‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Star Johnathon Schaech Puts Jonah Hex’s Guns on Display

     February 2, 2016


Just yesterday, DC Comics’ Instagram account posted a number of images that teased a few characters from the comic book’s past, characters that may either be Easter eggs for fans or foreshadowing of cameos that will appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. That trio happened to hail from the Justice Society of America, but another teaser featured a wanted poster for scarred bounty hunter, Jonah Hex.

Johnathon Schaech was previously cast as the gunslinger, but thanks to the power of social media, we have our first look at Schaech in character. He shared a behind-the-scenes shot from the production and revealed that he filmed for five days with two hours of special effects make-up each day. Though his scarred visage is obscured in this picture, his guns are on full display.

Get a look at Schaech in preparation for his role as Jonah Hex, posted to his Instagram (via CBM). And as a bonus, check out a new teaser from DC Comics below featuring another Easter egg/possible cameo for Legends of Tomorrow:


Plus, here’s a new character teased by DC Comics’ Instagram: 

This seems like a lock for Sgt. Rock, a World War II veteran who served in the infantry and was created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert. For the most part, Sgt. Rock wasn’t really a superhuman at all, but a highly trained soldier, expert marksmen, and experienced fighter in close combat. Do you think Sgt. Rock or any of the other teases will eventually show up on Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!