Imagi’s Movie Pitch Reel for THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

     August 5, 2013


Nintendo has some of the most recognizable and popular characters in entertainment, which is probably why they reuse all of them to death.  But while other video game studios are falling over themselves to turn their properties into movies, Nintendo is probably still feeling burned from Super Mario Bros. even though it came out twenty years ago.  Movies like that can hurt a brand, and since Nintendo doesn’t have much going for it outside of those brands, they’re incredibly protective.  But that hasn’t stopped studios from calling, and animation studio Imagi (TMNT, Astro Boy) once put together a pitch reel for The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo passed, but an animated movie wouldn’t be a bad direction, although it also looks like it could just be a cut scene from the video game (in this case, Twilight Princess).  In all fairness, Imagi’s approach looks much better than this.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

Via former Imagi DP and layout supervisor Adam Holmes via /Film.


  • Nick Jaspardo

    I definately think that if they make a Zelda movie, animated or live action. it should be based on Twilight Princess. The was an incredibly cinematic game.

    • Michael D’oremi

      Ocarina allows for a multi-installment series in which we can follow the good guy from the age of 12 to becoming a young man and saving the world. Makes for good story pace and character development.

  • Nathan

    Is it just me or does Collider have some kind of ignorant grudge against video games? It’s the only thing here thats ever bothered me (other then frosty’s reviews lol )

  • tim

    I would rather have a new Zelda game with the same look and tone as Twilight Princess and not the cartoony Link from these past efforts

  • Tyler

    I think that movies based on Zelda and even Mario can be done, if great care was done with the stories, and if they were animated. If people went willy-nilly with the stories and made them in live-action, then you would have a problem on your hands.

    • RiddleThemThis

      Live action is a problem? Maybe you haven’t seen the masterpiece in cinema released in 1993 and titled ‘Super Mario Bros.’

    • Michael D’oremi

      Or, you could go live action with great care for the stories. When Miyamoto was making Zelda, he combined a lot of his childhood memories and movies into the video game, with Raiders of the Lost Ark being one of the main inspirations.

  • Tony Gastel

    Actually if it´s animated it should be wind waker if it´s like twilight princess, it should be live action. Once Nintendo change the top dogs like mario series creator, Miyamoto, and the current president, Satoru Iwata. I would like to believe that they will be much more open minded about adapting their franchises to the big screen.

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