Latest THOR Casting Rumor

     March 16, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Now that the cast of “Iron Man 2” is finally falling into place it is time to start obsessing over the next big Marvel-verse feature on the slate – Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”. The fact that Branagh is courting Josh Hartnett for his cast (most likely as Loki) has been fairly well-vetted, and fans seems content for now with the rumored casting of Alexandar Skarsgard as the Norse God as well.

But what of Thor’s all-important love interest? The Mary Jane to his… big blonde guy with a badass hammer. Nikki Finke is reporting that Natalie Portman is up for the role. Now which role would that be? Duh! How many love interests does Thor have, right?

Actually, there are a few options available should Portman accept this mission. She could play Sif, Thor’s wife or one of the Goddesses in Asgard or… hold on a second while I flip through my Marvel Encyclopedia… Wow. There’s really not a lot in here on Thor’s love-life. Perhaps it’s unseemly to speak of the mating habits of the Gods?

As with most of these Marvel stories, nothing about Natalie Portman and “Thor” is even close to true yet. It’s all just conjecture until someone sends out a press release – or until it shows up on Twitter.

Avoid making crass sex-puns involving hammers here.

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