-braugher-last-resortThe cancellation of 666 Park Avenue comes as less of a surprise than that of Last Resort, which was averaging over 7 million viewers in its Thursday night lead-off spot. The time slot isn’t a particularly friendly one, as THR reports, since Missing, My Generation and the Charlie’s Angels reboot have all met their ends there in recent years. The Sunday 10pm time was no better for 666 Park Avenue, the thriller starring Terry O’QuinnVanessa WilliamsDave Annable and Rachael Taylor.  As more of a soap-skewed network, ABC was hoping those elements of 666 Park Avenue would draw in viewership, but an average of 5 million viewers proved that wasn’t the case.

ABC has yet to announce its mid-season line-up and, as such, has not singled out replacements for the vacated time slots. Their new mid-season comedies include How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) and Family Tools, while dramas Zero Hour, Mistresses and Red Widow are also on the docket. In addition to The Neighborsfreshman drama Nashville has also been ordered to a full season. Scandal also managed a full-season order, while ABC has picked up additional scripts for  Reba McEntire’s Malibu Country and Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.


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  • Strong Enough

    Co-creators Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Karl Gajdusek spoke recently on the challenges of keeping the rogue submarine drama Last Resort afloat, but the network has torpedoed it. (Apologies for the nautical puns; I’m out of my depth.)

    “Triple entendre, don’t even ask me how…”

  • Lee

    You keep misinterpreting “Full season order” for a renewal. It just means that they will get atleast a season of 22 episodes this season. Neither The Neighbors, Scandal or Nashville have been ordered past the 2012-2013 season.

  • mike

    To the writer Dave.. please get your facts straight before writings anymore blogs..

    no show on abc has been renewed for another season… they have only bee picked up for full seasons

  • aaronsullivan

    So… no meaningful finale to Last Resort, either, then? At least Shawn Ryan’s other cancelled shows got to the end with a decent conclusion.

    Interesting to do this when viewership was actually on the rise. :/ Would love to see this conclude and become a great single season show like Chicago Code and Terriers.

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  • Jeremy

    I was beginning to enjoy 666 Park Avenue. I thought it was actually getting better each week. I’ve heard the first 13 episodes were all finished so they will air instead of the show simply disappearing. I’ve been recording the show to my DISH Hopper so I catch each episode. With PrimeTime Anytime on the Hopper all the shows from the four major networks during prime time are recorded automatically so I don’t have to remember to set individual show timers. My coworker at DISH and I think having the sets destroyed by Hurricane Sandy was a deciding factor on what to do with the show. I thought the casting was great, and I can’t wait to see what Terry O’Quinn does next.

  • lynnette stevens

    my boyfriend and i both really enjoyed getting home at night to watch 666 park ave before we went to bed. now again another show you have cancelled that we have enjoyed what is wrong with you people. 666 had alot of great actors and actresses and like everyone else just getting more interesting as you go bring it back

  • Lisa

    I don’t normally leave comments, but huh? Cancelling 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort, and giving The Neighbours a full season? I watched the pilot episode of The Neighbours and Jamie Gertz was it’s ONLY plus! Last Resort was awesome, and 666 was intriguing. ABC-what are/were you thinking? Bring back at the very least Last Resort!!!

  • jason wellman

    ABC sucks , most tv sucks now if it isnt some crap american idol , or survivor they axe , it , well my boycott will continue