Digitally Restored Director’s Cut of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Headed to Theaters, Blu-ray, and Turner Classic Movies

     July 18, 2012


One of the greatest films of all time is getting a touch-up and a theatrical re-release.  Per USA Today, a special, digitally-restored version of the Lawrence of Arabia director’s cut is heading back to theaters later this year, followed by a Blu-ray release and a one time only showing on the best network ever, Turner Classic Movies.  For those that haven’t seen the pic, director David Lean’s 1962 epic stars Peter O’Toole as T.E. Lawrence and follows his experiences in Arabia during World War I.  The restored director’s cut was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May and will have its U.S. Premiere this Thursday.  Hit the jump for more, including how you can experience the restored film for yourself.

There’s great news for those of us not special enough to go to the Los Angeles premiere, as the restored cut will hit theaters on October 4th, followed by a collectible box set Blu-ray release on November 13th and a one-time airing on TCM on November 16th.  Lawrence of Arabia is epic in every sense of the word, and if it’s playing at a theater near you I implore you to go experience it the way it was meant to be shown.  Bring a snack, though, because the director’s cut runs at 216 minutes long. Watch the film’s trailer below.


  • Ryan

    My father saw this in theaters when he was young. He’s been trying to get me to see it for years. First I was uninterested. Then I started to realize it seemed epic but I wanted to wait for the long promised Blu-ray, so I held off. Having it referenced in ‘Prometheus’ ramped up that desire. Now I’m thrilled that I will get the chance to not only see it for the first time on a theater screen, but take my father to it 50 years later.

    • Chad

      Why would you be uninterested in one of the great movies of all time?

      • victorinox

        speaking for myself, I’m 24 years old, and i watched this movie for the first time like….a month ago….and it blew my mind into tinny little smithereens. I reject it for that long because for some reason I despise Desert movies, the seem boring to me in the trailers, but I’m proved wrong again and again, first with Kingdom Of Heaven Director’s Cut, and then with Lawrence Of Arabia.

      • Ryan

        Because I was young and in the whole ‘its a stupid, old, long movie’ mindset.

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    All the problems in the middle east can be laid at the feet of this albino English monkey. The Brits should have left the Ottoman Turks alone.

    • Aaron

      Wow. Really? Read a friggin’ history book for God’s sake.

    • Jose

      You spew the type of ignorance the world could do without.

    • Jonny

      actually it isn’t his fault. If the British had listened to him and not gone behind his back and made a deal with the French we wouldn’t have the current problems in the middle east. T.E. Lawerence was way ahead of his time. On another note this is one of greatest films ever made!

  • Dogdirt

    The UK Director’s Cut runs at 228 min long and NOT 216 min. The first version, shown in cinemas in 1962 was 222 minutes long. Because it was considered too long by the cinema managers 20 minutes was cut by the director and producer Sam Spiegel. TV versions were even shorter!

  • Dogdirt

    But the UK Director’s Cut runs at 228 mins. This doesn’t sound like the DC version but more like the restored one.

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