Rumor: Sam Mendes Wants Léa Seydoux for BOND 24

     August 8, 2014


The folks behind Bond 24 had a tough time with that script.  Even though Neal Purvis and Robert Wade opted out of the 24th installment after working on The World Is Not EnoughDie Another DayCasino RoyaleQuantum of Solace, and Skyfall, back in June, news broke that the duo would actually return to do some work on John Logan’s Bond 24 script, specifically stepping to give it some “punch.”  However, it turns out, giving it a little punch might have been a bit of an understatement.

Even though it’s being reported that Logan’s script was in really bad shape, apparently they’ve fixed it up enough now to move forward with casting because there’s a rumor out there that Sam Mendes has his eye on Léa Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color) to star opposite Daniel Craig in the film.  Hit the jump for more on that and the state of the script.

daniel-craig-bond-24About a week ago, The Daily Mail (via The Playlist) claimed it was more of a “fire-alarm call” to Purvis and Wade from Mendes and Craig because they needed them to “rescue” the script.  Purvis and Wade got the job done, submitted their material to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson and now the film’s got the desired amount of thrills to get a green light and go into production in late November or early December.

The Daily Mail’s source further explained:

“There was an awful lot of work to do.  It was a big job.  The impression given was that Purvis and Wade were hired to add jokes – but it was a bigger deal than that.”

Now that they’ve gotten past that, it’s time to prep the roster for the shoot.  Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw and Naomie Harris are all set to return and according to Schmoes Know, Mendes is interested in having Seydoux join them.  They don’t have any details on the part she’s up for, but while speculating about what it might be, Schmoes Know refers back to another report they released in March claiming to have spotted Miranda Frost on a casting breakdown.  Here’s how that document described the character:

“Lead Female (30-40) Attractive, sophisticated, cool and calm secret agent.”

Will that be Seydoux’s role in the film?  Will she even sign on the dotted line and officially join the cast at all?  Who knows?  None of this has been confirmed by the studio or any reps so far, so, as usual, we’re best off taking this information with a grain of salt until more concrete details emerge.

  • Person

    Wasn’t Penelope Cruz supposed to be in this? Anyway, glad they’re back on track. Still my most anticipated film of 2015, bar none. Seydoux is great but I really sincerely hope she’s not Miranda Frost…

    • Charles

      Yeah, really hoping it’s not Miranda Frost, such a pointless character.

  • 80sRobot

    Seydoux would certainly get me interested in this. She’s 29 now, so the age description of Miranda Frost is close enough to fit for her.

  • Charles

    Well she was an assassin in MI:Ghost Protocol, so I can see it.
    But why bring back Miranda Frost? That’s pointless, just create a new character. And if they are bringing her back, just have Rosamund Pike play her again, she is a good actress and is still pretty.

  • Guest

    Miranda Frost lolwtf? Oh well there were tons of reports that Ralph Fiennes was gonna be Blofeld before Skyfall came out so I’m taking this with a truckload of salt.

    • Person

      Maybe she’s playing John Harrison…

      • jmd

        My name is Harrisahnnnnnn

  • CJ

    I was happy with the rumour that Ingrid Bolso Berdal was in the running.

    She’s in her mid-thirties, is a great physical performer and a fantastic actress. Not just some model who will look good on the poster.

  • Josh King

    Lea is gorgeous and classy hope she joins the production

  • Strong Enough

    i knew it. after i saw blue i knew either lea or adele would be up for Bond.

    • MJ

      Likewise — after Craig saw those two in that movie, he was “up” for them.

  • MJ

    Maybe she should be in Bond 69

  • mattinacan

    Skyfall was stunning. I still can’t believe Craig has made two of the best Bond films ever. I hope Mendes knocks this one out of the park again.

    • Aquartertoseven


      • mattinacan

        this isn’t an article about Michael Bay i don’t know what you mean

      • MJ

        Agreed. Skyfall was tremendously overated.

      • Bheyea Emortalis

        I agree as well. Skyfall was a nice rich character story for Bond (and somewhat for M) however, it wasn’t a true James Bond film. IMO the best James Bond movie would be Casino Royale (2006). A nice balance of character work and thrills. That’s why I was hoping they’d get another director for the next film. Don’t get me wrong I love Sam Mendes however he isn’t really a GREAT Bond director like Martin Campbell.

  • Cpt rex Kramer

    I find it very hard to believe that Purvis and Wade were brought it to fix a Logan script. The two of them are not very good writers on their own. Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace had the benefit of Paul Haggis’ handy-work. And Skyfall had John Logan behind it. Hope this new Bond doesn’t turn into another Die Another Day. That script was just simply awful.

    • Person

      Goldeneye and The world is not enough are fantastic Bond movies with very good scripts. Honestly, Skyfall is pretty much a remake of Goldeneye anyway. Purvis and Wade are solid writers.

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  • Stergios

    God, please make this happen. Léa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and talented actresses working right now.

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