New Image from LAWLESS (Formerly THE WETTEST COUNTY) Starring Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy

     March 26, 2012


The first image from John Hillcoat‘s Lawless (formerly The Wettest County) has gone online.  The movie stars Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy as a pair of bootlegging brothers in the Prohibition-Era South.  The tremendous cast also includes Mia Wasikowska, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce, Dane DeHaan, and Jessica Chastain.  You may recall that Terrence Malick also had a film named “Lawless” in the works, but he graciously gave up the title for Hillcoat’s picture.

Hit the jump to check out the image.  Lawless is set to open on August 31st.

Image via EW.


Lawless is based on Matt Bondourant’s novel The Wettest County in the World.  Here’s the synopsis:

Based on the true story of Matt Bondurant’s grandfather and two granduncles, The Wettest County in the World is a gripping tale of brotherhood, greed, and murder. The Bondurant Boys were a notorious gang of roughnecks and moonshiners who ran liquor through Franklin County, Virginia, during Prohibition and in the years after. Forrest, the eldest brother, is fierce, mythically indestructible, and the consummate businessman; Howard, the middle brother, is an ox of a man besieged by the horrors he witnessed in the Great War; and Jack, the youngest, has a taste for luxury and a dream to get out of Franklin. Driven and haunted, these men forge a business, fall in love, and struggle to stay afloat as they watch their family die, their father’s business fail, and the world they know crumble beneath the Depression and drought.

White mule, white lightning, firewater, popskull, wild cat, stump whiskey, or rotgut — whatever you called it, Franklin County was awash in moonshine in the 1920s. When Sherwood Anderson, the journalist and author of Winesburg, Ohio, was covering a story there, he christened it the “wettest county in the world.” In the twilight of his career, Anderson finds himself driving along dusty red roads trying to find the Bondurant brothers, piece together the clues linking them to “The Great Franklin County Moonshine Conspiracy,” and break open the silence that shrouds Franklin County. [Amazon]

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  • Cali Kid

    I need a trailer already! The movie has been pushed twice! My 3rd most anticipated movie of 2012. The year of Tom Hardy!!!

  • BeenBag

    Please Please please have an extended fight scene where Tom Hardy beats Shia LaBeouf to death.

    • Nick Hart

      the two actually got on a fight on set, and shia knocked tom unconscious. tom was the one who publicly admitted to it in an interview

      • Oct

        Sometimes I feel that sarcasm doesn’t reach through to some because as far as I know, Hardy was being incredibly facetious about it.

      • BeenBag

        Shia redefines the suckerpunch.

  • wertygo

    And of course some people still believe that Shia knocks Tom Hardy out. Aha.) In the world where Godzilla exist it might be true.
    P/S/ Look at the Hardy’s size.Actually Hardy is training MMA HARDLY for years now.SO look at the picture once more, add years of training and call 911 cause Shia’s cold dead body was found.

  • Tim

    What’s with the name changes? The Wettest County makes more sense since, hello, it involves alcohol…